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    Travelin’ Band….rocking little number. You can see Springsteen reading the lyrics, which I think means he sort of tossed it in last minute.

    Pretty cool.


    Loved it




    Isn’t it a great line? Positively sings with inspiration.

    Always loved it.



    happy 4th


    Funny, I enjoy jogging the Claremont Wilderness in my underwear.

    Some chick in a running outfit, listening to GREEN RIVER while sipping a Dasani water and glistening with sweat, always passes me.



    I lied. I found her message in my deleted items.

    John Fogerty via
    Jun 29 (2 days ago)

    to me
    mercy sent you a new message:


    My name is mercy.I saw your profile here
    today at /johnfogerty/.I will like to know more about you. Please if you would not mind,reply me at my yahoo mail box ( that we can know each other better.
    I shall send more picture to you when i receive your good response in my email box.
    Note:distance,age,race or religion is no hindrance to true love and friendship.
    I will be waiting to hear from you soonest.
    ( thanks and may the Lord bless you,


    Swamp girl, I tried responding to your email, but it bounced back.

    Yes, I got Mercy’s email directly to my home email. I was hoping I hadn’t deleted it and could forward it to you, but, alas, it’s deleted.

    Happy hunting.

    Thanks for being on top of this.


    I miss that lick in the remake. But that lilting organ just touches my soul.

    Love ASN to pieces. Often think some beer company should use it for an ad campaign.


    I’m in!!!!!!!!!


    Yahoo! We’re smokin’ ‘em!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hate the Doors. “His brain is swerving like a toad….” One of the dumbest lines ever written.


    Too funny!!! Glad you don’t have to ride the southern streamline to see fogerty!

    And I do love “Kickapoo.” Glad he’s not playing the “Kickapoo arena!”


    My vote is in!


    At first is was, “Long As I Can See the Light” I played the most. Now, too, I find myself listening to “Hot Rod Heart” more and more. It’s a hot little number all right. And I’m very impressed with Fogerty’s guitar playing as Paisley knows how to make the fretboard sizzle.


    Hey hey….and I’m in. New site looks fun.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)