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    Tks, Dana for posting this. I’m sure ecstatic that John is not going to let anyone, and I mean anyone, steal his incredible musical heritage. That intro by Jackson Browne was spot on, too! For me John Fogerty is one of the very best R & R artist in history. His song catalog is incredible, simply put, a catalog most other artists can only dream about.



    They are jealous!!!!!



    Nice thread to start, Rockin’Maniac! Yes, i agree it’s a great album. I didn’t like it much when John introduced it in 1973. I couldn’t understand why John would do songs with C & W influence. Especially so soon after the break-up of Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, I didn’t know about why the band blew apart like it did. John has stated that he did this so not to cash in on the Creedence name. That is a statement that says it all. What integrity this man has. He stated that this was the only way the Blue Ridge Rangers would be accepted for what it was. This one of the many reasons i respect John Fogerty so much.
    My favorite songs from BRR are (by the way I grew to love this album)”Working on a Building and “Your the Reason” and California Blues.” I didn’t know or I forgot that John wrote “Workin On A Building.

    It certainly would be an interesting concept if John did re-jig the album with crack musicians. However, i think the uniqueness of the songs would be lost. Remember, John played all the instruments and all the back ground singing.



    Good post, Michael! Myself, I want to hear all of the nitty gritty, too! Stu Cook and Doug Clifford have said lots since the break-up of Creedence. Not once have they taken any responsibility for it. They did no wrong. It would be very interesting to hear John’s perspective of this. I mean his real perspective of the why’s and how’s of the un-doing of the ultimate band, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    Go for it John. Fans have been waiting most of our lives for the real story.

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    Let me the first to congratulate on your well written and informative post, DRBQ! As I was eagerly reading it I felt like I was right there at the event. I envy you getting the invitation to be there, live. It is added to my bucket list to visit the display in the near future.

    Thanks, again



    Very well researched and written article. Most of my sentiments about John’s history to a “T” It also touches on some of John’s sentiments, too! John has stated that he wanted to put out songs fairly regularly so Creendence Clearwater Revival was on the charts almost constantly. I think that’s why the music is in most people’s conciseness today. It was so beautifully produced and arranged by John that it sure does stand the test of time. I remember back in 1968 when “Proud Mary” hit the charts I was 20 years old and fell in love with a sound that I still cherish so much to this day. 1968 to 1972 were such heady days in music and John Fogerty was at the forefront of it for me, and for a lot of other people also.

    It is refreshing that someone so young would take the time to investigate John Fogerty’s history in Creedence Clearwater Revival and hit it just about spot on. I say bravo!!!!!

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    Hi John & Family & fellow forum members: This new site looks terrific! I especially like the picture of John and his two sons, Tyler and Shane! Keep up the great work, SG.

    From one Father to another, Happy Fathers Day, John!

    All my best

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