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    Hi Juan Jose,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time and will remember it forever!!!
    Sometimes things are expensive because they are worth it.

    X O

    You will remember this concert for always.


    Thank you for your story of that wonderful night, Robert!!!
    I enjoyed reading all about it and your future travels to other venues that John will play.


    X O


    Thank you for your posts, Arnold, Robert and Petra!!!
    Oh, I don’t like mosquitoes or flying bugs of any type!!!

    It is strange that you had flying bugs and pouring rain together that night!!!
    (Rain usually grounds all flights of insects.)

    John’s music really stirs up Mother Nature – I guess she wanted to add her own wild and natural statement to that night of great musical entertainment!!!

    Thank you for being such hardy troopers out there!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ** STAY SAFE OUT THERE ***


    Trieste, Italy

    Does anyone have pictures of the concert hall where John was set up to play his incredible show?
    Your descriptions of the place sound so beautiful!!!

    I’m so sorry that the rain got too dangerous with the electricity in the sky!!!

    Best decision is to cut the show short to ensure safety of the fans and our hero!!!

    God bless!!! (And don’t mess with Mother Nature!)

    X O X O X O

    Map Italy


    Oh, I LOVE a good summer rain storm but I am sorry that the show was cut short due to safety issues. Nobody wants to get struck by lightning!!! OMG!!!

    I was a bit worried about this story when I first read the title on the post.
    I hoped it wasn’t anything wrong with John, and now I hear it’s just a Change in the Weather sort of thing…okay….

    I can deal with that a whole lot better!!!

    So sorry for the fans in Trieste, ITALY!!!
    I love Italian people!!! They are full of passion and understanding!!!

    I salute you, ITALY!!!
    Keep da faith, John will return someday – - – under sunnier skies.

    X O X O X O


    Hey ROBERT!!!! Your plans sound GREAT!!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    After you see the show with John Fogerty, please come back here and TELL US ALL ABOUT IT!!!

    HAVE FUN!!!! X O X O X O


    HA Ha!!! That’s pretty incredible!!! Thanks for sharing that with us, Claudio!!!

    Translate “Bad Moon Rising” in spanish for us?? (Just the title, if you please)


    Hey all and Grad School Chickie,
    Thanks for the nice review, and Grad School – thank you so much for sharing the set list of John’s and Jimmy’s for us.
    It sounds like it was an amazing and unique show!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    X O


    A + + + for that excellent and STELLAR, out of this WORLD REVIEW, Hoodoo BOB!!! WOW OH WOW!!!!
    I am grateful that you spend some serious TIME out of your day to describe all of your high-level observations of John Fogerty in concert!!!
    IT WAS A JOY TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I love those rambling stories that come up here about John’s shows….)

    HOODOO BOB – - – I didn’t know that you were such a technical fan of John’s music, and I loved reading all the details about John’s many guitars that join forces with him when he’s out on tour.
    It sure brings a new dimensionality to us non-tech fans worldwide to be reading about it.

    Thank you for including the SET LIST!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

    BOB – you are really a great friend to bring us your review!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

    Now I’m going to go back and have myself a nice re-read of your review!!! Awesome work, my friend!!!!

    X O


    OH! MISS HOODOO asks a really great question!!! WHAT CAR does John Fogerty drive???
    WOW!!! I totally MISSED the car thing!!!
    Here in Southern California, cars are KING!!! Nobody can get anywhere and nobody can do anything and nobody can see anyone without their CARS!!!!

    Although I do suspect that John drives around in a pick-up truck.

    John could also devote a chapter to his running routines, and if he likes to backpack out in the wilderness overnight. Give us more of that Green River chapter of his life.


    Talk about everything that you feel like talking about!!!
    Get if OFF OF YOUR CHEST!!!!

    Let it loose and let it go free…AMEN!!! / AMEN!!!!


    OOOH!!! Swamp Girl!!!
    You’re getting me really excited about John’s bio!!! I CAN”T WAIT!!!
    I don’t wanna WAIT!!!!

    So please tell John he HAS to include:

    Early photos of his life and growing up in his family, neighborhood, school, church.
    He has to discuss alot of how Stephen Foster influenced him in his songwriting infancy!!!!
    I’d like him to delve into his feelings regarding serving in the National Guard.
    There has to be some positive feelings in there….there just HAS to!

    How did he know that his early Creedence songs would become so successful? What made him believe in his music BEFORE it became world famous?
    What does he have to say about his young adulthood confidence?

    Favorite recipes (does John cook?) Who cooks in the family?
    Do they eat out alot?
    Best flavor for birthday cake – - – include lots of pictures of cakes (wedding, etc.)
    Some art work that John has created with his own hands (like drawings, paintings, claywork, etc)
    Sheet music of all of his best songs!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!

    HOW DOES HE WRITE HIS SONGS??? What is the process? What is the mood? What is the setting?
    Does he write music down in his own music code? Does he record it? How does he keep working on a song, day after day and not forget his place?
    How LONG does it take him to compose a song?
    Do the notes on the guitar have special compartments in his brain?
    WHY did he choose the guitar above all other instruments?
    What motivated him to compose in the Creedence era versus now?
    What’s the story behind the harmonica?
    How did he come to appreciate the banjo?
    He has to include an entire chapter on how the melody gets married with the lyrics of his songs!

    John has to pretend he’s teaching really good music students on HOW To compose a good song that will endure and become national anthems…(Centerfield would be the format).
    (For example – what secrets could John teach an accomplished student; somebody as talented as Jack Black – for example) ??? IS he willing to share some trade secrets of his song genesis?

    What are his signature guitar cords that he plays?

    How did he survive such strenuous adversity after Creedence disbanded and the courts kept piling on the law suits? How does he handle personal adversity?
    What did he think about during the dry years of writer’s block and extreme frustration?
    WHAT got him through the tough times of loneliness and despair?
    Does he trust in God?

    More pictures of current times and tours should be printed in super heavy, color photo paper.
    There should be at least 100 pages of photos throughout!!! All in COLOR, oh yeah!!!!
    (of course every album he ever released must be in the pictures)
    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to understand his psychological address while composing HOODOO?
    I DO!!!!

    What are his favorite places in the world to travel to?

    Does he have a personal mission statement or just a mission in life?

    Will he ever retire from music?

    How does he feel about his famous songs now that they are proven hits?

    Does he have any words to offer the average person in this world who’s just trying their best to get by, and not get swept up in the constant barrage of negativity that whirls around our heads all hours of the day and night?

    Anyhow – - – - I just hope that John Fogerty pours his heart and soul into this ONE BOOK that is going to be authorized by him. It should be the caliber of book that he is as an artist.
    The biggest / the most colorful / the most unique and beautiful / the one and only officially authorized biography that the world has ever seen. He must include alot of personal stories about his live and loves.
    Tell us a story about Mrs Fogerty that we have not heard.

    And every person who sees this book sitting heavy on the glass coffee tables of the world, they should be impressed by it and say :WOW: THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE BIO I’VE EVER READ!!!!:

    In the same way John Fogerty elevated rock music to new and stratospheric heights never before seen before the era of CCR, John Fogerty should also inject into published works a new standard to the nonfiction autobiography.

    AMEN and GOD BLESS!!!

    X O


    !!!! WE WANT DA BOOK !!!!


    WOW ROBERT!!! WOW!!! What a nice review you wrote here!
    I’m looking at the neat set-list: Long solo of Penthouse Pauper?? I was just listenin’ the Bayou Country CD the other day, and I loved hearing that song, along with Bootleg and Chooglin and the always powerful Born on the Bayou – of Course PROUD MARY – - – - Proud Mary always has a happy feeling to it.

    Then you wrote that Southern Streamline was in the show, which is rarely played, and Blue BOY!!! NEAT!!!
    New Orleans is a song that I don’t think that I”m familiar with,
    so that means I have a homework assignment to do! Cool.

    Nice to hear the Fogerty boys are joining in on Mystic Hwy and was there any Train of Fools?

    GREAT REVIEW, thank you once again!!!

    X O


    Hi Miss HOODOO,
    Thank you – I have never heard of the song, but now I know about it. HAVE FUN!!! X O

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