• This is a topic that I suggested awhile back.

    I really do believe that some serious consideration ought to be given for the promotion of a feature movie about John’s life story. I am sure that there’s a lot of the new “Older Generation” who either don’t know or more likely don’t really remember a lot from back then. Not to even mention the…[Read more]

  • Don’t know if I will get an answer for this question or not but I would like to know if the concert in Phoenix will be included as part of the 2015 “1969” world tour?
    Although I am, and forever will be a big fan of the music from the “CCR” era. I have found that I really do enjoy the songs from his solo career much more that the older songs. Might…[Read more]

  • How about a movie about John’s career?
    What actor do you think could do a good job at portraying John Fogerty
    My vote is for Dennis Quaid

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