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    GOSH – thanks for posting the AMAZON.com link for us, Maniac!
    After reading what’s included, I really am interested in making the purchase for myself.
    ya know friends, the pre-creedence stuff is pretty cool….
    there’s some songs that I love to hear from those early days.

    Anyhow – Creedence and John Fogerty music are musical diamonds that never go dull.
    They sparkle with intense beauty even moreso brilliantly as the years go by.

    Peace / Love / Creedence X O


    Hey, here’s the Grad School Chicken Man posting up a STORM and I just LOVE it, don’t cha know? Hey, Alan, thank you for writing your fun style chicken foot flavored writing; here’s something you wrote that I had to copy and paste:
    “Nobody’s Here Anymore was the surprise of the night. Then there were the rarely played gems from Bayou Country; Penthouse Pauper and Graveyard Train along with the not played so much recently Bootleg. And of course the best, most perfect song in the universe Proud Mary. All of that great music helped keep a short sleeved chicken warm on a COLD evening.”

    Muddy and I were just wondering how many times John has played these songs, Proud Mary especially. I wonder if he likes to play the song, or if he sort of hates it because he’s played it a million times already, or it he really loves going to that place that the song sprung forth?

    When he played PROUD MARY at the Grammy Museum Night, just a few weeks ago, he played it solo. There was no backing instrument, no back-up singers; just John – pure and raw.
    Some call it John Fogerty unplugged, but it was such a beautiful rendition of his most perfectly composed song….I was just amazed at how beautiful and pure that he sounded while singing that song! I could only feel one emotion coming from John as he performed this song; LOVE.
    Love – pure and wild and unfettered.

    Grad School – you also brought up some lesser-played songs that John did in concert recently, such as Bootleg (LOVE IT!), Graveyard Train (pure essence of Creedence in a long jam tucked in that song), Penthouse Pauper (I always wondered WHY he would go there, but it makes more sense to me now.) And I don’t quite know if I would have recognised “Nobody’s Here Anymore.” I haven’t played that in my song list for a long, long while. All those songs are just stellar works of rock music and they have inspirted many people in all walks of life.

    Anyhow – – – it sure is nice to come on over here to read such nice reviews such as yours Grad School Alan, and Miss Guessy Gals and everyone else who posts.

    This website rocks because the fans care about one another – worldwide legions of fans of Creedence and John Fogerty – who come together and are holding hands across the world wide webs, and knocking off the occasional spider or two. God bless and have peace in your day.

    X O


    Thanks Corey and David for your nice reviews! I”m so glad that y’all enjoyed the show so much, and you took the time to give us fans (who are too far away) to see John in concert a little taste of what went on. ZZ Top being there on stage with John was really amazing and cool!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!


    !!! OMG – THAT WAS COOL!!! WOW!!! LUCKY AUDIENCE!!!! Thanks for sharing it, Swamp Gal!!!!


    Thank you for taking the time to come back here to tell us that you had the most wonderful time!


    Guessy GAL!!! WOW Ka-POW honey babe!!! You outdone yourself with all the fabulous reviews that you took the time to carefully write. It sounds like the Paso Robles show was really very incredible and outstanding, and why am I not surprised?
    John Fogerty can really deliver those wonderful songs of his in a powerful way that no one else can touch! How does he do it? What is his motivation? I have none of the answers; I’m just so happy that he’s out on the road now, touring up the nation – going places that everyone knows.

    Thank you so much, my dear girlfriend! You sure do write nice stories!!!

    LOVE & HUGS to ya!!!! X O X O X O


    Well, Rock N Roll Gal – as I always say, better late than never! So I thank you so much for all your nice writing of this wonderful birthday event that so many of us loyal TRUE BLUE Fans enjoyed – at the EL REY THEATER!

    John looked amazing, acted more like a 29-year old than whatever age he actually is! His voice that evening was strong, raw and pure – and his new songs were the highlight of the evening; “MYSTIC HIGHWAY” and “TRAIN OF FOOLS.” I remember thinking that life cannot get better in those instances when the fans are all gathered and are feeling true gratitude that our rock hero is alive, happier than ever with a beautiful wife who keeps his music fire alive, and his kids who emulate & LOVE him.

    John is a winner through and through, and despite all the bad things he had to endure, the man is full of joy – I really don’t know anyone who’s life is better! Fogerty’s doing what he loves best – rockin’ his songs to his legions of awestruck, amazed fans who travel to all corners of the Earth just to see him perform.

    Thanks Rock N Roll Gal! Sorry I Missed you and I don’t know if our paths will ever cross again, but remember to keep Creedence/Fogerty playing in the world – starting with yours.


    Good for you, Sean and WELCOME!!!
    John doesn’t usually include an opening act, because us fans would just rather not go there.
    Just 100% PURE FOGERTY & CREEDENCE is what the fans pay for, and that’s really all that
    the true blue fan wants, pure and simple!

    NO opening act to bore you and make you feel they done run over their time.

    Just John Fogerty – and his ACE BAND – workin’ hard to rock your socks off!!!

    *** ENJOY THE SHOW!!! ****


    Congrats to you, Hoodoo BOB!!!
    I have found (after seeing John Fogerty and BAND! perform in concert) that there are really no bad seats anywhere that he plays.
    As long as you’re at a show, you’re doing your civic duty for promoting peace domestically and internationally.

    ENJOY the show and please be a friend and come on back here and post a little review for all us hungry fans who can’t make a show this time around.
    No detail is too small, ya know?



    No, Miss Hoodoo!!!
    That is the sky blue dress that Julie Fogerty wore when she accompanied John- when he won his Grammy Award!!!
    This was in 1998 I think – if my memory serves me right.
    He won the GRAMMY for best rock album (Blue Moon Swamp)

    They also have on display her matching sky blue chiffon scarf and her sparkly rhinestone shoes!
    They looked like they were a US size 6 – which is quite the tiny foot!!!

    They had a picture of the happy couple as they were seated in the audience, and then I could see that the pretty diamond broach that Julie had on her pretty blue dress was not included in the exhibit.
    This leads me to believe that the diamond broach is quite pricey and a sentimental favorite of Julies and I don’t blame her for not including it.

    The dress itself has many fine cuts sewn into it for perfect fitting. There are many darts that all precisely meet in the middle of the bodice of the dress.
    The skirt part of the dress is cut in such a manner as to flow gently with movement or wind.
    I used to sew and this sort of tailoring is of the highest end.

    Some say that this shade of blue is the shade of Muses.

    Very fitting , wouldn’t you say?

    That dress did not come off the rack of any fine department store. I shop all the time at Nordie’s and high end stores, and I can tell that this blue dress is a couture sort of fine elegant dressing.
    It was custom sewn for the lady, and for no small fee.

    Julie no doubt had to undergo multiple fittings before the big night to get it just perfect.
    It is possibly the most perfect-fitting gown that she owns!
    (or maybe she’s got a whole closet full at this point!) Lucky her!

    HA HA

    Isn’t she worth it? YES YES YES!!! INDEED!!!!

    Us gals LOVE talking about dresses, shoes and make-up and fashion.
    It was incredible to have that be a part of John Fogerty’s exhibit, but then again,
    if his wife JULIE was not included in the exhibit, then I doubt that John would even have
    allowed them to do anything.

    XO XO XO


    I’ll try to find more photos for our European friends who really can’t just jump on an international
    flight for each thing out west here.


    WOW, DAN!!! You are on a roll – a Fogerty/Creedence roll!!!
    Thank you so much for writing us a nice review of the 2 shows that you’ve been so lucky to be a part of!
    And also I feel so happy that John is still selling them out!!!

    That’s what you get when you put on quality rock concerts with legendary songs attended by legions of loyal and new fans!!! WOW!!! FABULOUS!!!! XO X O XO


    HA HA!!!!!!!

    You are such a lucky man, DAN!!! WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!
    On a coincidental note, I lost my brand new black and grey sweater that I didn’t even get to wear even once – on that fateful night!!!
    I brought it in with me to the GRAMMY MUSEUM, but it was too warm for a sweater, so I just hung it over my purse. I was SO CAREFUL to not let it drop off my purse the entire time, but I must have lost it during the last walk over to my car in the parking garage!!!! DRAT!!!!

    I didn’t go back…naw…..I was all the way home at the beach when I realized it was lost.

    I sent up a frantic prayer to Saint Anthony, (Patron saint of lost items and lost souls) but he must have been too busy helping other people find their lost items.

    Aw well……thanks for the fun story, Dan!!!!


    Songwriting and Poetry are identical twins.

    John hand wrote all those wonderful hit songs years ago. (Hypergraphia?)
    Dan wondered if he ever tries to compose new music on WORD?

    High tech having some influence (vs. no influence whatsoever?) over the master – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, www.

    I love Getty Images. Those guys go EVERYWHERE!!!! X O X O X O


    Interview John Fogerty Grammy Museum Event

    John looks amazing, doesn’t he?
    His entire being was strong – he is a happy man who has
    achieved the pinnacle of self-actualization.

    If he were to go back and do it all over again – would he do it the same way?

    X o X o X o


    Interview process

    John during the interview at the Grammy Museum Event.
    A night where secrets of music and songwriting was revealed!!!
    Super cool night – thank youuuuuu!!!

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