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    Dear Darlene – I’m so sorry to hear about your family crisis, but if there’s anything that can help you get through some hard times, it’s the music of John Fogerty. I know that you know this. Thank you so much for getting out there to his show – I know it must take alot of traveling and planning for you to participate in his shows, but his music is worth every effort.

    Sometimes when you hear his music, those lyrics (that you heard a thousand times already) take on a new and more sensitive meaning. I don’t know how many different shades of blue Proud Mary has for me – possibly a million shades of the most beautiful blues and yellows… that song is a solid diamond of a song. It’s hard to describe how John’s music has moved me over the years.
    I love it when I hear Creedence or Fogerty songs played at the store, or on the pier or other public places like the ballpark and whatnot. IT’s just cool to hear John’s songs!!!

    I love the set-list!!! Thank you for writing it down during the show, Darlene – and typing it up here for us hungry fans…we are busy with jobs and families and cannot jetset to follow John on tour. I’m so glad to hear that John & Band are doing such a incredible, bang-up job out there on the road!

    Big thanks also to J Adams. I am hugely happy to hear that John played the newer version of Hot Rod Heart – that’s one monster good rockin’ song!!!

    Jim – also big thanks and hugs to you too for your nice writing!!! I love Hot Rod Heart and I like the


    God, I LOVE it when John goes on tour. We get to read these wonderful reviews!!!! Tell it like it is, people!!! We LOVE reading your kind words!!! ROCK ON!!!!


    yeah, that’s cool but what if she says…..(opposite of yes?) ahem* cough! cough!


    Hey Grad School!!! I like your shorthand!! HA HA!!! Really good shortcuts to John’s biggest songs!!! You know what, I really would LOVE to hear him play Cosmo’s all the way through just like how he released the album…you know – start off with RAMBLE TAMBLE, get into Before You Accuse Me and then is it 737? Then Lookin Out? Then OOB? Then Jungle Run? Then what’s next? Up on the Bend? My Baby left? GRAPEVINE in super Creedence funk fashion??? OOOOOH OOOOOOOH LOVE IT!!! Then last upcoming is Put a Candle —oh YEAH!!!

    I guess I’m just too demanding but when I was a kid, that’s how I thought all bands did their concerts! WHY did I think that way I don’t know? !!! Just a dumb kid wondering about something that was the coolest thing that I ever heard in my life!!!

    PEACE / OUT!!!


    Thanks Ed and U2, you write some very valid and earthy comments. I appreciate your words more than I can say. But what singer or band is worth $300.00 or more to go and see for one evening?
    I am not a wealthy woman, but even if I were – I would not pay that.
    $650.00/ticket is simply for the wealthy folks –

    I have seen John 25 or 26 times, and each time I don’t think I spent much more than $100.00 each time. Many times I spent much less / sometimes I was treated for free, which was really so miraculous and amazing!!! You may have grown up loving his Creedence music, as did I. Aren’t we lucky beyond measure?
    Awww, yes – lucky and blessed –

    The world was a sinkin’ mess hole of ruin when Creedence roared up to the rescue – they saved the entire planet, without even tryin’ or noticin’ much that we were circlin’ the drain to ruin! But they came along JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME to save us from that crazy era.
    The radio was the only salve for those tryin’ times.

    John is worth every penny of a $650.00 ticket if you’re askin’ me, but I thank God that he remains the humble man he always was – (who never grew up in the swamp) – HE knows how hard it is for workin class folks to fork over a hundie bill for a show.
    He remembers how rough times can be … he came from nothing and nowhere and was a nobody until he himself heard the name Creedence.
    It changed up his whole life, and for the good. I thank goodness that he’s the man he is – a very naturally talented man who is humble ,and took some mighty lumps in his times.
    If he never lost so much, who’s to say what sort of man he would have become instead? I often wonder about that….

    Too bad for the Eagles to be that way – you won’t catch me in that crowd.
    They’re a very excellent band and I love their music, but the monetary requirements exceed what I am willing to fork over, and for the Eagles, I might spring for a 50, but that’s my price point for this band. They should humble down – get back to the earth a little tighter….I wish them well.

    God bless…. X O


    God bless you, Chris and I’m so sorry to hear of the long journey you have traveled.
    The music of John Fogerty happened to come to you during a dark point in your journey and you the healing powers of his music was very therapeutic to your good health.

    I’m so glad that his music was able to restore you, and gave you great hope.

    There is something so magical about Fogerty’s music – at first it’s so relatable and accessible because it’s good old rock and roll; but the words take on special meanings to each person who hears it.

    Down on the Corner is one such song that seems to happy and upbeat, and it does alot of really incredible things to those who have the spirit to be affected by it.

    John’s songs have been a mainstay to my life, (along with other legions of fans) and I have nothing but thanks for the master.

    ENJOY the concert, Chris!!! As great as those old Creedence albums were, (and Fogerty solo career albums are) nothing compares to a LIVE PERFORMANCE.
    You got to BE THERE at a LIVE SHOW to truly experience the method and the magic and the mystery of how it all comes alive – - – I”m so glad those songs live on today and now.

    They’re too good to sit in the quiet and gather dust….they’re just too good to be ignored.
    Keep the music alive, friends!!!!


    I’m sure David Letterman would LOVE to have John on his late night program.
    Letterman LOVES John Fogerty ever since the days of Creedence.
    He totally LOVES John’s music – somebody should call him up!!!


    Soul patches – - – that is a very cool life you’ve been living; playing Creedence songs on guitar and drums…very nice!
    I’m sure you’ll have an incredibly great time tonight at John’s concert.
    Let us know how it went, ok?

    Have fun; your life is very positive!!!!


    Hey, thank you DOO DOO DOO (don’t shorten your name — ha ha)
    That was one stellar review, and you had yourself a ball out there, didn’t you?? WOW!!!
    What a great review!!!!
    I’m so glad you also bought a bunch of merchandise to remember the concert.
    So good to hear John’s still packin’ a punch!!!



    Hey Scott – what a great way to celebrate your Pop’s birthday.
    I hope you have a great time and come on back and tell us how it went. ENJOY!!!


    Hey Baldwin,

    You have some mighty fine ideas there. Good for you! I hope that someday we will see John’s story told as it really happened. I’m so glad that he stood up for truth, and didn’t sweep all that bad stuff under the carpet as if it didn’t matter.

    His story will be told for generations to come. People will learn from it and maybe it will help prevent other artists from being cheated out of their life’s work.


    Hey Crizwell,
    You know – you have a very fine idea there.
    Why wouldn’t John want to play some WROTE A SONG FOR EVERYONE?
    That is one deeply emotional song, that John wrote in a time of sadness, but he was one to work through his darkest times.
    I love the original Creedence version of this song – Miranda did a mighty fine job juicing it up in a modern flair, and I love her alot, but to be fair,
    nobody can touch all those Creedence gems.
    That’s prolly why they call me a CCR fan!!! I just love Creedence songs done in the original skins.

    Anyhow – I do hope that John Fogerty realizes what a beautiful little song WROTE A SONG is.
    It’s a song that I would imagine he wrote while he was into the wild; out in the country where the tall grasses sway under the sage green oaks.

    THe melody of the song is simple, yet deeply emotional and the lyrics are just so pure and deeply meaningful. John must have felt at his lowest low when he composed this song.

    Yet he wasn’t trying to cash out on his sorrow – he knew that he would feel a measure of it for a lifetime and maybe he still has sorrow when singing this song.
    It’s a beauty of lasting grace!!!


    Oh – wow. That is an amazing photo..John paying homage to the King of Rock and Roll; Elvis Presley.
    They say that Elvis’s parents lived in that one bedroom little cottage. Elvis’s mama had twins, and Elvis was the only one to survive the at-home birth.
    They were a tiny family of 3; Elvis was an only child, and they were very poor.

    He was blessed with the most perfect combination of God’s best gifts. He was a natural singer, had the most versatile voice and was a natural born entertainer. Elvis was polite and had old-fashioned values and religion. I remember my mom and my aunt were so impressed with the way Elvis could sing gospel songs, and any song he was able to elevate to the highest, stratospheric level.

    Elvis was a humble man; first and foremost he wanted to honor GOD, and I remember all the women commenting on how cute and handsome he was.

    Just the other day I caught a TV Special with ELVIS – it was the history-making concert filmed in Hawaii that was the first-ever satellite TV special ever transmitted on planet Earth!!! Isn’t it fitting that it was ELVIS that made that ground-breaking musical event?
    You cannot change the channel on TV when Elvis is on; no – you cannot – it’s impossible.
    You have to sit there and be entertained by one of the greatest talents this earth has ever known.

    ELVIS was the first of the rock gods to ever walk this beautiful Earth. He was somewhat exploited by his one and only manager, Colonel Tom Parker – but he was not one to complain because his wealth was vast, and is still everlasting to this day.

    GRACELAND is on my bucket list, not the little cottage in Tupelo, Mississippi where the King was born.
    All that stuff is legend, and I wonder if we would have ever had John Fogerty or Creedence had it not been for ELVIS? One only can wonder about these things……

    It’s all so long ago, isn’t it my friends? IT all happened to along ago and 10 lifetimes ago. And we still care passionately about all of it. Life can be cool and ELVIS is a prime example of life at it’s coolest moments!!!



    Hey Tommy – thank you for taking a minute and contributing to this website. I’m so glad that you had a wonderful time at John Fogerty’s show!!! THAT is GREAT!!! We’re all happy to hear your nice words.

    X O


    Whoa there, HOODOO BOB!!!! WOW!!
    That is quite one hot, smokin’ review you got there!!!
    Here’s a favorite taste — from what you served up…

    “Bayou Country. Penthouse Pauper’s searing bluesy licks were full of hope, “If I was a gambler, you know I’d never lose; if I were a guitar player, — Lord (Lloyd) I’d have to play the blues!” Bootleg was a foot stomping crowd pleaser. Graveyard Train brought out the howling, growling harmonica and displayed John’s passion for perfection. He wasn’t getting the volume from his Harmonica mic, so he spiked it like a wide-receiver in the end zone and plucked his number one mic…”

    COOL, man!!! You’re writing leaves me drooling!!! Great job / great review!!! I wish I were there to soak in all that bayou greatness!!!!
    GOSH – - – that album BAYOU COUNTRY is a monster truck of rock n roll mastery!!!!!

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