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    Actually, John did them a favour. They are Revisited now and playing and making money, whereas John could have gone with the record company who didn’t want the other two and the record company could have banned them from being Revisited.

    His try to go out on his own was stymied by the record company not allowing him to refer to CCR in his billing as they were getting no money. The record company was trying to get him back. But why would John go back to them when he could go solo instead? (The two did not want to do the successful thing, John’s formula, they wanted more money instead.)

    John was trying to outwait the record company and hope they would come around. And if they got John back and if the two would agree, they could go back to old ways and be CCR. But the two did not want the old way, which was extremely successful and the new sharing way would not work. And the record company did not want the two, only John.

    Now in order for John to win against the record company, they would have to regret losing his revenue. And so they did regret it. But instead of working with John to achieve something, the record company decided to put Revisited in their pocket instead. If the two had not agreed to this, John would have had some bargaining power. But with them in their pocket the record company had no reason to go back to John.

    So John felt the two and the record company were working together against him and because of this, he had lost.
    John asked the record company about all three back together and the record company said they only wanted him. How was that his fault?

    Anyways, together we stand, divided we fall. That is what happened.
    Now Revisited is out there playing, whereas if John had not taken his stand and had gone back with the record company and not worried about his royalties, Revisited would not be in existence. So his actions worked in their favour.

    So John’s pain with the record company was their gain, so how are they angry with him? They were not happy to continue the successful way with John managing, and then all sort of not expected things happened and they blamed John, when it was them who was unhappy.

    So the two are blaming John because the record company wanted him and not them. And it was their complaint that caused the downfall, because the record company would not give them more money and John had to come up with the sharing plan instead. I must say he was trying to look after them very well.

    Did he feel loyalty to them and that is why he agreed to let it all fall apart? (which he knew would happen with sharing). He stood by his principal of loyalty to the other members, even knowing it wouldn’t be successful. On the other hand, the two did not stand by the principal of loyalty to John, they went back with the record company who would not let John play and refer to CCR. John thought that they would recognize that at least he tried and be friends and try to move forward. But the greedy record company got to them and they went with their principal of money for themselves, and left John hanging in the wind, as he says.

    I do believe if I were John, I would not let principal make me make a decision that would harm me monetarily. Or harm them monetarily. But if that is what they wanted, that is what John would do. Maybe there were other alternatives, but John did not choose them, he chose what he thought was a good response to what they wanted.

    They wanted John to sing the songs they wrote but he did not want to. Writers give their songs to other singers, but singers do not sing other people’s songs. For example, John Lennon and Paul did not sign George Harrison’s songs, George had to go out on his own. Anyways, this is a sore point between them, if John does not want to do this, that is his choice, just as the others might do if they had THE VOICE.

    And so the two are with the people who did not want them, and they are criticizing the person who wanted them. John wanted them but they didn’t appreciate how he was managing them, and they did not want his formula.

    So they are punishing the man who wanted them and playing with the company who did not want them, or some other company. As I said before, life is full of irony.

    But John does not need to care now as he is such a smashing success.
    If he was vindictive he would be laughing at how the two screwed it all up by not continuing with the successful formula. But he is not.

    John has made his mark and is continuing to make his mark and that is what counts.

    I wish all well and I thank God for John Fogerty’s songs and voice.

    I am spending too much time on this.

    Rock n Roll Girl – John’s favourite fan, ha ha


    Everyone is entitled to get what belongs to them.
    Doug wishes John well in his comments, but Stu seems to be unhappy.
    I think Stu wanted to be the band leader.
    John has said they asked for more, and he went and asked for more for them from the record company but was not successful.

    Then John said to them, let’s continue the way we are going as we are being successful and making money and they were not happy doing that.
    So the alternate plan to share all duties was arranged by John so that they would get more money but it didn’t work. So I think John tried and it didn’t work. Do you think he was happy with that?
    So they all lost out but they are blaming John. He was responding to their requests and needs, and they are blaming him for lack of success.

    Instead of the sharing, John could have gone out on his own, but he didn’t.
    He stayed with them and he tried to help them get more money and satisfaction by sharing musical input.
    Then when that didn’t work and the success stopped, everything fell apart.
    John realized that if he played his songs he would be giving money to the record company, not himself and he didn’t want to do that. That is his choice.

    The record company saved itself by backing CCRevisited. Through CCRevisited, the two were getting money that they I guess they think they needed and playing music as is what they wanted.

    John felt that they left him by going with the record company.
    So, in fact, it was the two that left him, when in fact he had stayed loyal to them by not going out on his own earlier.

    So I would say that inexperience in contracts, which you cannot blame someone for, was the cause of the problem. To blame each other then, is not the right thing to do.

    The two expect John to deny his own feelings in order to satisfy their feelings and needs.
    Once everything fell apart, then everyone is entitled to go on their own way, if they want to.
    But the two insisted that John stay with them and play and not get the royalties he thought he deserved.
    Rightly or wrongly, that was the way John felt.

    When a mess happens, everyone needs to pull together and put it right.
    It was not possible in this case because John did not have control to change the royalty contract.

    So the two were playing as Revisited in order to get money and John was doing nothing in order to spite the record company.

    I believe the record company would not let John play and refer to CCR in his billing.
    That started the animosity as the record company then promoted Stu and Doug as Revisited, which was also not CCR, but which could be confused as CCR also.
    So one is confusing but the other is not?
    Let them both go out and refer to CCR as this is fair to both sides.
    But the record company was supporting one side but not the other.
    Inconsistent logic and not fair.
    So the two are blaming John, and did they support not allowing John to use CCR?
    Allow one side and not the other?

    So we have competing needs on each side, but one side is not willing to acknowledge the needs of the other side.
    Fine mess for people who loved each other.

    This is not my issue, so I should not be saying anything.
    John has said that it was unfortunate there was no one to mediate.
    All the famous bands out there have had contracts which they have said was biased towards the record companies, but they don’t blame each other for the problem. They blame the record company.

    Not the two because they don’t have the contract issues that John has.
    But to ask John to forego playing but allow them to play is not the way to reward your fellow partner.

    No one on here has said what they are really feeling, that the lead singer and writer is what makes the band. Everyone is being polite to the two, giving them respect, by not saying this. Like as if the Rolling Stones would go out and play as the Rolling Stones without Mick. They would go out on their own as Keith and Ron. They would make a name for themselves in their own name. I understand the two may not be able to do that, that is why the record company have let them each go out on their own playing CCR. But instead convoluted name in order to make them money and John not able to call himself part of CCR in his billing.

    Anyways, no more. Time to do something constructive.
    I am supporting John. I am supporting everyone doing something and making what is appropriate to them. But sometimes record companies manipulate people and satisfy people in ways that are inappropriate. They are big business, not part of a partnership of friends who achieved a dream but can’t exist without that dream continuing. Forgiveness for trying and failing is right.

    All of John’s fans love him and support him as evidenced on facebook. Thank God everyone is able to do this to support John.
    Love you and your family, John. Keep on chooglin’

    Rock n Roll Girl


    Why don’t they tour as Stu Cook and Doug Clifford do CCR? Then it would be clear who they are and the songs they are doing.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    John has just had the best tour of all across Canada. Hopefully that will be our best memory of him, not these lawsuits. So there needs to be a plan to get rid of this.

    When I come across people who are not recent concertgoers of his, they talk about the lawsuits of the past. I do not want them to remember John for that.

    John needs positive publicity continually flowing from his recent successes with touring and his latest cd. That is the legacy he wants to leave.

    We have no way of reading the minds of CCRevisited to know what image they want to leave of themselves when they are dead and gone. But we do know John does not want to leave a lawsuit image.

    John can rise up and be a beacon. Tell those guys to go out and tour and have a good time. Tell them it was fun being CCR and now you are having fun on your own, as they are too. Fun and goodwill all around.

    I think there was an agreement that CCRevisited could tour and that is what they have done. Stu seems to say they didn’t pay John because John answered an interviewer’s question in a manner they did not agree with. If Paul McCartney was touring and doing CCR songs, he would not be able to pay CCR because he disagrees with their answer to a reporter’s question about him?

    Unfortunately reporters ask awkward questions, sometimes there will be awkward answers, but fame leads to this unfortunate situation where reporter’s questions are pitting one side against the other.

    John is headlining as: John Fogerty, doing CCR songs.
    CCRevisited is touring as: CCRevisited.
    CCRevisited says their fans want to come and listen and be drunk. Far be it from anyone to prevent them from getting drunk and having a good time, if that is what their fans want.

    All sides are losing.

    These are only my opinions and do not represent the opinions of either side, lest anyone should feel these comments require a response in the press, they do not.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    When I said you will never, ever see a better show than this one, not if you go to every show that comes along, not ever in your lifetime, I meant of any artist or musician or performer on the face of this earth.

    When we went to the bluesfest one year when John was not there, a couple voluntarily spoke up to say the best show they had seen was John Fogerty. That is how good his shows are, that people voluntarily speak up to say “go see him” without even being prompted.

    Anyways, I have to go check to see if our snow is melting, I have done nothing else yet today but JOHN.

    And thanks to Robert from the Nederlands for volunteering to sell my Casinorama tickets. I was able to find some enthusiastic people to use them and I am glad you enjoyed the show Robert and next time we will get together.

    Rock n Roll Girl

    Rock n Roll Girl


    Sorry I sounded a little negative about the VIP shirts above.
    My package is at home in a neighbour’s garage waiting for me to return. The people I talked to on the phone were very helpful. Robert, did you get your shirts?

    I am very thankful for the VIP treatment and the front row seats for all of my friends to see the GREAT John Fogerty.

    I have to phone my cousins this aft to see if they got tickets for Abbotsford show.

    Watching the posting John did on facebook, I realize how much I missed on this 1969 tour.
    I am determined that I will be well next time and go to all of John’s shows near me like we used to do before.

    Good luck John on the rest of the tour.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    Also the father and son I sent to Casinorama in Orillia emailed me to say thanks for the tickets and that they had an amazing time. You can’t do any better than that John!

    Rock n Roll Girl


    Hey, Rockin’ Gramma.
    I surely will try to make it.
    John has to come back here again too for some more shows as even though I sent 8 people to his shows this time, I still have one cousin who wants to go.
    Lots of cold and blowing wind here and temperatures minus freezing.
    You and Mary sure got it figured out!!

    ROck n Roll Girl


    Ottawa, not Oshawa.


    Hi, Robert. I was told today the t-shirts would be shipped NEXT WEEK. After our shows of course.
    How great a VIP do you feel you are?
    The VIP promoters make great promises and take your great money and let the performer down.
    Bring your own t-shirts with you to the show Robert. We won’t let John down even though the people he hires does.
    If they had sent them months ago we would have been wearing them and promoting John and he would have sold even more tickets maybe. I should have been managing John long ago, ha ha.
    Lots of love to you and your family and the other Fogerty fans and John and Julie and his children and the rest of his family.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    I would like to know more about the influence of John’s mother in his music. He mentioned once that she went to see a show by Pete Seeger and she took him along. There was something he discovered there in terms of guitar playing.

    What kind of music did his parents play in their house and was it a factor, or not much influence on him?

    How did he know at such a young age that he wanted to sing and do records? He mentioned once Shoo Fly Pie that he would sing for his parent’s house guests, I would guess at a young age.

    In the book I would like to see the picture of the four brothers when they were young in flannel shirts that John’s people put up on the screen when they did the retrospective slide show at the Canadian shows the last time he was here.

    Sometime it would be nice if there was a transcript of the Sirius performance in New York City, but this would be too long to put in the book.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    I would be interested as well.

    Maybe the VIP ticketholders could be given one once they have been produced. If not, I am sure we could buy it.

    ROck n Roll Girl


    Hey, Queenie. We will likely come to Los Angeles again in the future and we could look you up then and meet to have some lunch and talk about John’s great music.

    John’s El Rey Theatre gig was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. We have tickets for Orlando in 2 days but we can’t make it so my niece is going instead. Hopefully John can do a Canadian tour next summer and we can see him then!!!

    Stay well until we meet again.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    Just wanted to add that John asked “Who is here?” and we put up our sign and he said, “Oh, Rock and Roll Girl is here and she has the sign to prove it.” And he gave a bow down to the Europeans who had traveled so far. That is just like John to be so appreciative of his fans and that is why we all love him so much!!

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