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    No offense Denis ,but I don’t know you and you probably will not understand me. I responded to the reply because I haven’t conversed with JBG since the fall of 2007. So, w/o knowing who I’m addressing. I will not offer my info. up for ridicule to a stranger. Peace be with you friend.


    27 isn’t so young Shay. I took my daughter to the 2000 Premonition tour of John in Tinley Park and she loved it. She was only 6 at the time, 19 now but she still remembers it and always will. Rock on Shay.


    Denis, I’ve been frequenting John’s forum since 2001. What about you dude? And yes they have much to do with John’s songs, too bad you don’t understand them!


    Hey jbgoode, nice to hear from you! Still policing down in California? Well you are definitely correct about getting older, but everything else is way off. I’m glad to report that my speed has in no fashion diminished and I’ve yet to meet a younger person any more intelligent that I. If you think any different, ask the 5 cops that were so worried that they felt it necessary for each one to stand on my extremities with a fifth on top with his knee in my lower back. And it is in my record that I have never resisted! So, WTF is wrong with the majority of officers today? Are they just prone to following orders? See where that gets them on Judgment day! I know something is going on here (earth) and I suppose the majority of people will not believe it. But it cannot be stopped.


    Perhaps I sound like I feel life is crap. but while in my own domain I’m getting happier and happier. Matter of fact, I’m the former mrhappy. I cherish and love life, don’t need special treatment but Ill be much happier when they give it up and treat common folks as people too. I just want to get from behind the 8 ball. Left to do as is lawful, not in man’s eye, but Yahweh’s.


    BTW, I’m the former mrhappy.


    Thank you Swamp Girl. Here I was all excited thinking that just 2 people were going … lol I can be an naive sometimes.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)