• Ohh Nancy! My brother in law from New Hampshire just called me! He is driving down right now! So looks like it will all work out! I saw row CC (where I was last night) opened up, so I bought myself a ticket, that’s why the extra. But that’s how awesome the shows are, he’s driving for the next five hours to see it!

  • I may have one available ticket for tonight’s show. It is for Orch 1 – Row J – Seat 17. The ticket price is $129.50, I will forgo the handling fees. I will know no later than 2 PM EST if the ticket is available. Last night’s show was unreal, I am so excited to be going again tonight.

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    3rd row center last night at the Beacon. One of the top five concerts I ever saw in my life. John and band were totally amazing and blew me away. Especially when Rock and Roll Girls started. Seeing the show again tonight, I am just as excited as I was last night.

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