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    It would be fun to hear Telephone on the radio someday. I should ask my local radio station to do that MMMmmmm ?? I was going to this place with my wife yesterday and Between the Lines was playing in the vehicle and her first comment was ( that’s John Fogerty!! nice song Charles) MMmmm.

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    Maybe this gentlemen from the record compagny (Mr. Smith) if I’m correct was expecting a Creedence album but it’s a John Fogerty solo album produced by one person??
    Just to be in the mood of the 70′s I did a CD with my favorite one from Shep and Hoodoo and it goes like this. And if you try that you won’t noticed a big difference with the recording quality with this new version of Hoodoo
    . Rockin’all over the world
    Hoodoo man
    Almost saturday night
    The wall
    On the run
    Travelin High
    Between the line
    You rascal you
    Where the river flows
    Leave my womam alone

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)