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    so fun to see all y’all’s great pics there! some really happy peeps!

    i shouldn’t have been so lame and should have submitted at least one. ( i actually didn’t remember about it til it was too late.) i was going to send in a pic of me kissing my pic of me kissing brother john that lyndsay took at the meet and greet in 2006. oh well.


    thanks y’all for the feedback. glad to share what i find and happy that y’all enjoyed it, too.


    yes, amen, DAN. he could definitely have thrown in the towel and was even tempted to do so during his self-admitted period of “loss of creativity” for artistic songwriting during his long period of legal woes. thank god, he did persevere and finally prevail for himself as well as our own benefit. “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and John ultimately emerged from the refiner’s fire in the form of tungsten steel, baby!!


    DAN – “…and two ropes hanging TO the tree.” since my hubby’s fave line from that song is “wonder if my rope’s still hangin’ to the tree” i had to tweak it john-style for ya! :P Glad ya got that visual yesterday on your fun outing. Those are the carefree innocent days of youth.

    My fave line of Green River is “barefoot girls dancin’ in the moonlight.” oh yeah. magical imagery.


    which ones ya going to?


    i still been a votin’ y’all!! he’s won every time and he’s just GOTTA win this final one! he has the most loyal fans of them all!


    hey CSG – you’ve got good taste in women. those are both cuties!

    and yes, the unique and instantly recognizable opening guitar riffs to so many of John’s songs send my heart into instant fluttering twitterpation. whenever i hear the very first note of Up Around the Bend – my brain instantly shouts UP AROUND THE BEND!!!!!!! whoooooooo!!!!

    WASFE cd ROCKS and Mystic Highway soothes my soul … <3


    hi steve! i became a fan of Train of Fools once i heard it live at the El Rey. it was fantastic for sure! John was on fire w/every song that night. it was great to see him so happy and animated along w/his boundless energy he still possesses. it was a small venue and hot and sweaty for just us watchers let alone the band sweating like a storm up on stage! Kenny must fill a 5 lb. bucket just on Ramble Tamble alone.

    i’m getting older like John and MYSTIC HIGHWAY definitely speaks to my blossoming zen within my soul these days. i also love how musically it’s like 3 songs rolled into one.


    yep – sary, et al. – you BARTI’s entertained us well that day and gave us all a great memory. now this fall, my son and cute daughter-in-law you met finally get to see John in concert! they’re so excited. the first few songs my son learned to play on guitar were all CCR songs.

    RG – i love how the forum format splits your name up to read “Rockingrand MADONNA!” oh, that reminds me – it’s time for me to hit the Madonna Inn again my next trip! love that place.


    Sary – yeah, it’s been the same for me all along. i’ve never been able to open another page tho so you must have gotten into a small window when you could.


    AMEN, RG!! :)

    and we are very lucky that John’s STILL doing shows! <3


    i’ve seen Bob Malone say that he is for sure. yay!! I imagine Kenny will, too. (love him and have never seen a different drummer at any of the concerts i’ve attended beginning in 2006) I imagine Shane will be on stage, too. (my daughter’s IN LOVE w/him now! she says he’s “adorable and hot!”)

    Dave Santos (love it when i can get a sweet smile out of him) has been w/him the past few years and I hope James Intveld will be on this tour, too! oh, and i do miss Hunter. (and Billy!)


    yeah, i’ve been voting a lot, too! but on CCR vs. the Doors one – it only lets you vote once per day.

    CSG – I love Darius Rucker – whether he’s country or hootie! he’s got some great songs! but yeah – when it comes to John’s music, i’ve got 45 years invested in fanhood, so he wins hands down every time for me.


    BOOYEAH!! Walter! (and a ^5)


    oh yeah, Johnny – there’s hundreds of interesting Indian Tribe city/town names in Oklahoma for sure. (how about Kickapoo?) Catoosa’s a connected bedroom community of Tulsa and I’M GONNA BE THERE!! i NEVER in my wildest dreams thought John would EVER perform so close to me! WOOHOO!!!!!!

    and speaking of John and interesting towns, Dana (fogeyfan) and I both LOVE the line “i went home to POCATELLO, IDAHO” (my hubby’s college town!) :) My hubby got a good laugh when he first heard John sing that one loud and clear!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 42 total)