• Thats right Guessy! Sure the sound isnt always good in the front, but thats about the one bad thing, I think. I missed a lot of stuff due to computer problems yesterday, and right now I miss a lot of stuff because my screen is so old it cant handle this website. Are the Beacon tix onsale allready? I’d like to spend a week in NYC + see Foggey +…[Read more]

  • My computer screen is from the stone age so I dont see anything, I have to believe the others on their words :-D Have to take my time to check it all out later, but hey I managed to sign up, always an adventure ;-)

    Miss Hoodoo

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    In reply to: Sary58 replied to the topic Reply To: fall tour in the forum General Discussion Had to register again. Took me some time. Johns new Homepage looks great. Did you decide to leave all the old posts? Can´t find those old Threads. View

    yeah still figuring out how this works… not easy on a computer with a screen from the year John was born :-D