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    grumpy old lady

    I just HOPE i don’t screw it up and set my clocks an hour back.
    That would really make my MONDAY totally SCREWY!!!!

    bad monday

    what would that mean? That I’d be two hours early? OR two hours LATE???


    Ron Burgandy is DA MAN!!!!

    Yeah, I have to get up on Monday morning at my usual time: 0445!!!
    That is super-DANG EARLY, my friends!!!!! Now it’s only gonna FEEL WORSE!!! AHHHHH!!!

    funny little kid


    He’d be so OLD, that he might be found in the back of the Graveyard Train!!!!


    Hey Johnnie,
    At first glance, I thought you were talkin’ about HOW OLD old Cody Junior was….
    I read it too fast.

    But now you prompted me to wonder just how old would old Cody be if he was already old in 1969????


    What a cool story!
    Thanks for putting it out there, Rockin’ M.

    You’re also bringing up some memories of my mom and the situation leading up to her passing.
    When my Pop passed, I had to pack the whole house up and sell it, with an older vulture of a sister making the money grab all along. It was hard going, but in the end I was able to maintain my sense of decorum and fairness because I keep John’s music nearby.

    I have to also say that MYSTIC HIGHWAY holds a new level of power in my life these days. It’s such an upbeat sort of song and I just adore those lyrics!!!

    Everything is connected; everything and everyone!!! Don’t cha just love that thought?

    Fogerty keeps my planet from imploding. Thanks, John. X O


    What a cool party to be at! All these artists take their craft very seriously, and they demonstrate a great respect for the legendary JOHN FOGERTY, (aka Creedence).

    I’m happy that a good time was had by all and these moments are so pure they only happen once in a lifetime. CHEERS to Mr. Clive Davis, and happy birthday! This party may be the tip-top best that you will ever have, but I wish you many, many more!!!


    Don’t be so hard on yourself, Dan.
    HS is a world class idiot and asshole. I think he should go to hell, but he’s too rich to die.

    Nobody likes him – except for other assholes.

    Even assholes have to have their own president and HS is the pres of all AHs!!!
    Ignore him and never tune in to his garbage ever again.

    Set yourself FREE, my friend!!!

    But here’s a beautiful piece of art that I just saw on the Fogerty NEWS section. ENJOY!!!

    New Orleans


    That’s super nice, but not everyone wants or needs to be on Facebook.
    Some of us actually value privacy. Thank you. X O


    Please John, write down as many personal stories as you can.
    Your memoirs should be a long story!!! The paper quality should be heavy, expensive and full of color photos and artwork.

    For instance, when you were at the height of your Creedence fame, what music were you listening to when you had the radio turned on?
    We already know who you musical inspirations were, but tell us again who inspired you and WHY – and what songs did you LOVE in the late 60′s that were in the top 20 Billboard countdown?

    What sort of things did you do in the CCR era as personal hobbies?

    Do you have some nice pictures of yourself from that time that are not widely released?

    Have a chapter on how you do your songwriting. Spell it out as if it were some sort of cookbook. Give us steps on how you compose your amazing music!!! This is the section everyone in the world will drool over, especially other musicians who wish to reach such a pure core of music writing.
    Tell us EVERYTHING about song genesis.
    Is there a time of day that helps you compose music?
    Do you have a muse?

    Do you paint, sketch or draw? If you could include such art pieces, your book would SOAR!!!!

    What are your favorite recipes? Include some cookbooking in the kitchen, please!!!

    Who helps you maintain your level-headedness and high standards? Do you look up to a higher authority?

    How can you help the newbies with issues of law and maintaining musical rights? What advice would you give to those seeking legal representation in (music) contractual disputes?

    Share your spirituality with us….make this book beautiful with places that you love to visit, and tell us why you love to travel extensively. What do you do when you’re on tour around the world?

    What pieces of art do you especially love? For instance, do you like Vincent Van Gogh and his body of work, or are you more of a Peter Max enthusiast? John Mellencamp has done some acrylic artwork; do you like his art?

    Please make this a coffee-table book of stature and weight that would inspire all people of the world, whether they are a fan of yours or not. Make this into a substantial publication that would exceed the standards that we see in our bookstores now.

    Just like your music changed the world and touched the lives of millions, your book of memoirs should set the bar very high too.

    It’s not going to be easy to put it all together, but if you hire the right professionals to get it right, and obtain the proper permissions to publish art from other masters, the book will be an expensive publication that everyone will want to own.

    I’m very excited about it!!!

    Best of luck!!!! X O


    May 4th, huh?
    WOW!!!!! Y’all gonna have some fun on the bayou!!!
    LUCKY YOU!!!

    Hey there, Ms Nawlins,
    Please attend John’s show and then come on back here and let us know how it went, ok?
    You can write some stellar reviews, my dear friend!!!!
    We look forward to hearing all about John’s show in the Big Easy.

    X O


    Hi Michael, you have a very good suggestion that I hope will grab the attention of those who have the power and the will to bring it to fruition. New York would be a good city to house John’s exhibit,
    New Orleans, Florida and Europe would love to host this beautiful exhibit.

    I was so fortunate to see the exhibit on it’s opening night. I also was lucky and blessed enough to win tickets to John’s speaking event, and the magic of that evening lingers with me even today!

    All of John’s stuff was lovingly stored and kept dry and protected all these years. Things from the Creedence era are on display, and lots of John’s clothes are on exhibit. His banjo and some guitars are included in the show, and some very fragile items such as old papers are there as well.
    I could have stayed there for hours, but I barely had 30 minutes to soak it all in. We were in a tight time frame to uphold the event, but I am not complaining!!!
    I NEED TO GO BACK AND SEE IT AGAIN, my friends!!!!!

    The event has been extended to March 9th 2014 at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

    The Grammy Museum is up the street from the NOKIA Theater and STAPLES Center. There has been many multi-million dollar improvements done to this area in downtown LA: in years gone passed, this area was once a ghetto, but it’s now the stuff of bright lights, fresh food and world-class entertainment.
    It’s where the upwardly mobile people go to these days, and the paid parking lot next door is safe and secure. You still should lock your car doors though! (It’s LA)

    I have to go back to see the John Fogerty Exhibit, now that I have been given a bit more time to make my long journey out there.
    Seriously, a person could lose a couple of hours being deeply immersed in this authentic Creedence stuff……it’s really so cool.

    X O


    Hi there, Ivory Tower and a warm welcome to you!!!!

    Also, Donna my Daisy – you have arrived!!! So glad that you were able to fix the problems and log on here. X O


    It’s funny to me that HOODOO never goes out of style. It’s a bootleg – never officially released album, yet anyone who considers themselves a fan of Creedence will make the time to hear it for themselves.

    Somebody always had a copy of it to share, because it was too good of an album to let lie silent.
    Music this good will never go wasted….no hun. It won’t go unheard.

    Please give it a chance and listen to it the whole way through, and then you have the opportunity to fully express your own informed opinion about the album, that was NEVER RELEASED in 1974-ish? (I can’t remember the facts, only the legend.)

    Personally, I think it’s very good. Maybe it’s because it has this deep swampy, cat-tails swaying under the spanish moss type of vibe goin for it. It’s pure Creedence, if you’re askin’ me, but I realize that nobody really is askin’ me. ha ha. That’s cool, friends!!!

    I got “Between the Lines” playin now – off of Youtube.
    Mmmmm! MMMMM!!!! MMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm!
    God, oh GOD!!! Why DO I LOVE that song so danged much???? Even though the track is murky and somewhat muddle-puddle on John’s vocals, I can jump into it with both feet – 100 feet deep, in his deep bluesy sea – it’s such a relatable tune to me.

    Sigh *
    And that, my swamp friends, is why I adore this HOODOO album.
    It is just so down – home comforting to my soul.

    x o x o x o

    Fogerty tells us he was in a deep funk during the emerging release of this fine masterpiece of a product, and I feel some of his pain (fresh post CCR breakup)…..perhaps
    this is why I love the album soooooooooooo much!!!!

    I can’t pretend to fully understand the motivation behind HOODOO, but I can only say,
    LISTEN TO IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN….then and only then, will you being to understand….

    God bless.


    Zaentz was 92 when he passed onto the other side. The cause of death was complications from Alzheimer’s. Plus he was very old, but a long life is a gift from God.

    When somebody passes from this beautiful earth, they face judgement from our Father, and we must try our hardest to say kind things about them. They are dead and gone; their life has become a grave that is now sealed. No part of it can be undone.

    God and only God has the power to judge a person; what they did with their life and how they treated others matters. Now and for eternity. Let us not judge, lest we be judged.

    Perhaps this proverb says it best:

    Proverbs 13:6
    “Godliness guards the path of the blameless, but the evil are misled by sin.”

    God bless.


    This is a very special Christmas for Muddy and I because we bought a beautiful new house with an ocean view from the back rooms of the house!!!

    It’s much smaller than our last home and I like to call it, The Doll House.

    It’s very cute and I thank God for his many blessings that He bestows on us all.

    Merry Christmas – Happy Birthday to the baby Jesus; Saviour of mankind.

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