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    I am SO sorry to hear this SAD news. Rock on Herminator! It was an honor to have met such a kind, sweet and gentle man. The California shows were always so special because we got to spend time with Herm and Rockin’ Grandma Donna.


    Oh my gosh! I just noticed the typo–Halifax snow! Yikes! I hope that typo isn’t prophetic. Southern chickens and snow DO NOT mix, but regardless of the November weather I’m gonna do my best to go see Mr. Fogerty in the beautiful city of Halifax NS. Woohoo!


    Hi Pam, unless something has changed the legendary Jackson Browne is opening for John in Holmdel. I’m almost as excited about seeing Jackson Browne as I am seeing John Fogerty again–almost, not quite. Woohoo! See y’all there!


    Hmmmmm….apparently Hoodoo Bob is in charge of reviewing the Durant OK show. Miss Darlene is AWOL. I wish I had known it was you Hoodoo Bob that was sitting a few seats away from me. I would have made sure I said hello. But anyway thanks for a WONDERFUL review!!! Rock On!!!

    See y’all in Toledo in about a month. Woohoo!


    Cool pitcher! Thanks Swamp Girl!


    Just got home from Frisco, locked the front door….

    It all started on Friday afternoon when I picked up Darlene at DFW. We drove up to Durant OK to see John Fogerty perform another rocking concert. Darlene is in charge of that show’s details. Then we drove back to Dallas afterwards.

    Saturday I drove up to Frisco TX to see Mr. B and Mr. F. Woohoo! Those parrotheads know how to ROCK. They LOVED John Fogerty. They were standing and dancing the entire time. It was wonderful to see.

    737 Trav Band
    Green river
    Look Back Door
    Born bayou
    Midnight Special
    Mystic highway
    Long see light
    Seen rain
    Jazzfest song (don’t know the name)
    Up around bend
    Kenny started playing down corner, but it was the wrong song
    Old man
    Down corner with Jimmy Buffett
    Fortunate son
    Bad Moon
    Proud Mary

    Then it was time for Mr. B to do his magic for the 104th time I have seen him in concert:

    1 Summertime Blues
    2 Brown Eyed Girl
    3 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
    4 My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don’t Love Jesus
    5 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
    6 Sea Of Heartbreak (last played 6-02-2012: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Houston, TX)
    7 Too Drunk To Karaoke
    8 Come Monday
    9 Mexico
    10 Knee Deep
    11 Volcano
    12 Little Martha (ft Mac McAnally who told us he didn’t realize it was TWO guitars when he was unsuccessfully trying to learn to play this song but he NAILED it with only one guitar)
    13 He Went To Paris
    14 Cheeseburger In Paradise
    15 Nobody From Nowhere (ft Brendan Mayer)
    16 Getaway Car (ft Brendan Mayer)
    17 One Particular Harbour
    18 Free (Into The Mystic)
    19 Southern Cross
    20 A Pirate Looks At Forty
    21 Fins
    22 Margaritaville

    Encore, Band Intros
    The Coral Reefer Band. Tina Gullickson right there. Miss Nadirah Shakoor. Mr Eric Darken on percussion. Brendan Mayer hiding up there in the percussion section. Mr Peter Mayer on guitar. The Lubbock, Texas Flash, Doyle Grisham on the pedal steel. Mr Mac McAnally on guitar and Shakespearian comments. Roger Guth on the drums and boogie steps. Uncle Jim Mayer on the bass. The happy lad from Trinidad, Robert Greenidge on the pans. Dancing, singing effortless Johnny Lovell on trumpet over there. And my man, Mr Michael Utley on the keyboard right there.

    23 It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (with Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Screw)
    24 Northeast Texas Women (last played 05-22-2010: Pizza Hut Park – Frisco, TX)
    25 Lovely Cruise


    That GOLDEN ticket is worth every penny! Woohoo!


    Hey Mike! Go Bucs! Not really! :) Hahaha….

    That’s one of John’s shows on my radar. Hopefully it will work out and I can come.


    Let’s hope so. Chicken is itching for another California road trip! Woohoo!


    Hey Cypress Knee! Welcome back to John’s forum. I remember meeting you at the Ryman in Nashville. Rock on!


    Rock on River Boat Queen! I keep having a dream that I have a plane ticket to Nawlins this evening. Then I head to the JazzFest venue, meet up with Darlene and camp out so we are first in line when they open the gates tomorrow morning. Then we run to the front of the stage and wait ALL day long in the HOT sun, dealing with porta-potties and nasty fried food that isn’t good for us. But then John and the band hit the stage and it is all worth every bit of sacrifice. Woohoo! Rock on John! But then I wake up and realize I can’t see Mr. F until June. I hate it when that happens!


    Yippee! Today is Jimmy Buffett day in sunny warm Raleigh, NC and Chicken has a front row ticket! I can’t wait for Jimmy and John to play together this summer. I hope that they will join each other on stage for a song or two instead of doing two completely separate sets.


    Actually Mr. B is a one and a half hit wonder. “Come Monday” was a minor hit a few years before “Margaritaville”.

    CSG will be in Frisco, TX in June. The only thing better than a John Fogerty concert is a Fogerty/Buffett show. Woohoo!


    I forgot to mention earlier that John had two backup singers. Does anyone know their names?


    Yes, the Beacon was on fire Tuesday night which was a good thing since it was cold in NYC (not that bad but compared to sunny warm NC it was COLD in the Big Apple). I only got a little bit lost on the way to the show. I got on the C train instead of the 1 train–hmmm…..maybe I really do need glasses–but there was a handy dandy transfer to the 1 train at the 59th Street station so I wasn’t lost for very long. It was great to see a couple of our Forum friends from across the pond as well as one or two domestic Forum members. John forgot Shane’s solo on Old Man so Shane did some blistering guitar work on Fortunate Son instead. I’m kicking myself that I only signed up for 1 of the 3 nights at the Beacon. Anyway, here is Tuesday’s set list exactly as I wrote it down:

    Trav Band
    Born Bayou
    Good Molly
    Pent Pauper
    Grave Train
    Joy Life
    Grn River
    P-wille (not sure why I wrote a w instead of a v on my chicken scratch set list)
    Who Stop Rain
    Look Back Door
    Mystic Hwy
    Ram Tam
    Hot Rod Hrt
    Almost Sat Nite
    Long See Lite
    Hey Tonite
    Mid Spec
    Pretty Woman
    Down Corner
    Up Around Bend
    Old Man
    Fort Son

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