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    GOSH – what would it be like to see a PRIVATE SHOW at a private house party with John Fogerty and BAND?
    I guess the closest I came to it was the handful of times that I saw some closed shows with John on stage…those shows were the coolest!!!


    HahaHA! MIKE! (pABUfAN)
    What a great story!!!
    I loved reading your funny description of the set list, and I’m so sorry that the crowd was a bit on the dull, lackluster side. Some times that’s how it goes, huh?
    They paid their big bucks to get into one of the best house parties on the planet, so I guess they can act any old way that they want…God gave us CHOICE, didn’t HE? Well, I Choose to MOOOVE
    whenever I have the good luck to find myself at a Fogerty show…yes, yes, yes indeed!!!

    I just don’t understand it one tiny little bit when people act like corpses and don’t get up to dance and wiggle — but I’m such a died in the cotton CREEDENCE FAN, and us old timers still have the funk to get on UP and DANCE during the show, don’t we? HA HA!
    Moving to the grooving!!!

    WOW - I never saw Kenny smash a cymbal so hard that he fractured it! Glad to hear that the band is so tight, that they recovered in 2 seconds! Kenny is one hard-working drummer man!
    I LOVE HIM and his devotion to all things Fogerty/CREEDENCE!!! *** *** *** COOL!!!!

    RAMBLE TAMBLE is always my # 1 favorite song to see performed LIVE by Fogerty and BAND. It’s never played the same identical way twice…no no no no no!!! They change it up each and every single time that it hits the stage…..I love the old track on Cosmo’s Factory, and I spin it every couple of days, just to keep my blood from clotting and preventing me from an early death.
    RAMBLE TAMBLE SAVES LIVES, as you know!!!
    It’s a wonderful musical potion of life and mojo, that’s for sure!!!
    Thank you, John Fogerty – for writing it all those many blue moons ago….

    PABUFAN — – — -I’m so happy that you were able to get out to a Fogerty show and enjoy it with your wife. That’s what makes marriages strong!!!

    Thank you for your excellent review….X O I loved it!!!! X O X O X O


    You are the truest of the bluest!!! HAVE FUN!!!

    X O


    Did Fogerty play, “BOO-LAY” while at Bozpot? :)


    Hey Walter, and hi to Robert,

    Thank you guys for remembering us lost and forlorn Forum fans —- who eagerly await any word on any John Fogerty concert report!!!! WOWEEE!!!!

    I’m so happy that you are having a great, great time!!!! ENJOY the music, friends!!!!


    My, my…you are LUCKY!!!!!
    I tell you what, Miss Jeanne!!!
    To have seen John Fogerty in concert all those times that you listed above,
    is just totally makes you the luckiest of the lucky ones!!!!


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

    Peace / LOVE / CREEdence!!!


    Hey Bruce,
    I love and adore Dwight Yoakum too.
    We used to have a joke about Diet Coke…
    We’d say, “Let’s have a Dwight Coke!”

    One of my fav songs from Dwight is, “TRY NOT TO LOOK SO PRETTY.”

    My gawd…whatta song.
    It’s like he was totally emotional about some woman when he sang it…..
    The man’s an amazing songwriter and performer.

    God bless you, Bruce.
    Keep safe out there.
    Dwight Yoakum

    LOVE that cowboy’s long hair….X O


    KALM Castle

    WOW!!! Hey Arnold!!! WHAT AN AMAZING STORY!!!!
    The BAND has time to love and care after their most devoted fans!!!
    I’m so warmed in the heart about it, too!!!

    Fabulous gesture on the part of Fogerty & his amazing BAND!!! WOW ka-POW!!!

    Keep safe out there, friends!!!

    X O X O XO O


    Rain outfit

    This is a great idea on how to dress for the outdoor concert in the pouring rain!!!
    You really cannot bring an umbrella because it blocks the view of other concert goers!!!



    Bospop is a funny name!
    Sort of sounds like Bob’s pop when I say it out loud.
    Or boss pop!
    Or Boz pup!

    Would you believe….Boss Paw??? HA HA HA

    Have fun dancing in the rain, all you crazy Creedence fans!!!
    (I’m totally envious of you!!!)



    Hey Arnold,
    Thank you for your nice story!
    It’s good to hear that John’s doing great on his tour over in Europe!
    Safe travels to all of you.
    X O


    Miss Hooodoo,

    Please, please — SEND US THE RAINCLOUDS over here to where I live,
    in Southern California, won’t you???
    IT has been very dry for the past 4 years and we are in an emergency drought situation.

    If we don’t get rain next winter, there will be a terrible water shortage and we will all have to
    conserve, pay high prices for our water and maybe ration water.

    So – to all the excess rainstorms in Italy, I say,


    I could go outside and ask my neighbors, “Have you ever seen the rain?” and
    they would say, “NO! NO I haven’t seen any rain for a long spell around these parts!!!”

    SO, stay safe my friends, standing in the rain during one of John’s concerts.
    How I would LOVE it if I could steal those rainclouds from you and soak the dry, parched ground
    out west here.

    PEACE / LOVE / CREEDENCE for Everyone!!!!

    X O X O X O




    OH, that is BEAUTIFUL Miss HOODOO!!! Thank you for giving us an idea of how classic the town is!!!
    You are so lucky to be able to travel all over Europe to see the towns and enjoy the BEST MUSIC on the planet!!!

    Thank you for the picture!!!


    X O


    Hi Juan Jose,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time and will remember it forever!!!
    Sometimes things are expensive because they are worth it.

    X O

    You will remember this concert for always.

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