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So I’m looking for the link to buy tickets for the Salisbury show but all it’s showing on the tour are dates up to October? View

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    I live near the Guyandotte River in West Virginia. In fact, I travel right along side it as I go from my home to Man (the next town in which I practically live). Now, If I’ve seen a green river, it’s this one.

    When I was around 10 or 11, my brother had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and when I would play it, I would literally just drive on the freeway all the way from San Fierro, through the desert, and down to Los Santos and listen to KDST (the classic rock station). If you’ve played San Andreas and listened to that station, you know Green River is on the playlist.

    I would sing along with that song to the top of my lungs whenever it came on, thinking of a little place that I knew by the Guyandotte. One night I was at my Grandpa’s house who was a Creedence fan back when he was graduating high school in ’69 and owned Green River on LP. I went on youtube and looked up Green River and thus discovered for my self Creedence Clearwater Revival. I spent the rest of that night listening to all the hits: Bad Moon Rising, Born on the Bayou, Commotion, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, I Put a Spell on You, Heard It Through the Grapevine, Green River, Lodi, Suzie Q, The Midniht Special, Fortunate Son, etc.

    These days, there literally is no Creedence or Fogerty song I’ve not heard, and I have all the complete albums on my phone. I have Bayou Country, Revival, and Wrote A Song For Everyone on disc, and Green River on LP (not my grandpa’s). If there’s anyone who hasn’t hear this song, LISTEN TO IT!!

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