• By asking the same three questions over and over and over and over ever since this new forum commenced of – “Is John Fogerty coming to the UK?”, “Why don’t they release CCR’s 1970 Royal Albert Hall dvd?” and “Why don’t Creedence reunite because I never saw them play?”, becomes very, very irritating, so I can only imagine how the moderator feels!

  • Sorry to inform supposed John Fogerty fans that “Workin’ On A Building” and “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” were not written by J. C. Fogerty – they were both cover songs as was the entire BRR album.

    I prefer to let the “Blue Ridge Rangers” album languish in the distant past of 1973.

    • Your opinion on the album is your opinion i can respect that. The album was a covers album but JF did in fact wright Working on a building and Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

  • Incidentally, the music for John Fogerty and band’s two three-song medley performances (one song changed) at the halftimes for the NFL Thanksgiving games in 2006, was pre-recorded in LA with Kenny Aronoff doing the drumming parts in the studio, but John Molo “played” on drums at the actual football games.

  • Will John Fogerty’s autobiography be hard hitting or sugarcoated to avoid any potential litigation?

    Will it finally provide answers to countless questions or only create more?

    Personally, I want to hear all of the nitty gritty.

    In the unauthorised and one-sided CCR book “Bad Moon Rising,” if you swallow Cook and Clifford’s side of the story…[Read more]

  • It was Thanksgiving Day on 23 November 2006 when John Fogerty performed at Ford Field in Detroit during the halftime show of the Miami Dolphins-Lions game, and then he flew to Kansas City to perform during halftime of the Denver Broncos-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. They were regular-season games and not the play-offs.

    The previous year…[Read more]

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