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    I bring rainboots and extra pair of clothes with me


    Hey DaRiverBoatQueen thanks for your kind words
    All the best Robert


    I got home yesterday evening so here is my first post (Milano and Munchen follows soon )

    We drove in the afternoon to this beautiful place in Spain.
    The travel was much longer than we expected so we arrived late in Hoyos del Espino.
    Unfortunately we could not make it to the first rows so we find a place in the big crowd
    (We heard that approx. 11.000 people came for John !!).
    Before John entered the stage Rebeca Jimenez and Rosendo played there gigs.
    Nice but we came of course for John.
    John opened with Travelin’ band (a perfect opener) followed by
    Green River (one of my favorite songs).
    Also this time like in Hamburg and Jelling John played Penthouse Pauper.
    A great songs with great guitar licks.
    John and band played as always great and marvelous. It is still amazing !!!
    Watching the people in the big crowd having fun, rocking enjoying themselves made me smile
    and proud.
    After the show, we travelled to our hotel and deep in the night (exhausted) we were happy to see our beds . Happy but real exhausted.


    So sorry to hear this expecially of course for John, the band, crew and fans and the organisation of such a beautyfull event.
    I assume it was hard to take this decision.
    I was not in Trieste but when i read this i think it was a good decision.
    Image that somebody was struck by lighning or was hurt


    Happy birthday John
    Have a nice day
    See you soon in Hamburg and Jelling
    All the best Robert

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)