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    WOW, DAN!!! You are on a roll – a Fogerty/Creedence roll!!!
    Thank you so much for writing us a nice review of the 2 shows that you’ve been so lucky to be a part of!
    And also I feel so happy that John is still selling them out!!!

    That’s what you get when you put on quality rock concerts with legendary songs attended by legions of loyal and new fans!!! WOW!!! FABULOUS!!!! XO X O XO


    HA HA!!!!!!!

    You are such a lucky man, DAN!!! WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!
    On a coincidental note, I lost my brand new black and grey sweater that I didn’t even get to wear even once – on that fateful night!!!
    I brought it in with me to the GRAMMY MUSEUM, but it was too warm for a sweater, so I just hung it over my purse. I was SO CAREFUL to not let it drop off my purse the entire time, but I must have lost it during the last walk over to my car in the parking garage!!!! DRAT!!!!

    I didn’t go back…naw…..I was all the way home at the beach when I realized it was lost.

    I sent up a frantic prayer to Saint Anthony, (Patron saint of lost items and lost souls) but he must have been too busy helping other people find their lost items.

    Aw well……thanks for the fun story, Dan!!!!


    Songwriting and Poetry are identical twins.

    John hand wrote all those wonderful hit songs years ago. (Hypergraphia?)
    Dan wondered if he ever tries to compose new music on WORD?

    High tech having some influence (vs. no influence whatsoever?) over the master – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, www.

    I love Getty Images. Those guys go EVERYWHERE!!!! X O X O X O


    Interview John Fogerty Grammy Museum Event

    John looks amazing, doesn’t he?
    His entire being was strong – he is a happy man who has
    achieved the pinnacle of self-actualization.

    If he were to go back and do it all over again – would he do it the same way?

    X o X o X o


    Interview process

    John during the interview at the Grammy Museum Event.
    A night where secrets of music and songwriting was revealed!!!
    Super cool night – thank youuuuuu!!!


    HEY!!! COOL STUFF that's neat to see!!! From out of John Fogerty's closet!!!

    I also hope that this one posts…very cool stuff taken from the back acres of John Fogerty’s closet.


    super stuff!!!

    WHOOOPS – I wonder if this will work?








    I love that show, Johnnie!
    I watch it pretty regularly, I’m crushing on DeNoso. He gets cuter every week!

    I also love watching NCIS LA that follows the show.
    I like the cute blond man – they’re both very watchable “Mind candy” sort of shows, and I enjoy them after a long day at work.


    What’s on Willy & the Poor Boys?

    No. Title Length
    1. “Down on the Corner” 2:46
    2. “It Came Out of the Sky” 2:53
    3. “Cotton Fields” (Huddie Ledbetter) 2:56
    4. “Poorboy Shuffle” 2:25
    5. “Feelin’ Blue” 5:06
    Side two
    No. Title Length
    1. “Fortunate Son” 2:19
    2. “Don’t Look Now (It Ain’t You or Me)” 2:11
    3. “The Midnight Special” (Traditional, arr. J. C. Fogerty) 4:13
    4. “Side o’ the Road” 3:24
    5. “Effigy”

    GOOD GOD!!!
    You have such an excellent point, Mr. Ford!!!
    I adore all those songs, but FEELIN’ BLUE —— WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!
    That song just knocks me out and pulls me UP and is the essence of who Creedence was to the world!!!

    Come to think of it, that WOULD be a great album to hear played LIVE!!!


    One of the funnest and most amazing concert nights I’ll always remember is when John played at the Hollywood Bowl with John Mellencamp. Most of the people entered the joint knowing full well who Mellencamp was, and all of his song catalog.
    John did such a spellbinding set that night that totally turned the channel to his favor: He played Bootleg and Keep on Chooglin and Ramble Tamble and Old Man Down the Road and alot of his major hits,
    and after the show, a bunch of young fans in their twenties were chattering up about how great this new guy Fogerty was!
    They had NEVER heard all those classic Creedence songs before, and they thought they were hearing them for the first time and they were totally BLOWN AWaY!!!!

    It was quite amazing to hear their innocent commentary – they were so charged up and happy that they came in to see Mellencamp, and instead were blown away by this 60′s rock act; who has been chooglin’ the backwoods swamps all these years.

    Back in the day when Creedence was king, my mom and pop loved some of the CCR tunes; at first they didn’t appreciate it, but when we spun, “Who’ll Stop the Rain” on our little turntable, they always made us pick up the needle and play it over again and over again.

    Awww…weren’t those the days, huh people?
    Some of us remember those days as if they were just yesterday, but those were some rough and tumble times that only a Creedence song or two could remedy.

    X O


    OH WOW!!! I can’t send the dang email to y’all!!! DRAT!!! SHOOT!!!
    * SIGH * It’s asking me questions that I clearly do not understand and it won’t let me send….
    Aww well…..I’ll work on it a bit later.


    Are you talking about the GRAMMY MUSEUM OPENING NIGHT with JOHN FOGERTY?
    It is being held on Thursday, September 26th 2013 in the Clive Davis Room.
    8:00pm to 10:00pm.

    BOY – it’s already solid sold-out!!! I didn’t know about it until today and it looks like
    there’s not a spare seat to be had!!!

    WHOMEVER got a ticket to go, please come back here and write about it for us fans.
    I’d sure love to hear all about how it went.

    Thank you.


    Hey Stalker,

    Isn’t it fun to stalk people? (Oh, noo I didn’t just ask that question.)

    But I like your question.
    I don’t think that John should borrow one of his song titles for the title of his memoirs.
    I wish he’s invent something that is reflective of his musical career.

    Perhaps the title is hidden in the song genesis of Mystic Highway?
    John composed so much of his song writing journey in that song.

    I wonder what he’ll come up with? Can’t wait to read it!!! X O X O X O


    Excuse me, Johnnie but did you just mistaken me for some high-tech, whiz-kid sort of person?

    I am Mz Low-Tech, if you want to know the truth.

    Thank you.

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