• For whatever reason, the original “Coming Down the Road” 45 was released with awful audio quality and I’m not sure if even modern recording technology could fix it.

  • I was at that concert in Canadaigua in 2009 when the mother held the daughter up holding a bunch of flowers for almost two hours trying to get her up on stage, which wore pretty thin to all watching, but eventually happened towards the end of the show.
    Local folks at the show said the same thing happened a few years before at another Fogerty gig…[Read more]

  • By asking the same three questions over and over and over and over ever since this new forum commenced of – “Is John Fogerty coming to the UK?”, “Why don’t they release CCR’s 1970 Royal Albert Hall dvd?” and “Why don’t Creedence reunite because I never saw them play?”, becomes very, very irritating, so I can only imagine how the moderator feels!

  • Sorry to inform supposed John Fogerty fans that “Workin’ On A Building” and “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” were not written by J. C. Fogerty – they were both cover songs as was the entire BRR album.

    I prefer to let the “Blue Ridge Rangers” album languish in the distant past of 1973.

    • Your opinion on the album is your opinion i can respect that. The album was a covers album but JF did in fact wright Working on a building and Blue Ridge Mountain Blues

  • Incidentally, the music for John Fogerty and band’s two three-song medley performances (one song changed) at the halftimes for the NFL Thanksgiving games in 2006, was pre-recorded in LA with Kenny Aronoff doing the drumming parts in the studio, but John Molo “played” on drums at the actual football games.

  • Will John Fogerty’s autobiography be hard hitting or sugarcoated to avoid any potential litigation?

    Will it finally provide answers to countless questions or only create more?

    Personally, I want to hear all of the nitty gritty.

    In the unauthorised and one-sided CCR book “Bad Moon Rising,” if you swallow Cook and Clifford’s side of the story…[Read more]

  • It was Thanksgiving Day on 23 November 2006 when John Fogerty performed at Ford Field in Detroit during the halftime show of the Miami Dolphins-Lions game, and then he flew to Kansas City to perform during halftime of the Denver Broncos-Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium. They were regular-season games and not the play-offs.

    The previous year…[Read more]

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