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    I have called 95.5 KLOS on the FM dial a couple of times (man, it’s not easy to get anybody to pick up the phone over there.) And I have requested MYSTIC HIGHWAY, and they take my name and city, but I never heard the song on-air. I cannot understand WHY NOT?

    I mean, some of the music they play are solid gold hits, but everyone’s bored already with those old classic rock hits. HOW BOUT SOME NEW MUSIC, KLOS????

    PLAY MYSTIC HIGHWAY FOR DA FANS!!!!! You’ll be the hero then!!!!





    Truly, it won’t ever happen, so we should stop talking about it.

    But what if they got together to play their old hits – how do you think their blended music would sound at this date and time?
    Would that soulful Creedence sound re emerge once again – like on those old albums? Like an old ghost who was hiding in the back corner of the room after all these years…yeah….it would entail alot of hard work, but I think the secret is in the personalities.

    That is what everyone is speculating about. Creedence had this mysterious blend of musicianship, & character which brought about a very unique sound. Some said it was their simplicity that won the rock world over, and others say no – it was a high level of musical sophistication that set their music apart. I only know what sounds good.

    OF course John Fogerty must be awarded the credit for writing these incredible rock classics, but don’t forget who helped deliver them into the world. Tom, Stu and Doug have to hold up that big candle of credit too. The history books have already written down all the names.

    I know the reunion of CCR will never happen ever again, my friends. It’s time to embrace that truth – LOVE what we have left from that era, and y’all have a nice day!


    You bring back such colorful memories for me, Guessy! I remember Creedence breaking up, and nobody had any reason WHY! WHY? WHY??? * W * H * Y * did this have to happen? My God, it was terrible!!!!

    I was only 9 or 10 years old, but I was devastated, but I still was able to function normally. I tried to find a reason WHY they broke up, but nobody had anything good to say about it.

    I was STUCK – trying hard to find a band that did really great music, and I played albums that had mostly GOOD SONGS on them. BOY – that was almost impossible to find another group that had solid, goood albums.

    I turned to Foreigner; they were the closest thing to the quality of Creedence at the time. Not the same bayou sound – no. Not the same blues sound. No. But they had quality songs.

    Another artist that helped to heal my bruised and bleeding heart was Barry Manilow. His vocal earnestness really helped me get through those dark times. His albums were just stellar creations and to this day, I just love the man! He has a beautiful voice, what a blessing.

    I would still take out my Creedence albums and give them a spin whenever possible. But it was getting to be a long time now. The winds of time wore me down. I began to lose all hope that I’d ever be hearing from John ever again.

    Then came Centerfield and Old Man Down the Road. WOW!!!
    Just like that, like a strong gust of wind that blows the screen door open and bangs it shut again and again, John had another gap decade.

    I almost gave up. I thought he was having some sort of problem with no possible solution.

    Life went on. Good things kept happening to me and my kinfolk. But I always kept John in my prayers.

    Then BlUE MOON SWAMP rose up out of the dark blue sky. HOPE WAS RESTORED TO THE PLANET, my friends!!! My life rose up like a million pink and red roses, and I was so unbelievably HAPPY that the man was back!!!! Then the fateful night in 1997 when I got to see John Fogerty at the GREEK THEATER in Los Angeles….(August 28th, my anniversary.) I remember being so incredibly OVERJOYED sitting there under the stars, but there was no true darkness because John was out and singing with his signature muscular growl. I will never forget his performance under the stars of, “I Put A Spell on YOU.” OMG!!! He sang it with such vigor and passion, it just blew my hair back!!!
    It was as if he was working his magic on us that night. I didn’t want that spell to be broken ever again…..

    IT WAS PURE MAGIC, my friends. And I thank GOD for making it all possible – perhaps all of this is just one glorious and stupendous miracle – - – but I nearly gave up on the man.

    But I didn’t ever put away my Creedence albums. They were the force of hope for me. Now I can brag that I’ve been so blessed to see John in concert 25 times. Each one is a miracle for me and I thank everyone on Earth for letting it be.

    God bless y’all, and keep the faith. Always and forever. X O


    HAHA!!! Johnny – you make me shriek with laughter!!!! X O

    I had NO IDEA that was you, in your tight-fitting, black Jockey briefs! WOW!
    That takes real chutzpah to be out there – shirtless and running free! HEY – you’re lookin’ GOOD!!!!

    To be honest, most of the people out on the wilderness trail blow my doors in. I’m not the fastest
    walker out there, but then again, I’m not the slowest either.

    Thanks for all the stories, friends!!! LOVE GREEN RIVER!!!! X O X O X O


    John DOES already have his band together!!!!!


    Just yesterday I was singing along with MYSTIC HIGHWAY, and LOVIN’ it big time!!!
    But I kept hitting the replay on LODI!!!! Guess who also loves that song, Miss Guess? ME TOO!!!

    Hot Rod Heart, and Have You Ever Seen the Rain are so unbelievably COOL as well,

    Especially when John sings that part at 1:18, “Whoa a whoa a whoa” or somethin…what does he say?
    Ya know what I mean everyone?
    He does this sexy thing ….. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

    The new album ROCKS!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!



    C ~ R ~ E ~ E ~ P ~ Y


    ???? FOR WHAT?????


    Sorry for all your troubles, Dan! (You’re a dedicated fan who really cares!) But sometimes life deals us those cards. It’s still okay because you can watch John & BAND on TV later.

    I stayed up to watch John perform, “Mystic Highway.” He had his entire dedicated BAND & crew with him last night, and everyone looked good and sounded really GOOD!
    (Son Shane was there too.) John sang very strong and the song came together very polished-sounding.

    Jay Leno told the audience that the music of John Fogerty has been one of his personal favorites for a long time – I totally related with that statement!!!


    MYSTIC HIGHWAY (in my humble opinion), has a similar pattern to RAMBLE TAMBLE; having three main sections. There’s the rocking beginning, then the transitioning middle bridge – which is drenched in gospel flavoring, and then the last third of the song returns to the first pattern of the music. OF course John tucked in some country music feel to the song and I don’t know how he can make a rock song into a country song, but he somehow does this as his trademark thing.


    TRAIN OF FOOLS is terrific as well, and all of us were singing along with John’s catchy NA na na na
    refrain. How does he find these memorable tunes that stick in your head for hours after listening to it?

    Fogerty & BAND were in fine form that night at the El Rey – we were all so stung by his youthful and exuberant performance. I am so happy that I had the good fortune to see him and also see my wonderful FOGERTY FRIENDS who were present by the dozens!!!! WOW!!!!

    GOOD TIMES!!!!!


    BEAUTIFUL WRITING, thank you so much for bringing it on over here to the Fogerty Swamp, Miss Nawlins!
    I’m so happy for John’s huge success.

    His wonderful songs have so much life inside of them. I LOVE THE NEW CD!!!! I have been listening to it all day long!!!! It truly grows on you and in your musical soul. X O


    I just LOVE Mystic Highway and all of the songs in the new “Wrote a Song” CD! Some of the songs really grow on you, and I just love the energy and good karma that comes from listening to the new album.


    Thanks for all the good stories and the reports on how John’s new CD is doing on the charts. The Wrote a Song CD is so amazing and good – I’m playing every day and the songs just grow on ya. The retooled LODI is sooo good!!!! I just love how John took it from being a melancholy song and made it much more upbeat.

    What is it about John’s songs that whenever there’s a fiddle put to it, it just sounds so AMAZING???
    And a little taste of banjo treatment always proves to be tasty as well.

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