• Hey Robert, thank you for your long review! GOOD Job!That was so mysterious about John getting a bloody lip? gee whiz…but like the true professional that he is, he knows that the show must go on, and on he went.

    WOW! Now that’s what a true rock and roll legend does!

    I hope John’s alright and that the swelling is under control with ice packs x…[Read more]

  • YES! Rock and ROLL gAL!! I know that you speak from experience, and after seeing John and his amazing BAND perform, you speak from the heart of a knowing, eye-witness to John’s incredible concerts.
    There really isn’t a better show out there these days….truth be told.
    John is a true living legend from the 60’s, and he’s the handiwork of God to…[Read more]

  • When I said you will never, ever see a better show than this one, not if you go to every show that comes along, not ever in your lifetime, I meant of any artist or musician or performer on the face of this earth.

    When we went to the bluesfest one year when John was not there, a couple voluntarily spoke up to say the best show they had seen was…[Read more]

  • Last post I said Best Show on Earth. I was wrong. John Fogerty’s 1969 Tour is the GREATEST Show on Earth!!!

    Gloomy, rainy cold day here and some postings came up of John’s Canada shows and I have been watching them to great delight. I now realize just how much I missed by not being able to get to these shows. But there is always next…[Read more]

  • Sorry I sounded a little negative about the VIP shirts above.
    My package is at home in a neighbour’s garage waiting for me to return. The people I talked to on the phone were very helpful. Robert, did you get your shirts?

    I am very thankful for the VIP treatment and the front row seats for all of my friends to see the GREAT John Fogerty.

    I…[Read more]

    Thank you for posting the set list!!! I LOVE READING about all those great songs that magically
    come to LIFE when John Fogerty & BAND! come on stage for a show.

    I also love your new abbreviations for those wonderful songs.
    RamBULL Tam…ha ha ha!
    UP Bend
    Grape V
    oLd MAN
    737 tb and on and on…..

    HA HA! *** You are…[Read more]

  • Also the father and son I sent to Casinorama in Orillia emailed me to say thanks for the tickets and that they had an amazing time. You can’t do any better than that John!

    Rock n Roll Girl

  • Well, my niece went to the Hamilton show, front row, and I got a text message from her in the middle of the show and she took a picture of John on her phone and sent it to me. She said, We are having so much fun!. She has had some medical issues also, at such a young age, it is a shame, but she is on the mend, so I was so glad that she was able…[Read more]

  • Hey, Rockin’ Gramma.
    I surely will try to make it.
    John has to come back here again too for some more shows as even though I sent 8 people to his shows this time, I still have one cousin who wants to go.
    Lots of cold and blowing wind here and temperatures minus freezing.
    You and Mary sure got it figured out!!

    ROck n Roll Girl

  • Hi Steve, Great to see you and me on this forum. I couldn’t get my
    password right for such a long time. They hate me on Freeks because
    I won’t let them be negative. I can’t help being a mother/grandma
    and wanting to teach the kids to be on their best behavior and be nice.
    Hope you stick around and come over for some warm weather show in…[Read more]

  • Keep those reviews coming CHICKY BABE.

    I miss sitting in the front row with you.
    That was cool thanks to you and Miss D.
    Love you both and miss you both.

  • Hi Robert, Give Jeanne a hug for me. If she doesn’t remember me
    tell her we took a short walk at the El Rey to say hello to Bob Fogerty
    around the corner. Tell her, HER ENGLISH IS PERFECT.
    Hugs, Donna

  • Wish I could have joined you Robert and Dan but Mary and I
    can’t leave the 80 degree weather for snow and cold.
    John will come home to Calif. and do a special show for
    Mary and I in a warmer climate.

    Rock n Roll Girl, Sure hope you wiil be feeling better soon
    and maybe come to Calif. to see John next time he performs here.
    I know my grandsons…[Read more]

  • Hi Brian,
    Sounds like old times. I have been trying to get on this forum
    again forever it seems and finally I just tried every password
    I’ve ever used and here I am.
    My brother lives up near you in the boonies near Coldwater.
    He needs a skidoo or 4 wheeler to get in and out. He lives on
    a river with big biting bugs and mosquitoes.
    Your pics are…[Read more]

  • Hey Dan, thank you for that story about John’s younger version of himself playing BORN ON THE BAYOU on video projection, then he joins in LIVE! That has got to be a great thing to witness!!!
    All of John’s shows are creative bursts of new, sunflowering ideas….which is why I never miss one
    that’s in my neck of the swamp!
    What a creative…[Read more]

  • Hamilton R-O-C-K-E-D in the U-S-A, except that we were in Canada and it was John Fogerty instead of John Mellencamp–minor details…anyway, Mr. Fogerty was on fire tonight and delivered another awesome concert that had the entire floor standing, dancing and singing the entire night. Woohoo! That is the way rock and roll should be.

    737 TB
    Up…[Read more]

  • Robert, thank you so much for your nice review!
    You said it! You are so very lucky to have this opportunity to see John & BAND in action!
    I’m so happy for you and please keep the reviews coming!!!

  • Ottawa, not Oshawa.

  • Hi, John.
    Just wanted to let you know you are driving right our place to get to Casinorama!

    We have given our Casinorama tickets to 2 worthy people, a son is taking his father, so you can imagine how much the father is going to enjoy that! He would have grown up with your music.

    They don’t know anything about Rock n Roll Girl but I told them to…[Read more]

  • DaRiverBoatQueen replied to the topic Halifax NS in the forum General Discussion 2 weeks ago

    Hey Grad School!
    Thank you for dropping us a few notes about John’s show! IT SOUNDED VERY ORIGINAL with special, creative touches by the master himself!!!
    ((( YOU KNOW? )))

    Opening with Born on the Bayou had to be killer good!
    It’s COOL that he performed that guitar demo thing! TELL US MORE, AL!!!…[Read more]

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