• Ok I don’t normally write reviews so kind of bear with me and see if I can muddle through this. Doors to the venue opened at 7. My wife and I arrived around 7:10 and quickly got to our seats. Having been to a few shows at the Sands Event Center I wasn’t surprised to see the room nearly empty when we walked in. I really hate casino shows for the…[Read more]

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    Thanks Mary but there are much truer. Just grateful to have the chance to still see John live and get to know some of the greatest people anywhere.

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    Just got back from picking up my tickets for tomorrow night in Bethlehem. Haven’t seen John since the Hard Rock Taping in NYC for the Thanksgiving Parade. Getting really fired up for this….been way too long for me. Hope to see SOMEBODY there. But Michele and I will be rocking out regardless.

  • Ok Alan, First off if you don’t like the Bucs, as a graduate of USC you will really hate the fact I am a Florida Gator as well so chomp chomp baby. Second, did you decide if you will be coming to Bethlehem for the show tomorrow night? Haven’t seen you for a few years, would be great to see you again. Let me know:)

  • Hey Everybody. For anyone coming to Bethlehem, PA for July 18 show, post here and let me know. I would like to get a group together and go to the C.F. Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth (about 15 minutes from the Sands where the show is) for a tour and what not. Would be a great chance to get together and catch up with old friends and get to know…[Read more]

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    Marie, the presale code for Bethlehem is FORTUNATE and the presale is tomorrow April 10 from 10 am to 10 pm

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    Swampgirl, i like how the new forum is set up. now i can just scroll down and see the new posts instead of clicking on each topic.