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    Actually, John played 33 songs (2 1/2 hours) at the Paso Robles concert! i just wish it was all dvd’d tho over just audio – just for the special effects, watch the band members, John, the audience clips, beach balls, etc. But i know that creates a whole different dynamic to film at the concert too, so it’s best that they stick to audio only.


    aw, CSG – i did think of you on Monday as we were starting out 12 hour journey back home beginning w/our 3 hour drive to the SJC airport. We passed through Salinas and I told my hubby that’s where you had to drive to after the concert Thursday night for Berkeley’s the next night. Glad to hear Berkeley was a great one, too!

    Yes, what a great way to celebrate your big 50!! (3 of our 4 kids birthdays are that same week in October!) You rattled off about 10 concerts of John’s you were lucky enough to get to go to on this awesome tour. Keep us posted on each one of them, please! (i do like Jimmy Buffet’s music, too.) Sorry we missed Darlene at Paso Robles as i LOVE how her eyes are lit up the whole time at John’s concerts.

    Thanks again for the great review and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya. You really know how to celebrate it all month long now for sure! XOX

    I’m excited for tonight!


    that TOTALLY looks like a re-packaged knock-off of the original and official box set released in 2001. i wouldn’t buy it as John doesn’t get anything from it. The official box set came in a cardboard wood-grained box.


    aw Queenie, that’s mighty fine and gracious praise coming from such a masterful writer that you certainly are. I’m nowhere close to your prose and poetry that seems to flow effortlessly from your brain. BUT i just HAD to write something about it here cause YES.IT.WAS.THAT.GOOD!! words always fail me re:my emotions when it comes to the effect John’s music/voice/guitar/lyrics still has on me for almost 45 years now! most excellent and every single band member was fun to watch as well. love Bob Malone’s antics so much! and of course, Kenny the alien machine, was his usual 100% high energy performance.

    thanks for your kinds words and ya know i love ya back!! xox


    sorry, but i’ll have to figure out how to post the pics here of the setlist we took. Rockin’ Grandma’s grandson scored the new bass player’s setlist and we took a picture of it.

    (OH! which reminds me Swamp Girl – she says she can’t log in to the forum anymore as it won’t accept her password and it won’t let her choose a new one. She said you have her e-mail tho and she asked me to ask you if you’d be so kind as to e-mail her and see how y’all can work it out for her to get back on here to post again.)

    anyway, i’m off to Tulsa’s concert tomorrow night now and scored FRONT ROW!! I have a feeling it may very well be the last concert me and Farm Boy will be able to attend and if so – it will be a great one to end on for sure. After each and every concert, I always say, “well, i can die a happy woman now!” i still can’t believe he’s coming to my own backyard! the closest we’ve ever traveled was 3 hours away to Dallas (my own original hometown born and raised in) in 2007. All the rest have been cross country flights or very long drives like the one we did w/Barefoot Girl from her town of St. Louis to Indiana (Julie’s home state.) So, I’m pretty excited he’s actually coming to poodunk Oklahoma for all us bumpkins. :P I never would have dreamed that INCONCEIVABLE would happen!

    WE LOVE YOU, JOHN!! XOX Guessy Gal


    we all thought it was so cute after John sang his Blue Moon Nights he wrote for his love of his life Julie and he ran off stage and drug her out to show her off to everyone. Of course, she looked darling as ever and he said, “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her!” and then he turned to Shane and said “and neither would you!”


    i agree Dan! i absolutely LOVE Mystic Highway. i think it speaks volumes of how John feels about his life these past few years. it does about my own, too. it just resonates with my inner core zen. getting old i guess. well, i’ll just go with getting oldER for now!


    oh wow, what an honorable tribute to John and his lifelong music career w/the grammy museum event! SO glad that my dear fellow fogey fans got to go to it and witness it all and hear such interesting things directly from John the man himself! what an honor to be able to attend such a once in a lifetime event! so glad to hear that Darlene was in attendance, too! love that girl as well as her precious pay phone story with john back in the day. so cute!

    Bootleg – i hope you and Carol are gonna make it up to see me at Paso Robles! i even hear John’s gonna be playing there so you could even see him again, too! :P

    Queen Mary – another STELLAR review by you! i’m always happy to know you’re attending a john event that i can’t cause i always know you’ll come through and give us plenty of play-by-play in 5000 words or more so we can feel like we were actually there, too! thanks again my dear gf. you’re a true blue fan and you’re so gracious to continuously give to all of us like you’ve done again and again for the past 7 years that i’ve known ya! XOX

    LOTS and LOTS of good peeps i’ve met through the years and all thanks to our common love of John’s music – lyrics, voice, guitar skills and last but not least, his full-on energy he exudes at every performance! so grateful and in awe of the fact that he’s still so vibrantly healthy to still be able to perform as well as still rockin’ all over the world. touring ain’t for sissies that’s for sure! I’ve told several that John has been through the refiner’s fire in his career so many times that he’s forged steel now! TITANIUM, BABY!! Rock on, JOHN!! we love ya! THANK YEWWWW!!


    Amen, Dan! 5 years ago, i was standing on front row w/FIVE different generations next to me rockin/rollin at John’s concert. Ranging in age from a 3 year old to an 80 year old! The octogenarian lady was standing up and rocking/singing almost the whole time with us!! The 3 year old tho was passed out by the end. The two 22 year old guys told me that was the best f**ing concert they’d ever been to and they’d been to PLENTY! :)


    thanks, SG for providing this! great article and great interview. loved it!


    Like me, Queenie’s a true die-hard full-fledged CCR/JCF fan since they came onto the scene in the late 60’s and we tend to show it loud and proud just a little bit now and then! PROUD MARY KEEP ON BURNIN’!! XOX


    CSG – so happy he’s doing a show in your neighborhood, too plus glad you’re up for traveling to some others as always. are ya gonna be at Paso Robles by any chance or probably just LA? i’m hoping some of our southern CA groupies will travel up to Paso Robles the next night. I think Dan and Carol are for sure. Hopefully, some more will follow them up! I won’t be able to make Dallas this time. You and Darlene were there with us in Dec. 2007.

    Corey- i’ve been pleading with John/Julie to come to OK for the past 7 years, too. (or even back to Dallas again.) never really thought it would actually materialize tho! that’s good to hear about the Hard Rock venue. can’t wait!


    hi there, CSG! thanks for the congrats and sad i won’t see ya at this one. i imagine you’re doing the ones more in your neck of the woods. but also i know how you get around, so are you doing any of the CA ones, too? Which shows are ya hooked up for?

    i’m so excited that John’s actually doing little old poodunk OK!! I NEVER would have bet money on that one ever happening. Over the years, I’ve traveled tons of miles cross-country to keep seeing him, (as you have too!) so this close to home one is extremely SWEET!


    wasn’t sure it was ok to post it publicly Swamp Girl (don’t like scalpers) so i pm’d everyone that was asking this a.m. before you posted it. Hope everyone got in and scored some up close and personal good seats. See y’all there!!


    Did anyone else here score front row? thanks for the heads up, Swamp Girl! whoohoo!!!!!!

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