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    Proverbs 26:17

    “Interfering in someone else’s argument is as foolish as yanking a dog’s ears.”


    Proverbs 28:25-26

    “Greed causes fighting; trusting the Lord leads to prosperity.
    Those who trust their own insight are foolish; but anyone who walks with wisdom is safe.”


    My impression for John’s autobiography is: it’s a GO!!!!

    * Prognosis: GOOD! *

    (Please read the sidebar to the right of this screen, top box titled “John Fogerty prepping autobiography, career-spanning box set for 2015.”)

    John says,
    …he will be working hard on the autobiography he started working on in 2013 and hopes to complete and publish it before the end of 2015. “I’m in the middle of digesting it,” Fogerty reports. “It’s finished, but it’s not done. I’m going through it and figuring out what should have more emphasis – and what should have less. So right know I’m knee-deep in that process.” And, he promises, it will be a revealing autobiography. “I’m just being brutally honest. I’m not trying to shock or surprise anybody, about my own mistakes and certainly the mistakes of others. But I’m not running for president or anything, so I’m not white-washing the life that I’ve lived.”

    I hope, hope, hope that he includes some vividly colored artwork; paintings of the blue bayou that he holds in his creative mindscape. I would hope that he includes some of his own paintings; acrylic, oils or watercolors or even pencil sketching….wouldn’t that be totally over-the-top and awesome?

    There’s just GOT to be some recipes from the Fogerty Family favorites….and loads upon loads of nice color glossy pictures.
    The earlier he delves into his life, the better. I want to know more about how the music of Stephen Foster affected him in his innocent days of youth. I want to know how many instruments he can play. I want to know all of the stories that he is scared to death of telling!
    I hope John can include lots of stuff and NOT be so succinct and I really hope he doesn’t leave a heap of stuff on the cutting room floor!!!

    I hope he talks about all his loves and children and pets and friends and people he looks up to.
    I don’t want to hear about John’s politics, but I guess I’ll have to, won’t I?? HA HA HA!!!

    He can talk about his hobbies outside of music and the bands that he likes to kick it with.
    He can say what places in the world he loves or hates the most.
    He can talk about his daily diet and work out plan and where he loves to hang out the most.

    Just the essential basics is what I’m lookin’ for, friends!!!

    If you don’t document it, it never happened – that’s the rule of Nursing Practice and I hope that John commits himself to be forthcoming and honest about everything.
    oh yeah – that bad man has to be named too….



    Grad School – THANK YOU so much for the nice story.
    It’s very nice to know that Miss Darlene was in attendance with you at John’s show in VanCouver.
    I could never drive in the snow…it’s really scary to drive and slide!
    So glad to hear that you made it out of there in one piece. Blessings on your day.


    They confirmed my submission with an email, so here is my entry and I hope to goodness that the Kennedy Honors honor JOHN FOGERTY as soon as they possibly can!!!

    Here’s my letter…..

    I am writing to nominate JOHN FOGERTY as one of your Kennedy Center Honorees for his huge and legendary contribution to American Music. As the songwriter, lead guitar player and singer/front man for Creedence Clearwater Revival, (CCR), John Fogerty composed many wonderful songs that were recognized for their uniquely American spirit. Fogerty’s working-man music held deep social importance during an era when there was chaos on every street corner.
    For example, Fogerty emerged from obscurity onto the rock and roll music scene with his incomparable song, Proud Mary – that song captured national attention in the late 1960’s; a time when the nation was torn with racial strife, gender inequality and the Viet Nam War. His little band, called Creedence emerged when the nation lost all hope. Let us not forget that in 1969 another Kennedy was assassinated. There was widespread riots in the streets protesting everything from the war to civil rights marches. People called “Hippies” tried to promote peace and love – they held their “Love-ins” but it was not respected by anyone. Fogerty’s band captured some element of our innocence with happy and hopeful songs such as Proud Mary and Looking Out My Back Door. These songs brought us up out of despair, and brightened the national mood. Creedence had a sound that everyone related to in those times filled with racial inequality; “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” was a song that was dripping with blue-eyed soul. It was played in the black ghettos as easily as it was played on little turntables in the white suburbs. CCR were civil rights leaders during those difficult times; Fogerty having a voice that blended with all ethnicities.
    Some of his signature songs were angry anthems that urged our President, Richard Nixon to move our soldiers out of Viet Nam. Such songs were Fortunate Son and Run Through the Jungle; those songs resonate to this day, especially with our veterans.
    I remember that the only good thing that happened in those hateful days was that we landed on the moon – in the summer of 1969; Fogerty was not to be outdone by this, so he penned, “It Came Out of the Sky” and “Green River” which were two songs (released on the same album) that served as a comparative analysis of our modern space walking times versus our old campground days spent in the wild that people escaped to when the world got smolderin’.
    As a solo artist, Fogerty wrote a song that was more progressive than the old stand-by baseball favorite, Centerfield. There is not a ball field in the nation today that does not play this great, new baseball standard.
    I could go on and on about the great and timeless songs that John Fogerty wrote by himself; Born on the Bayou is hailed as an anthem in areas down south in our country; it brings people who live there such pride in who they are. I could continue my argument for you to nominated JOHN FOGERTY into the honors of your organization as Fogerty is still actively writing new songs and touring the world as we sit here writing and reading.
    Only the most talented of people are nominated for a Kennedy Center Honor, and I hope that you will view my nomination for John Fogerty with positive action.
    Thank you, Mary Franta


    Hey Thomas and Grad School Al,

    Thank you for reminding us that John Fogerty is overdue for his Kennedy Center Honors Award.
    I cannot think of a more deserving artist that promotes the vibrancy and uniqueness of our nation as John has.

    He was a brave voice who urged President Nixon to get our boys out of Viet Nam (Run Through the Jungle, Fortunate Son.)
    He was a civil rights leader, (I Heard it Through the Grapevine) and this cover song done with dripping deep bass was played in the ghettos as well as the white suburbs.
    As a solo-artist, John managed to write a legendary song that celebrates Baseball, (Centerfield) and if a ball park doesn’t play that song at each big game, then something vital is sure being missed at that ballpark.
    He was able to pick up where the famous folksong writer left off with the incomparable, PROUD MARY.
    That song is without question, the most perfect song written in the entire universe!
    We could get into discussions about song structure and chorus line repetition and cord progression and layering of major cords, and some laud over how simple the song is at it’s core,
    but try to write a song that can measure up to PROUD MARY, note for note?

    It’s not as easy as you may think that it is!!!

    I could go on and on, and I will apply my neurons and synapses to my argument to include JOHN FOGERTY as a Kennedy Center HONOREE – as I sleep on the challenge tonight.

    It’s always good to sleep on things when one wants to excel at something.

    But I can’t do it alone, friends. Everyone please fill in the app and click into hyperspace!!!

    * * * PEACE / LOVE/ CREEDENCE * * *






    HEY ALL!





    Hey Robert, thank you for your long review! GOOD Job!That was so mysterious about John getting a bloody lip? gee whiz…but like the true professional that he is, he knows that the show must go on, and on he went.

    WOW! Now that’s what a true rock and roll legend does!

    I hope John’s alright and that the swelling is under control with ice packs x 24 hours. (ice only works to reduce and contain swelling for the first 24 hours.)

    Anyhow – thanks again for your important notes. X O


    YES! Rock and ROLL gAL!! I know that you speak from experience, and after seeing John and his amazing BAND perform, you speak from the heart of a knowing, eye-witness to John’s incredible concerts.
    There really isn’t a better show out there these days….truth be told.
    John is a true living legend from the 60’s, and he’s the handiwork of God to see such energy, vim and vigor out there on stage….he’s restored to his youth, but in the morning afterwards,
    I wonder if his legs hurt or his throat is sore….?
    We’re all not getting any younger these days, which is why IF YOU ARE IN THE TOUR ZONE, I URGE YOU TO GET TO A FOGERTY SHOW AND SHAKE IT FOR ALL YOU’RE WORTH, CREEDENCE FANS!!!!

    I don’t know if John Fogerty will be playing in my area any time soon, but a girl can sure hope.

    Anyhow – thank you for the review, and please tell us more, like the set list – or if you don’t remember the set list, just name the songs that stood out to you – in any order that you can.

    Seeing one of Johns shows is a sort of sensory overload…you just hear one great song after another, and then John is sitting down and doing some creative stuff on guitar and piano that most of us have never laid witness to, but we look forward to getting such an opportunity.

    I saw something to that effect at the GRAMMY MUSEUM EVENT, where John played a progression of cords and explained how he laid down tracks to some of his greatest songs ever written, and it was such a simple and organic process, it seemed like he was saying that anybody could do it, but we all know better.
    Only a precious handful of people in the history of mankind has been blessed with such a gift.

    John is one such artist who can really write a great rock song, a great delta sound and a great country song….he’s done it all and he’s still touring to prove it.

    WOW. Great review…Thank you RnR Gal. X O

    And she’s right, my friends. It ain’t going to last forever, because nobody lives forever.
    Not you / not me / not the greatest show on earth either.
    God love you and GET OUT TO THE SHOW!!!!


    Thank you for posting the set list!!! I LOVE READING about all those great songs that magically
    come to LIFE when John Fogerty & BAND! come on stage for a show.

    I also love your new abbreviations for those wonderful songs.
    RamBULL Tam…ha ha ha!
    UP Bend
    Grape V
    oLd MAN
    737 tb and on and on…..

    HA HA! *** You are the PhD of all Creedence fans, AL!!!!

    And I agree with your concluding hypothesis;
    PROUD MARY being the most perfectly crafted song in the history of the universe.
    I NEVER grow tired of hearing that wonderful song….as only John Fogerty can do it.

    AMAZING fun stuff…… HUGS to everyone!!!!

    X O X O X O


    Hey Dan, thank you for that story about John’s younger version of himself playing BORN ON THE BAYOU on video projection, then he joins in LIVE! That has got to be a great thing to witness!!!
    All of John’s shows are creative bursts of new, sunflowering ideas….which is why I never miss one
    that’s in my neck of the swamp!
    What a creative introduction to one of the best rock anthems ever written!!!

    People down in the southern most parts of the USA treat BOTB like it’s their national anthem. The pride just swells up from their hearts whenever they talk about and hear this great song.

    Fogerty brought lots of national attention to the southern states with his album, Bayou Country.

    It still resonates today and I’m glad about it.


    Robert, thank you so much for your nice review!
    You said it! You are so very lucky to have this opportunity to see John & BAND in action!
    I’m so happy for you and please keep the reviews coming!!!


    Hey Grad School!
    Thank you for dropping us a few notes about John’s show! IT SOUNDED VERY ORIGINAL with special, creative touches by the master himself!!!
    ((( YOU KNOW? )))

    Opening with Born on the Bayou had to be killer good!
    It’s COOL that he performed that guitar demo thing! TELL US MORE, AL!!! C’mon now!!!
    Midnight Special is a very Creedencie-thing, I love that song alot!
    Keep on Chooglin is always a HOT jammin’ song, I love it!
    I’m super happy to see that Mystic Highway is still on the set list, it being one of John’s newest songs that he created and I love, love, LOVE hearing that song on my CD player.

    Then John did a piano demonstration?? GEE WHIZ!!! I never saw such a cool thing – EVER!
    He is really pulling out all the stops with his creativity, isn’t he? That is very nice.

    Long As I Can See The Light is such a blue, bluesy feeling’ song…it just makes you feel blue.
    What a special delight to hear it done in piano fashion….I bet he did it with shades of deep purple, midnight blue and all the shades of black.

    Old Man totally ROCKS the roof off of the place and of course,
    the heavens Crave to hear the most perfect song in the known universe,
    Proud Mary.

    What can you do about Proud Mary? She gets more perfect every time she is played on the good side of Midnight. Oh, oh, OH!

    LOVE her the best and love her the most.

    Thanks, Grads.
    You ROCK!!!! X O X O X O


    Gosh, all these stories are really GREAT! I’ve seen John Fogerty in concert 22 to 33 different times and each show was unique and FUN – and the music just kept sounding BETTER & B E T T E R !!!Over the years, John just kept on getting better, which is a testament to the man’s work ethic like nothin’ else, y;all.

    I’ve danced in the front row, the middle section and all the way back in the back row of many different venues; indoors and outdoors and twice by the sea! WOW! DANCING IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO, FRIENDS.

    I have LOVED meeting some really died-in-the-cotton fans, THEY WERE REALLY COOL, and we’ve all enjoyed the music so much more by reaching out and forming friendships.

    I cannot say that ONE show was BETTER than the other show – I really just can’t justify doing that.
    I always feel so incredibly BLESSED to be at any show. But one show that really stands out so brightly to me is the small show that John hosted at the Grammy Museum, where alot of his personal effects were on display for all of us to see and admire. Then John spoke with a man who asked some really good questions, and John explained HOW he writes his fabulous songs! OH!!! He did a demonstration for all of us gathered in his “Classroom of Song Genesis” and we heard and saw firsthand how John builds a song…from the clear blue sky!
    That was quite a wonderful moment for me and I’ll never forget it. I was so lucky that I won a ticket to this show, which was solid sold-out and my good friends Dan & Carol met me there and we all sat in the back row to see the show – it was amazing and we ran into Darlene over there and saw John & Julie & the whole family over there. It was neat to hear John play his guitar – just everyday stuff that he does all the time, but none of his fans EVER get to hear. It was neat to see how easily his hands found the notes; he proficiently knows where all the notes “live.”

    That was quite the amazing show and it wasn’t all that long ago.
    As a matter of fact, that show was the most recent show for me…..It’s time for me to get to another one of his exemplary rock concerts, and what will I have to do?
    Fly up to Vancouver?
    Oh gosh….I’m no jet setter!!!!


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