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    Actually Mr. B is a one and a half hit wonder. “Come Monday” was a minor hit a few years before “Margaritaville”.

    CSG will be in Frisco, TX in June. The only thing better than a John Fogerty concert is a Fogerty/Buffett show. Woohoo!


    I forgot to mention earlier that John had two backup singers. Does anyone know their names?


    Yes, the Beacon was on fire Tuesday night which was a good thing since it was cold in NYC (not that bad but compared to sunny warm NC it was COLD in the Big Apple). I only got a little bit lost on the way to the show. I got on the C train instead of the 1 train–hmmm…..maybe I really do need glasses–but there was a handy dandy transfer to the 1 train at the 59th Street station so I wasn’t lost for very long. It was great to see a couple of our Forum friends from across the pond as well as one or two domestic Forum members. John forgot Shane’s solo on Old Man so Shane did some blistering guitar work on Fortunate Son instead. I’m kicking myself that I only signed up for 1 of the 3 nights at the Beacon. Anyway, here is Tuesday’s set list exactly as I wrote it down:

    Trav Band
    Born Bayou
    Good Molly
    Pent Pauper
    Grave Train
    Joy Life
    Grn River
    P-wille (not sure why I wrote a w instead of a v on my chicken scratch set list)
    Who Stop Rain
    Look Back Door
    Mystic Hwy
    Ram Tam
    Hot Rod Hrt
    Almost Sat Nite
    Long See Lite
    Hey Tonite
    Mid Spec
    Pretty Woman
    Down Corner
    Up Around Bend
    Old Man
    Fort Son


    Yes, indeed. John rocked Washington DC last night. There was a lady on the front row with a cool shirt that got John’s attention. The front said Since 1969. The back said my dad is the only man I have loved longer than John Fogerty. Then at the end right before Proud Mary John signed a baseball for a young boy on the other side of the front row. Here is the setlist in chicken scratch shorthand:

    737 Trav Band
    Ooby Dooby
    Ramble Tamble
    Lookin’ Back Door (Bob Malone squeeze box intro)
    Jungle Run
    Up Around Bend
    Before Accuse Me
    Baby Left Me
    Stop Rain (Woodstock story)
    Long See Light
    C Field
    Green River
    Suzie Q
    Mystic Hwy
    Joy Life
    Hot Rod Hrt
    Born Bayou
    Mid Special
    R+R Girls
    Pretty W
    Hey 2nite
    Down Corner
    Old Man
    Fort Son

    Rock on John! See you in NYC! Woohoo!


    According to the official John Fogerty timepiece–i.e. the Timex on Chicken’s wrist–John and the band took the stage promptly at 7:17. Woohoo! What a show! Between daylight savings time ending, having to catch a 5:15 AM flight home from MSP and breaking a crown and being in dire need of a dentist I wasn’t entirely there last night. I finally caught my second wind around Pretty Woman and was up doing the chicken shuffle for the rest of the show. My apologies if I missed a song or added a phantom song that wasn’t played but it went something like this:

    Hey Tonight
    Born on the Bayou
    Good Golly Miss Molly (talked about Little Richard having the perfect rock and roll voice)
    Penthouse Pauper
    Graveyard Train
    Joy of My Life (dedicated to Julie)
    Green River (talked about his family vacations at age 3 or 4)
    Porterville (John said off the mic to the band “I forgot to talk about this one. Oh well.”)
    Who Will Stop The Rain (cool, extended Woodstock story)
    Lookin’ out my back door (fabulous squeeze box intro by Mr. Malone)
    Mystic Highway
    Ramble Tamble
    Hot Rod Heart
    Long as I can see the Light
    Midnight Special
    Have you ever seen the Rain
    Pretty woman
    Down on the Corner
    Up around the Bend
    Old man down the Road
    Fortunate Son
    Bad Moon
    Proud Mary (the most perfect song in the universe)

    After all of my previous concerts at the DPAC they sent me a survey to rate my experience. When they asked what could they do better I always told them to book a John Fogerty concert. When I fill out the survey this time I reckon I will have to tell them to book ANOTHER John Fogerty concert.


    Hey Guessy Girl, thanks for the Paso Robles review. Have a great time tonight! And happy birthday to your son! What a coincidence! It was Chicken’s birthday too–the BIG kind where both numbers change. Since I already had other plans I had to skip the Nokia show in Los Angeles, but I tried to make up for it in Paso Robles and Berkeley where I got to hear the songs of Bayou Country and Cosmo’s Factory. Woohoo!

    Friday morning I was at the Atlantic Ocean. Eight hours and two plane rides later I was gazing at the beautiful San Francisco Bay. I fetched a rental car and headed down the 101 to a super nice venue at a winery in Paso Robles. Unfortunately Darlene wasn’t able to come so Herm was nice enough to let me borrow Rockin’ Grandma for an evening of rock and roll music. John played 33 songs in 2.5 hours. Nobody’s Here Anymore was the surprise of the night. Then there were the rarely played gems from Bayou Country Penthouse Pauper and Graveyard Train along with the not played so much recently Bootleg. And of course the best, most perfect song in the universe Proud Mary. All of that great music helped keep a short sleeved chicken warm on a COLD evening.

    After the show I headed back up the 101 to Salinas and then drove the rest of the way to SFO on Saturday morning. After a quick BART ride to fetch a yummy cream puff from Beard Papa’s downtown I headed across the Bay Bridge to the Greek in Berkeley. It was a nice, small and intimate venue. Once again it was freezing COLD but the music of Cosmo’s Factory quickly warmed me up. John played for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Grapevine, Ooby Dooby, Before You Accuse Me, My Baby Left Me, Long As I Can See The Light and of course Ramble Tamble! Woohoo! I missed the old band members but the new ones ROCKED! It was a great birthday weekend of rock and roll. I can’t wait to do it again this weekend in Dallas and Houston with a side trip to Vegas to see Jimmy Buffett on Saturday night.


    Have a great time! As I recall that venue only has row A in the very center section and it is only 4 or 5 seats wide. Row B is the front row of the other sections. So even if you have a row B ticket you will probably still be front row.


    If you go to the Tour section and click on each date, it will tell you what album John is playing for that date. It looks like John is starting with Cosmo’s Factory in LA and alternating that album with Bayou Country.


    John’s tour is stopping in my backyard too with an appearance at the DPAC in Durham. Every time I would go see someone else there, they would send me a survey. I always answered the “how can we improve?” question the same way: book John Fogerty. It looks like they finally listened to me. Woohoo!

    Besides Durham, there is a good chance of a chicken sighting in CA, TX, MS, DC and NY.

    P.S. Why does the spellchecker on this website say that Fogerty is spelled incorrectly?


    Woohoo! Congrats on the great tickets Guessy Girl! Unfortunately Tulsa isn’t on my itinerary this tour. :(


    RG – one of the unintended consequences of quitting drinking last year is that I don’t drunk dial my girlfriend Sue anymore. :( Maybe I can see her at one of John’s California shows in October and make it up to her.

    To keep it on topic, this weekend I found myself hitting the repeat button on Brad and John’s HRH and Alan and John’s HYESTR. It’s hard to get to Proud Mary when you have those two songs right before it.


    I got an email from her too. Who knew that the girl in the song “Pretty Woman” would turn out to be a spammer? “Mercy!”


    I love all of the songs, but lately I have been playing Mystic Highway and Wrote A Song For Everyone the most. When Miranda sings “thousand years in chains…look it’s just the same” and puts a special southern accent on “chains” and “same” I need smelling salts to keep from swooning. Oh my gosh! If Dana’s lovely (and beautiful) wife Sue wasn’t already my girlfriend, I would start courting Miranda faster than you can say “two timing chicken”. :)


    Woohoo! I just voted for John and Mystic Highway in the hot or not vote section vs. the Pistol Annies and in the top 20 countdown section–although it was difficult to vote against a fellow graduate of the Chicken School, Darius Rucker.

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