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    Revival of Creedence, do you mean?
    I’m an eternal optimist, so you know I always believe in the positives in life.
    YES, I sincerely and with all my heart believe that it CAN HAPPEN!!!
    Oh those Creedence boys….they still have alot of LOVE in their hearts, and I know that
    they can get over it.

    At this point, what do they have to lose?

    What can they stand to gain?
    NOTHING ALSO. . . but it sure would be something FUN for them to do and it would
    be amazing for all of us die-hard, loyal fans…..

    DO WE LOVE THE MUSIC OF CCR??? OMG!!! ( ( ( * Y * E * S * ) ) ) )

    As for WOODSTOCk, I look back at the atrocious traffic jams that led to the concert,
    and I wonder what it took for all those people to get so impatient, that they left their cars ABANDONED on the highways??!!! WOW!!!
    Would YOU leave your car on the highway and walk miles to get to a concert?
    They just up and left their cars!!!! WHO DOES THAT????
    They left their cars there like they didn’t ever plan to get back to them.

    Of course, somebody had to tow all those cars out of the way…what a mess!!!

    Anyhow – yeah – - -JOHN< STU< DOUG<
    c’mon y’all.

    Get back together…it won’t kill anyone to be nice.

    X O X O X O


    Right on, Michael McCarney!!!
    I like your style.
    IT rings of the TRUTH and it is the TRUTH that shall set us all free.

    John Fogerty’s music which was birthed in the Creedence era has outlasted the cheat, Zantz and it has made Fogerty richer than some kings, which is only fair.
    A person with that level of musical genius deserves to live like a king, but one who is loved by his fans.

    His songs are so legendary, they have achieved a legacy of their own.
    Some of his early songs ascended into the ethers of our planet where they will live forever….some of his later songs are catching up to that earthy air also.

    In the end, everything ever said or ever done is stripped bare…
    bare to the pure essence of basics…

    John’s music will outlast him, the artist himself and it is so great, it will outlive all of us.

    Those songs keep this beautiful earth turning…….X O


    Maybe your tixets are at the WILL CALL window?
    Or maybe you have the option to PRINT THEM off from your email?

    Best of luck to you and please don’t miss the show!!!


    I’m here in So California, in the forgotten beach town of San Clemente.
    We love it that nobody wants to drive so far south so they leave our town alone.
    We have a beautiful beach and pier and nobody really bothers us and we love it that way.

    I’ve loved the music of John Fogerty since his CCR days…I was 9 years old when his music hit the radio waves like a big monster erupting out of the bayou.

    When I first heard Born on the Bayou, I did not know what a bayou was, but I knew that it was something from a remote region that had old growth trees with mosses and tall green grasses, and lots of murky, dark waters.
    When I first heard Proud Mary I thought that some tiny band resurrected an old Stephen Foster song and made it hip, but then I discovered a new-age rocker wrote it on his own.
    I was just so amazed and so was the entire world around me…John Fogerty authored that song, but not without Foster influence.

    Back in the late 60′s, you had to be a force that was something stronger having some kind of dazzlement to break through the hits of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Doors and everyone else who were clamoring to break through and get heard on the radio.
    Creedence was the dark horse and their dark colors were the frontrunners for me and my kin. Creedence had real credibility.

    I was living in a black ghetto at the time, and my family and I being white – I was outnumbered.
    I got to feel bigotry at its worst, let me tell you. I did my best to avoid confrontations, but sometimes a girl’s gotta punch faces to just walk down the road to school.
    My neighbors would blast GRAPEVINE at every house party they ever had…nobody really understood the voice behind Creedence was that of some white street punk named John Fogerty.
    (I didn’t know John or the other CCR boys were white for quite some time until I saw a picture of them in a book that my sister bought.)

    We lived in a poor town that could not afford pictures of bands…I know that sounds stupid, but it’s true…no pictures made it to our record stores…we just had white paper covers on our 45s.

    Those were racially volatile times and Creedence had a black sound that any band needed to reach the top of the charts…it was so amazing.
    I loved how their music soothed racial tensions and put everyone on equal footing.

    That’s the power behind John’s music…he does things that he doesn’t realize he’s doing…that’s the legacy that he created for himself and his band.

    X O


    Hey BRIAN!!! What a great story!!! Thank you for your review!!! I loved hearing about John and his amazing BAND, and everything that went on for those shows! But also the Sergeant Schultz story painted a visual for me that made me giggle!!
    Hogan’s Heroes was a funny show way back when…..

    The reviews that are coming back from this 2014 Tour are all in agreement: Fogerty’s shows continue to be the BEST EVER!!!
    (But nobody can tell us how John Fogerty manages to do it!) HA!

    Going to a Fogerty concert is like seeing the Fountain of Youth materialize before your very eyes; John goes back to those early years in the late 60′s….with all those great CCR/Fogerty tunes comin at cha like a roaring train.
    RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES ON STAGE, John becomes 23 again, and all of us are magically transported back to an earlier time when we first heard and fell in love with his amazing music.
    (Do I become 9 years old again? I don’t know, but I feel like it in my bones!!!) I have to get up and dance, just like how I did when I was a young, carefree person like that in my youth!!!)

    Who can write such epic songs like, Born on the Bayou, Centerfield, Old Man Down the Road, Keep on Chooglin’, RAMBLE TAMBLE, Pagan Baby, Run Through the Jungle, Travelin Band, Green River, Mystic Highway, Premonition, Feelin’ BLUE, and Proud Mary and on and on?
    WHO writes these incredible songs of our times???
    ** JOHN FOGERTY did it and I think he did it to life us UP!!! **
    Thanks, John!!! Thank you, thank you!!!


    If you’re in the town that John’s touring at, you better get down to the show.
    Oh man….
    Get down, peeps!!!

    ENJOY THE ResT OF the TOUR!!!!



    LEE, Lee, Lee
    I haven’t heard any such rumour ….nothing like that at all!!!
    He’s on tour right now, so this is NOT the time that John usually takes a break to concentrate on new material…although what do I know?
    He probably writes a new song every day….

    Just like you and I punch a clock, the man is processing music in his own routine way.

    It may not be an entire song but you know…a note or two that makes a stanza??? WHO really knows anything for sure?
    Anyhow – - – - it’s a heck of a lot of work, you know and none of us take it for granted for one second….


    I am so happy for you that you got to see JOHN FOGERTY and BAND in concert, and that you really LOVED hearing his music performed LIVE!!!!
    His music is amazing from those CREEDENCE days…we are all young again when the music is breathing into the night air!!! The drum beats are like the beating of our collective hearts!!!

    I love all of Fogerty’s songs..any song that he TOUCHES becomes his own, sweet melody…he possess the music in such a way that nobody else can touch it.
    I know that John did NOT write Grapevine, but it IS HIS SONG!!! Through and through, John makes some good songs GREAT with his signature, Fogerty golden touch.

    I LOVE Old Man Down the Road, RAMBLE TAMBLE, Proud Mary, Born on the Bayou, Bootleg, Keep on Chooglin, Have you Ever Seen the Rain, UP Around the Bend, Run Through the Jungle, I put a Spell on YOU, 99 and a half, Porterville, GREEN RIVER, Centerfield, Cottonfields, MOLINA!, Travelin BAND, Sweet Hitch hiker, Pagan BABY, Night Time is the Right Time, MIDNIGHT Special, and FEELIN’ BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUEEEE.
    I could go on and on and onnnnnnnn……

    EVERY SONG that man ever touched, is something of pure LOVE!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!
    Y’all have FUN out there!!! GO TO HIS SHOWS and LOVE LIFE!!!!

    X O X O X O


    HAVE FUN, MARK!!! And don’t forget to circle back here and TELL US all about it!!!!


    Fogerty in concert

    Hey Michael,
    I’m glad to hear that you made it to one of John’s shows and that you were captivated by his great talent and awesome BAND!
    Thank you for adding the link to the article…it was stellar.


    Hello there, KAI!!! What’s happenin’?


    * * * RAMBLE TAMBLE * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * RAMBLE TAMBLE * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * RAMBLE TAMBLE * * * * * * * * *

    oh my god!!!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, * L * O * V * E * THAT SONG!!!!!

    *** *** RAMBLE TAMBLE *** ***

    **** ***** ****** RAMBLE TAMBLE **** **** ***** ******



    Well, that’s cool folks.

    I can’t fly out to see neither one, but the JAMES BROWN MOVIE is coming out this Friday and I’m going to GET ON UP and see that one!!!!


    Have fun at the show!!!!


    WOW JASON!!! What a cool review!!! I know what you mean, I was smitten with the MUSIC of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL when I was all of 9 years old!!!

    I just felt it deep in my heart that I would love all those songs for the rest of my life…and I was right…nothing is better than a CCR/Fogerty song!!!
    NOTHING can TOUCH IT!!!!
    How did I ever know that I would become a lifelong fan of CCR – being so young and not too bothered by the Beatles, or the Supremes or James Brown? They were world class musicians and artists, I would never knock those great people, but NOBODY came close to moving me the way that CREEDENCE did!!!

    I’m so happy that you have something STRONG to share with and bond with – with your little daughter!
    The power of MUSIC is something special to share.

    I have seen John Fogerty and BAND perform about 25 times…maybe 30 times by now…I’ve lost track of them all, but if he’s even somehow a distance away from my home, I make the pilgrimage to see him again!!! ( I live in Southern California.)

    His music has a special and mysterious sort of Bayou power, that can lift a person up, up, UP off the ground and take you from the dirt up to the heavens.

    I don’t know how he did it, or how in the world he still conjures it up, but Fogerty is a master – he was born dirt poor – he didn’t have any connections in the business at all, but he believed in the power of his own music – and look at the wonderful world he’s created as a result of that.

    I thank you again, Jason for your compelling story.
    TELL US MORE, if you like…we’re here, drinking it all in like a person who’s been crossing over a dry and barren desert…we are thirsting for any details in regards to John’s shows.

    You have to get your daughter some guitar lessons and CCR/Fogerty sheet music.

    I have found that over the years, I like to sit in the back – not the front – of the venues that John plays in.
    Maybe the middle section is okay too….I can hear the music much better and it blends much better with that sound compression thing that happens with artificially LOUD amplification.
    My poor ears have been blown out a time or two, so I also pack a pair of high=tech ear plugs to preserve my intricate hearing.
    Of course I always wear my dancing shoes!!! I’m sorry for the view that I blocked from all those great Creedence fans, but I CANNot SIT DURING THE MOST AWESOME HOUSE PARTIES THAT FOGERTY PLAYS!!!

    ANYHOW – have a peaceful night!!! X O


    LOVED that little scene from the show….the new version of LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT
    is very tasty!!! YUM and more YUM!!!

    Thanks, GiantsDAVE!!! X O


    GOSH – what would it be like to see a PRIVATE SHOW at a private house party with John Fogerty and BAND?
    I guess the closest I came to it was the handful of times that I saw some closed shows with John on stage…those shows were the coolest!!!

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