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    I’m simply a pretty damn big fan and not a critic of the multi-talented John Fogerty. I LOVED his songwriting, voice and guitar playing starting back in 1969 when i first heard it and STILL love his songwriting, voice and guitar playing 44 years later! I’m so HAPPY that i’ve gotten to see him perform live FINALLY beginning in 2006 and who knew that i’d still be getting to do so even now seven years later. woohoo!! I don’t care about what happened or didn’t happen in his personal business w/his band divorce 40+years ago. I was pretty bummed back in 1972 when it first happened but I got over it by the end of the year!! I never lost one minute of sleepin’ worryin’ about the way things might’ve been … as we seem to always think that things unequivocally would have turned out 100% rosy ass perfect w/our constant “if only …” retrospectroscope thoughts. It is what it is. Life’s like that. etc. etc.

    I’ve seen John now up close and personal 10 times w/different bands as well as countless videos/albums w/different bands. It was a 36 year dream of mine to just see him once before i died. Thank god for me, no matter the band changes – I’ve never been disappointed and have always walked away from nothing short of a 100% kick-ass concert!! I LOVE hooking up w/my like-minded John fans at these events, too! They help round out the whole experience for me and have given me some great memories and friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world now. THANK YEWWWW!!! ♥

    and THANK YEWWWWW, TOO JOHN AND JULIE for still bringing the music to us fans. The music is bigger than all of us put together! ♥ ♥

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    Guessy, that´s a great post. I´m with you. John is THE GREATEST musician and I was so nervous when I saw him for the first time in 2000 with Tina in my “hometown” Cologne. John is my musical hero since 1969 :-)
    I´m proud to be a TRUE BLUE Fan since 44 years !!!!!!!!


    You bring back such colorful memories for me, Guessy! I remember Creedence breaking up, and nobody had any reason WHY! WHY? WHY??? * W * H * Y * did this have to happen? My God, it was terrible!!!!

    I was only 9 or 10 years old, but I was devastated, but I still was able to function normally. I tried to find a reason WHY they broke up, but nobody had anything good to say about it.

    I was STUCK – trying hard to find a band that did really great music, and I played albums that had mostly GOOD SONGS on them. BOY – that was almost impossible to find another group that had solid, goood albums.

    I turned to Foreigner; they were the closest thing to the quality of Creedence at the time. Not the same bayou sound – no. Not the same blues sound. No. But they had quality songs.

    Another artist that helped to heal my bruised and bleeding heart was Barry Manilow. His vocal earnestness really helped me get through those dark times. His albums were just stellar creations and to this day, I just love the man! He has a beautiful voice, what a blessing.

    I would still take out my Creedence albums and give them a spin whenever possible. But it was getting to be a long time now. The winds of time wore me down. I began to lose all hope that I’d ever be hearing from John ever again.

    Then came Centerfield and Old Man Down the Road. WOW!!!
    Just like that, like a strong gust of wind that blows the screen door open and bangs it shut again and again, John had another gap decade.

    I almost gave up. I thought he was having some sort of problem with no possible solution.

    Life went on. Good things kept happening to me and my kinfolk. But I always kept John in my prayers.

    Then BlUE MOON SWAMP rose up out of the dark blue sky. HOPE WAS RESTORED TO THE PLANET, my friends!!! My life rose up like a million pink and red roses, and I was so unbelievably HAPPY that the man was back!!!! Then the fateful night in 1997 when I got to see John Fogerty at the GREEK THEATER in Los Angeles….(August 28th, my anniversary.) I remember being so incredibly OVERJOYED sitting there under the stars, but there was no true darkness because John was out and singing with his signature muscular growl. I will never forget his performance under the stars of, “I Put A Spell on YOU.” OMG!!! He sang it with such vigor and passion, it just blew my hair back!!!
    It was as if he was working his magic on us that night. I didn’t want that spell to be broken ever again…..

    IT WAS PURE MAGIC, my friends. And I thank GOD for making it all possible – perhaps all of this is just one glorious and stupendous miracle – – – but I nearly gave up on the man.

    But I didn’t ever put away my Creedence albums. They were the force of hope for me. Now I can brag that I’ve been so blessed to see John in concert 25 times. Each one is a miracle for me and I thank everyone on Earth for letting it be.

    God bless y’all, and keep the faith. Always and forever. X O

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    Great and awesome post Queenie. I also have every album and single since the time I bought it way back then.


    Great stories from both. For me John and CCR are the best things in my life. I love his music for almost 45 years and every day the music of CCR and John Fogerty makes e happy and makes my day.
    Walter from Belgium

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    Dan Smith

    Between 1976-1985 seemed like eternity always talk about a new LP but things always seemed to get in the way. I was a diehard Fogerty fan then and will always be one. So much crap in the music business I am just glad John survived. John could have thrown in the towel but he fought back and prevailed and is still making great music today.


    yes, amen, DAN. he could definitely have thrown in the towel and was even tempted to do so during his self-admitted period of “loss of creativity” for artistic songwriting during his long period of legal woes. thank god, he did persevere and finally prevail for himself as well as our own benefit. “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and John ultimately emerged from the refiner’s fire in the form of tungsten steel, baby!!

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