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    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Favorite artwork of Creedence.

    I FOUND IT!!!!
    This is my most favorite piece ever done on Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    Oh yeah…. * Y * E * A H * !!!! *

    There is some personality to this artwork that just speaks volumes to me.
    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…this is the one that’s got it.

    Oh yeah….it’s got it, alright. I LOVE it and I hope that y’all ENJOY the art!!!

    Life is but a dream, babes!!!! X O X O X O

    X O


    abstract image of Creedence

    Abstract image of Creedence……hmmmmm…….


    CCR Jackson Pollock design

    I Can DIG IT!!! Love that splatter effect; very Jackson Pollock!!!



    Geometric Creedence


    Cartooned Creedence

    This is a cartoonish depiction of the greatest American Band ever known….but I like it alot.


    tiny painting of CCR

    This is a tiny painting, but I still experience immense JOY from looking at it.
    People may ask, “What makes art great?”

    I answer, “Any artwork that moves you in any way is what I call GREAT ART!”


    Beautiful Creedence.

    This is the best painting ever done in my opinion, of CREEDENCE. LOVE IT!!!!


    Legendary dinner meeting


    I’ve never seen this photo before, but legend has it that at this Mexican Food place, John and the Creedence boys held their legendary discussion (argument) regarding the release of PROUD MARY and how the track should be cut…..wow. I know it’s not artwork, but the memory of it is part of the Creedence Legacy.



    Creedence / NEAT!

    This one has all the colors with in the lines.

    “Creedence / NEAT!”


    Sketchy sketch of Creedence

    This one is a little bit warped up…maybe it was left out in the rain….
    but it’s still very cool.

    I might have named it, “A Sketchy Sketch of Creedence.” NIiiice!!!


    HA HA!!! GOOD FOR YOU, DAN!!!! LIFE IS WONDERFUL ) )) ))) !!!!!

    Innocent times CCR

    Awww, those where the days of the innocents….COOL!!!


    You’re right about that, Steve!
    One never knows about these things, but when they happen,
    you have to be ready to jump up and GET THERE!!! WUUUUuuu!!!



    At first, I thought this post said, “SASQUATCH.”
    I was wondering if you ever spotted this creature – he is said to live somewhere in the dense Redwood Forrest, up in Northern California. He is never seen any more, due to the dense blanket of fog that tends to obscure his whereabouts.
    He is known to emit quite a strong body odor and dogs go berserk when they catch a whiff of his smell. The locals up in Humboldt claim that they’ve seen Bigfoot….they don’t go lookin’ for him. They give him a wide berth of space….he ain’t hurtin’ no one.

    Anyhow – Have a wonderful time at John’s Show when you go!!!


    Ok Bailey – I like your style and support your bid for a full-length movie featuring John’s life, but the book should come first.

    The BOOK! THE BOOK!! THE BOOK!!!! Ooooh, Y E A H H H H H H H H h h h h h h !!!!

    You can’t have a movie without a book…need a screenplay…..who is going to play John Fogerty?
    Who would be cast as Julie Fogerty? WOW!!!!

    There’s a bunch of stuff to get done…good job, BL!!!


    I think that everyone is falling into FALL….
    Can you believe that TODAY is the first day of Autumn???? WOW!!!

    We’re undergoing a Change in the Weather, change in the weather,
    somethin’s happenin here!!!

    45 record

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