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    John's face while performing

    This one is exceptional…again, I love how artists can capture the essence of powerful emotions as they paint someone…this painting is very excellent and I love the message contained within…..


    funny sketch of Creedence Clearwater Revival

    This sketch is quite funny!
    What was the artist trying to say?
    It’s still an honor to be the subject of art – even if the artwork is a bit cartoonish.
    It’s still pretty cool to look at.



    Cartoons are artwork too. This one is quite funny regarding the prolific writing abilities of John Fogerty.


    Best of luck to you Erick, and you can always give it a try but I’m not saying a thing about it.
    I’m sure many layers of people would have to inspect your letter before John sees it, but you never know.

    Perhaps it’s best to keep a positive attitude about life and lower your expectations.

    I myself set my expectations very very low.

    I wake up in the morning and I want to do good for someone or everyone. If anybody thinks to thank me, that’s more than I expected.
    Therefore, whatever I get, I am grateful for.

    But if I get a kick in the rear end, then I’m not very grateful, you know?

    Have a blessed day!!!


    Ohhhh, that CREEDENCE painting is really * a * w * e * inspiring!!!
    Thanks, Eric!

    Faces are sooo challenging to paint! I took a year of painting classes at night school at a local college in order to develop that skill of capturing emotions.
    Nothing says more about emotions than a face.

    I can see that the artist here had alot of shading and it’s likely they practiced sketching their composition many times over before they committed it to canvas.
    It looks like acrylics on wood to me…..wow!!!

    I LOVE IT!!! But all the Creedence bandmates look a bit angry….angry ccr


    John Fogerty painting on wood canvas

    WHOA! Here’s quite the surprise!!!
    It looks like the artist painted John on a wooden canvas with oils…. NICE WORK!!!


    KEV, I think that bringing your 4 year old son to one of John’s shows is an excellent idea! But you have to plan on how to keep his little eardrums from being damaged by the high decibel level.
    Ear muffs that are designed to protect ears from loud noises are in order.
    You have to dampen the decibel level and as you know, John plays really, really LOUD!!!

    Also, plan on sitting towards the back of the venue.

    With a little bit of advanced planning on ear protection, I’m sure it would be a great experience.
    What does his mother say about it? Be sure she’s agreeable, or it’s a no go.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!


    Do you mean this CHRONICLE Album cover???


    YEAH * * * * It’s cool!!!!


    Hey, whatta challenge you pose here, Dan…. > > > >
    For all us died in the cotton Creedence fans….do we remember our first spins????

    I am trying hard – squeezing my brains to try and remember the first time I spun the Willie album.
    But the first time I spun ANY CREEDENCE album…it was just magical!!!’
    I kept asking, “Did John Fogerty write all those songs? ALL THE SONGS”

    And my older sister would shout at me, “YES!!!” smackin me on the arm for a loud sounding SLAP!!!
    Of course, a fight would ensue but that’s kids bein’ kids!!!

    I never met anybody with such a strong work ethic as the young John Fogerty, ya know?

    Good God!!!


    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    Favorite artwork of Creedence.

    I FOUND IT!!!!
    This is my most favorite piece ever done on Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    Oh yeah…. * Y * E * A H * !!!! *

    There is some personality to this artwork that just speaks volumes to me.
    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…this is the one that’s got it.

    Oh yeah….it’s got it, alright. I LOVE it and I hope that y’all ENJOY the art!!!

    Life is but a dream, babes!!!! X O X O X O

    X O


    abstract image of Creedence

    Abstract image of Creedence……hmmmmm…….


    CCR Jackson Pollock design

    I Can DIG IT!!! Love that splatter effect; very Jackson Pollock!!!



    Geometric Creedence


    Cartooned Creedence

    This is a cartoonish depiction of the greatest American Band ever known….but I like it alot.


    tiny painting of CCR

    This is a tiny painting, but I still experience immense JOY from looking at it.
    People may ask, “What makes art great?”

    I answer, “Any artwork that moves you in any way is what I call GREAT ART!”

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 233 total)