• OK all, I haven’t been as much of a participant in this site as in previous iterations. I just cruised back on again, JCF was in Baltimore about six months ago and I am kicking myself because we missed catching up with Darlene (my wife saw her after the show, but she was gone by the time we reached the general area).

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    What is involved with a VIP ticket these days? About ten years ago I went, met a wonderful young lady who took me to sound check in the afternoon, then a Meet and Greet pre-show with John, some autographed goodies, but, most importantly, a front row center stage seat at the show!!!!!!

    I am sure it has changed with the times, just wondering.

    Old guy

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    I think Ricky Nelson did it in C, but the fiddle player indicates Fogey transposes to D.
    D G D G
    I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends
    D a/c#bass Bm Bm/ Abass G A7 D
    A chance to share old memories, and play our songs again.


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    Hi Darlene,

    We missed you at the show last night. The last time I saw Fogerty in concert was a couple of years ago in Philadelphia and then in Nashville. We went out with you afterwards then. Karen saw you last night from her seat, but we couldn’t make our way through the crowd before you had left.

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  • Hello Swamp Girl,

    My staff will be in Rows B and C to John’s far right during the concert, trying to stand up and dance in opera house seats!!!

    In the meantime, if he wants to get in six miles or so of running in Baltimore, here are some staff suggestions.

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  • Hello,

    The site here says the Wednesday Nov 6th show at the Baltimore Lyric Opera House starts at 7:00, while the tickets and Lyric site have an 8:00 PM start. I sure would hate to miss part of the show because of confusion on the ground due to Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time changes.

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  • Hey BadGirl,

    You have done OK with the tix. I had VIP in Cincy about five years ago, and it was great except I had the speakers right in front of me and felt like Kenny was kicking me in the gut all night long. I did appreciate the JCF attention tossed my way that night.

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