Everybody wins with John Fogerty’s victory-lap performance

“The man clearly takes care of himself and his voice; he sounds damn-near close to his recorded counterparts. He’s also a hell of a guitarist, really digging into the scorching solos on songs such as Sweet Hitch-Hiker, from 1972’s Mardi Gras.” Read more at the Winnipeg Free Press

MUSIC PREVIEW: Rock and roll, deja vu

Following the last tour where he alternated between playing Cosmo’s Factory and Born on the Bayou albums in their entireties, on this “One Extraordinary Year” tour Fogerty will be performing only CCR songs released in the year 1969. That was indeed an extraordinary year for this legendary American band. They released an astounding three albums over a 12 month […]

Classic rocker John Fogerty is headed back to 1969

The year 1969 is responsible for some of the most iconic, indelible images in American history. Neil Armstrong saluting the red, white and blue on the surface of the moon. Blissed-out counterculture revellers, all wide-eyed, flower crowns and dirty feet, at Woodstock. John and Yoko, dishevelled and in love, during their bed-in for peace. A […]

The Hot List: Motley Crue’s final tour, John Fogerty and brilliant books

Art Critic Fish Griwkowsky of the Edmonton Journal looks at the week ahead in the Arts and Entertainment in Edmonton. View the Hot List here.

11/17/14 – Photos from Sudbury, Ontario

John Fogerty – Casino Rama Resort, Orillia – November 13, 2014

The heady days of 1969 were alive and well at Casino Rama, when rock legend John Fogerty rolled in with Creedence Clearwater Revival on his mind.  After years of upheaval with his CCR brethren, and refusing to perform his revered CCR hits, Fogerty put all that behind him and put together a marathon setlist that showed the depth and importance of the […]

John Fogerty at Oshawa’s GM Centre for ‘One Extraordinary Year’

He may be 69, but darn, can John Fogerty ever rock hard and sweet, just the way rock ‘n’ roll deserves. When he arrived at Oshawa’s GM Centre on November 14 for his “One Extraordinary Year” tour, one of the biggest questions was whether or not he’d still be able to bring it the way he did in his […]

1969 Steeltown remembers music’s legendary year

It’s probably one of the most overused lines in the English language, but I’m going to use it anyway: “If you can remember the 1960s, then you probably weren’t there.” Well, most of the 5,000 people at First Ontario Centre Saturday night were there. Maybe they can’t remember the exact colour of the bell bottoms […]

11/15 Photos from Hamilton, Ontario

Photos from the GM Centre on 11/14 in Oshawa, Ontario