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    poll’s closed. woohoo – we did it!


    Just saw that the two concerts we’re attending are alternated. YAY!!


    I saw Chickenschoolgrad in person being alive and well at the El Rey birthday bash a few weeks ago!


    it’s a known fact that Paisley’s extremely nice and very giving as well as a great sense of humor behind the stage persona and talent. i like him, too!


    “a plaid rainbow.” LOVE that one, queenie! i saw a REALLY cute REBA plaid shirt yesterday at Dillards that i’m thinking about getting for the concert. i wish they would sell an official JF women’s glitzy one for us glitzy rockin’ redneck gals. i do have my own crafty blinger tool/rhinestones so WATCH OUT!!

    i wore my CCR vietnam helmet t-shirt (i blinged out the peace sign on it) for Herm to see on my lunch w/him and RG. I knew he’d get a kick out of it as it had his fave john song SUZY Q prominently displayed. he loved it!


    while i don’t understand why you’re allowed and encouraged to vote multiple times; nonetheless, my TEN votes are in and CCR’s slightly ahead now!


    well, you know how i feel about it, Queenie, but i’ll just say “ditto” to your post as i can’t say it as poetically as you. but yeah – it rocks! the only thing tho – try hard as i might i’ve been sniffing and sniffing and NO, i CANNOT get a whiff of his cologne. but maybe it’s my allergies going on right now that are preventing that?? :P


    it says voting ends tomorrow and you can actually VOTE ONCE PER HOUR until then. :)


    no worries, SG. I’ve NEVER heard a bad song from John nor have I ever been to a bad concert. He’s ALWAYS delivered! (*whisper* but yeah – you can go ahead and mention to him that guessy gal would love to have him do a few different songs from each other at my two concerts i’ll be attending – Paso Robles and Hard Rock-Tulsa!! :P) j/k – i’ll enjoy them both no matter what! i always say, “well, i can die now” as soon as the concert’s over.


    I agree! both those songs are FANTASTIC and would love to hear both at every concert as well, too.


    Personally, i wouldn’t trade my front row experiences in the past for anything in the world. Some definitely were better than others for sound depending on the venue – but still, i never had a bad experience on front row. Nothing but the best memories for sure. Having said that, i also enjoyed this last time at the El Rey enough to not feel the need to spend the extra $$ for VIP front rows at the next two concerts i’m attending. (re: El Rey – i’m short and since there were already 4 rows deep standing against the stage, i happened to luck out and quickly got a side stage front row standing position above the heads of the crowd below.) But everyone should go for it at least ONCE if given the chance to do so!


    SWEET!! ah yes, peace and love … definitely what John’s music does for me. Love the dragonflies – wish i could color their wings in w/some iridescent aurora borealis hues. :) thanks for the new website.

    keeping fingers crossed for getting some good tix now – especially for my son and wife for their first real life john concert. best wishes and luck to everybody here for their own upcoming shows. so glad the new cd’s a hit and taking off like a rocket!

    XOX guessy girl

Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)