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    10 Ways to Cut Down on Your Food Waste

    Well, that’s what Canadians are doing with the food they buy and don’t eat and it’s estimated that $27 billion dollars worth ends up in landfills or composts each year.

    In Toronto alone,pandora bracelet ct, we blithely toss out a staggering 210 million kilograms of food annually, while people in our…[Read more]

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    49 killed as Syrian jets attack strategic rebel,pandora charms and beads

    Maaret AlNuman (Syria), Oct 19: Syrian fighter jets on Thursday targetted Maaret alNuman, a strategic northwestern town held by the rebels, killing at least 49 people including 29 children. UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has sought a truce during a Muslim holiday later…[Read more]

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    Bright tapestries by Chitrali women become an instant hit

    Inspired by diaries offering a daily record of events, thoughts and rituals characteristic of the month of Ramazan, a bright and colourful exhibition of handcrafted tapestries and textiles created by women artisans from Chitral, handbags and enamel jewellery by polly and clay art by…[Read more]

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