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    Thank you for the replies. I apologize for possibly jumping the gun a bit about the presale part. I guess I was late to the party and must have joined after the email. I did see others asking for presale password info all over the forums but they all seemed to be about a specific show. I was unaware the there was only one password for all shows.…[Read more]

  • Posted a question here last week asking why presale info was not available to fan club members for the Orlando show. Never got an answer and the post is gone. Is there no admin to answer questions? Still a fan of John and hope that he does not endorse this website or fan club. Oh, and when general public tickets went on sale, fortunately or not,…[Read more]

  • At least you saw them. I didn’t even know about the presale for Orlando that I guess was two days ago. Frustrating.

  • Jerry posted an update 1 year, 6 months ago

    I joined the fan club mainly for two reasons. First because I’ve been a fan of John since day one. Second is so that I could find out about ticket presale offers when he comes to Orlando. Now I find out today that tickets go on sale today for the general public and fan club presale was two days ago??? Very disappointed.

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