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    Please , let the other dates come
    Belgium ???????


    Let the man rest in peace allthough his mistakes
    More important for music is the death of Phil Everly !!!


    allready lookin’ at the distances between shows
    bring on the other dates


    Big Thanks
    great album


    Applause , they’re GREAT !!!!!


    After the show I still found lots of ticker-tapes in the pocket of my shirt
    The morning after before going to the shower there was still one flying away
    out of my under-shirt (my marcelleke for the Belgians)
    it made me laugh


    Same thoughts and wishes from me


    I was told by a member of the roadies they are coming to Europe


    On the second night John said their names
    While I don’t know them I didn’t remember
    but they are very good !!!!!!


    Well Brock , indeed with the biggest hits everybody was standing
    great view because I turned round to look at it
    but it was alternating standing and sitting
    also an older grey gentleman on the third row was shouting that he was at the Original Woodstock festival
    John was in great shape , his voice was excellent and the technical quality of the show was superb
    one of my top3 fogerty-shows


    Sorry RBQ : I’m on my plane on night 3
    but tonight I’m there


    It was such a great experience
    an intimate show in a small venue
    unforgettable !!!
    my top of Fogerty-shows together with the Southstreet Seaport-show in N.Y.


    it was an e-mail send through and asked to answer on ‘her’ personal e-mail
    she needs money and political asylum and she wants to marry all the guys
    so watch out and beware


    Hi Swampgirl
    hello to everybody
    glad to be on the new forum

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)