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    clearly spam !!!!!
    the one about sports clothing too


    The Olympia Theatre in Dublin is also one of the most beautiful venues and most suitable for a John Fogerty concert


    Hi Swampgirl
    is the European tour now complete ?
    or is there still something to expect ?


    Yeah Steve , only festivals which is a pity because the complete show with screens and pyro is fantastic
    But better this than nothing
    Great to see John again
    Hop festival (great one) doesn’t seem likely between Spain and Italy
    I’m afraid we have all the European dates
    Isn’t it Swamp Girl ???????


    Sorry Hugo, my mistake, mixed up months, hope you’re right because I ‘m alsof fan of Paul, forum Belgium I also meant 14th july


    Sorry to say but doesn’t seem very likely as the 30th he’s in Toledo
    my guess for Belgium is Cactus festival on 14th june in Bruges (close to my home)




    Please , let the other dates come
    Belgium ???????


    Let the man rest in peace allthough his mistakes
    More important for music is the death of Phil Everly !!!


    allready lookin’ at the distances between shows
    bring on the other dates


    Big Thanks
    great album


    Applause , they’re GREAT !!!!!


    After the show I still found lots of ticker-tapes in the pocket of my shirt
    The morning after before going to the shower there was still one flying away
    out of my under-shirt (my marcelleke for the Belgians)
    it made me laugh


    Same thoughts and wishes from me


    I was told by a member of the roadies they are coming to Europe

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)