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    Good Golly Miss Molly, Tombstone Shadow,and Nighttime is the right time.Hooch!


    Sorry to hear this Donna, may he rest in peace.Hooch!


    I like it,sorry but so true.We are so lucky to have him here with us today.Thank God for Julie.Hooch!


    Its my favorite, I love it.A long with Mystic Highway.Hooch!


    Back in the Creedence cannon John was putting songs out at least 3 a year.Lord how I miss those days of hearing his voice on the radio.I think the last time he really got a lot of airplay was with Centerfield. Hooch!


    Hey Swamp Girl, What do you know about this? Any possibility because he is no longer hip per say that his music is not getting played.Hooch!


    I don’t understand either.The only song is Fortunate Son on a classic rock station.I don’t hear that anymore.I would love to hear Hot Rod Heart and Long as I can see the light.I love this guys drumming, very much like Doug Clifford.Hooch!


    Yea the tickets have skyrocketed.I seen Kid Rock on the Today Show this morning.He is touring this summer with Uncle Cracker,whoever the hell that is.But the good thing is he is only charging $20.00 per ticket. He said he understands that a lot of people can’t afford to go to concerts because of the pricing. I think John should get back to the pricing that he had a few years ago.He should remember that most people that attend his shows are probally on fixed incomes as most seniors are. Right after DejuVue came out he came to the 9.30 club in Wash. D.C.. I was so close I could have polished his shoes. The price was $45.00 .Such a deal and it was up close. Hooch!


    I don’t understand it also. I’m hearing little airplay here in Fredericksburg Va.The radio stations tell me it has not been released to them as country as of yet. A classic rock station plays Fortunate Son now and then.You would thank Hot Rod Heart would be on the air by now, and Mystic Highway.You know in the Creedence days the music was constantly on the airwaves.He had it once but I don;t think he’ll ever see it again.John needs a new album of original material out there. Hooch!


    I guess nobody hearing any new music from John on the radio


    I’m hearing Fortunate Son also, but none of the other songs. Hooch!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)