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    We are all so excited about the MUSIC in John’s new CD, ‘Wrote a Song for Everyone’ but also I have taken some moments to really enjoy the CD packaging itself. It is a work of art!!!! I have recently been admiring my own copy of John Fogerty’s “Wrote A Song for Everyone” album (CD) cover. I think this is the most personal album cover and inside sleeve that John has ever put out, thanks to his beautiful and intelligent art director, Julie.

    What do you fab FOGERTY fans think?

    I love the blue flannel shirt design that is on the CD itself, and how they placed the famous paper that John wrote “Proud Mary” on. His handwriting is really legible!!!

    But what is most personal and gives me such a warm glow is seeing the rack of John’s blue flannel shirts on the inside sleeve. It’s like you’re opening up his closet door, and immediately you are surrounded by a rack of his soft, cotton flannel shirts. Can you smell a whiff of his cologne? It has such a personal feel to it – ((( I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH!)))

    I love all the personal stories that are tucked inside the little album book that comes with each CD. I love the family pictures and pictures of John throughout his rock and roll career.

    The front of the CD has a current picture of the master, and the back cover has a picture of John right when his career rocketed him from an obscure bayou boy to his current, stratospheric heights.

    NICE JOB, John & JULIE!!!!


    I love the picture of JF and his boys.


    well, you know how i feel about it, Queenie, but i’ll just say “ditto” to your post as i can’t say it as poetically as you. but yeah – it rocks! the only thing tho – try hard as i might i’ve been sniffing and sniffing and NO, i CANNOT get a whiff of his cologne. but maybe it’s my allergies going on right now that are preventing that?? :P


    keep sniffin’ baby!


    HA HA! GUESSY & Becky!!! The cologne smell is really what your imagination wants it to be, be it Old Spice or Drakar Noir or….??? Freshly mowed grass??? Just hold the CD up to your nose, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

    Or maybe the scent of those fuzzy old flannels remind you of when you walk into a corner liquor store and you smell a mixture of sweet bubblegum, beer, cigarettes and beef jerky. It’s a pleasant aroma – that brings back some soft and cozy memories…of the late ’60’s.

    Puttin on one of those flannels must feel like a soft hug – to see a whole bunch of them hanging in the closet like that – making a plaid rainbow of sorts, is a very personal glimpse into the life of someone who elevated the status of the humble cotton flannel shirt.

    It’s John’s signature look since the days of Creedence. I’m so glad he’s never forgotten where he came from….those nice shirts are hard-working and durable!


    “a plaid rainbow.” LOVE that one, queenie! i saw a REALLY cute REBA plaid shirt yesterday at Dillards that i’m thinking about getting for the concert. i wish they would sell an official JF women’s glitzy one for us glitzy rockin’ redneck gals. i do have my own crafty blinger tool/rhinestones so WATCH OUT!!

    i wore my CCR vietnam helmet t-shirt (i blinged out the peace sign on it) for Herm to see on my lunch w/him and RG. I knew he’d get a kick out of it as it had his fave john song SUZY Q prominently displayed. he loved it!


    Guessy – I see that you installed a pretty dragonfly as your avatar! Good going, Guessy Gal!! I’m so proud of ya! Now you MUST go out and buy that pretty REBA plaid blouse for yourself, ok? GO GO GO!
    (New blue jeans too? Or will you get the black ones, extra tight fitting???) HA ha.
    If you think the plaid blouse needs more “bedazzlement”, then take your trusty bedazzling gun and shoot it up with fake rhinestones, sapphires and emeralds!!! I can’t WAIT to see it!!! (Sooo pretty!)

    Yes, I have the CD opened & sitting on my lap right now, and I’m gazing at the manly row of plaid shirts from John’s closet. It’s a manly plaid rainbow, that must feel very soft to the touch when you run your hand over them. Then they swish silently in the closet, wondering which shirt gets to be worn next?
    I just LOVE that CD design!!!
    It’s colorful and tells alot of stories about Creedence days and times ~~~ and how that spills into current Fogerty days and times.

    Flannel has such a work ethic – built right into it.

    You bring up Suzy-Q, and I smile and also think of Spell on You and Ninety Nine and a half just won’t do. GOSH. I will dig out my CCR Blue Album and crank it up all day as I clean out my kitchen.

    Workin’ music for da workin’ River Boat Queen!!!

    X O X O X O

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