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    Thanks for the review


    For me this was one of the two most beautiful settings
    the south-street seaport N.Y. for the Blue Ridge Rangers show being the other one
    each on a totaly different level but both extra ordenary
    in Trieste I experienced the total built-up , storm and break-up of the stage
    also having a nice chat with the two Dutch truck-drivers
    sound-check by the technicians with Tim on organ and singing “Bob Malone,Bob Malone….”
    if John comes back to Trieste for a replay I will be there
    my hotel on the right of the photograph was ideal for a refuge during the storm
    also for Robert and Petra


    I shure will keep coming Swamp Girl


    yeah it was also Bobspop
    Bob Malone
    great showman and musician


    Great seeing everyone
    certainly you Walter


    what seemed to be the most beautiful setting for a show ended in a storm
    what probably seemed a beautiful stage with no sides and back which gave us a special effect
    of seeing the Italian-style buildings surrounding it with special light-effects could be one of the
    reasons of it being too weak for a storm
    lightning everywhere , rain ,everything waving , announcements of being careful …WOODSTOCK ALL OVER AGAIN !!
    sure it was the only right thing for EVERYBODYS safety to stop the show , how hard that was for everybody
    cross our fingers that Austria is better


    Our favourite little corner in the Parc of Hamburg
    This is a beautiful green little arena in open air
    nice weather and sun
    a great band and great music
    John is still so popular in Germany
    a first great evening
    and a lot of us


    Happy Birthday John Fogerty
    See you in 2 days time in Germany and Denmark


    Lets be happy with what we have
    Allthough keep the faith
    UK and Ireland deserves it


    No answer Steve


    The Olympia Theatre in Dublin is also one of the most beautiful venues and most suitable for a John Fogerty concert


    Hi Swampgirl
    is the European tour now complete ?
    or is there still something to expect ?


    Yeah Steve , only festivals which is a pity because the complete show with screens and pyro is fantastic
    But better this than nothing
    Great to see John again
    Hop festival (great one) doesn’t seem likely between Spain and Italy
    I’m afraid we have all the European dates
    Isn’t it Swamp Girl ???????


    Sorry Hugo, my mistake, mixed up months, hope you’re right because I ‘m alsof fan of Paul, forum Belgium I also meant 14th july


    Sorry to say but doesn’t seem very likely as the 30th he’s in Toledo
    my guess for Belgium is Cactus festival on 14th june in Bruges (close to my home)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)