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    This is ridiculous. How many tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars have been wasted on lawyers and lawsuits with this nonsense? How about this…everytime one or more of the CCR members decides to sue, they all have to pitch in and each donate $10,000 to a school, or schools, in need of a music program, instruments, etc. I cannot believe that 40+ years after the demise of CCR this continues. They all play a part in the vitriol that continues, and it’s pathetic and sad that the legacy of this great band is dragged through the mud almost a half century later over petty nonsense.


    My wife and I are going to see Bob Seger in St. Louis in mid December. I hope and pray that JF makes a surprise visit and sings WSTR with Seger. If not JF, maybe St. Louis native Chuck Berry will pop up on stage during Seger’s set.


    LOL….I’ve only seen JF a dozen times, which compared to some of you, is a drop in the bucket. Anyway, my top moment was seeing JF in L.A. at the House of Blues in May of 1997. I actually got to meet him after a sound check the second night of his three night stand, so that was an absolute highlight for me. During the HOB shows I had the pleasure of meeting Dan and his wife, Carol, Javier (came all the way from Chile), Rick, Darlene and many others. It was quite a bonding moment for the JF fans, and I was especially impressed with Dan’s story of driving up to SF and tracking down Mr. Fogerty. Now that my wife and I are living in the hinterlands of Arkansas, we haven’t been able to see JF as much as I’d like (we last saw him in St. Louis in 2008). On a side note, we are heading up to St. Louis in December to see Bob Seger, and by the way, Seger’s new CD is fantastic.




    My dad never softened up to his dislike of rock and roll (although he did at one time admit that he kind of liked Neil Diamond). My mom on the other hand was slowly won over through CCR coming out of my room and the Beatles coming out of my brother’s room. She eventually became a giant fan of Fleetwood Mac and Led Zepplin. She had a HUGE crush on Robert Plant, (“ooooh, just look at HIM!”). She went with my wife and I three times to see John Fogerty and never sat down at any one of the three shows. She passed away this past March, and when she was in hospice, she asked for her Bose music player. My sister and I would alternate evenings staying with her, and she was also a big lover of big band music, Frank Sinatra, Al Martino and Gordon Lightfoot. One night when I was staying with her, she was in (at least I thought she was) a deep sleep and I was getting a little burned out on the big band music. So I slipped in “Centerfield” and it started playing. After a few minutes she opened her eyes, and I figured the music was bothering her, so I got up to put her CD back on, and she said, “That’s nice…who’s that?”


    Growing up as a kid, the only thing my dad hated more than rock and roll was country music. So I’m in my room playing my new CCR album and “Cotton Fields” comes on. He storms into (even though this happened some 45 years ago, it is clear as day because it was so funny) my room and shouts, “What the hell are you listening to?” He ordered me to turn it off and proceeded to explain that when he was on a destroyer in the navy during WWII, a group of sailors would sing the song almost daily. He hated it with a passion. He left my room, and I stood there thinking, “What the *%($# was that all about?” But I got my revenge. When I got my first apartment, I made sure that CCR was playing whenever he and my mom came over to visit.


    I’m in the very small minority as one who believes that JF did the right thing in not letting this album see the light of day. It’s simply not up to JF’s standards. With the exception of “Between the Lines”, “Telephone” and “On the Run”, the rest of the songs–especially “Marching to Blarney”–wouldn’t even qualify as filler in JF’s other albums. Now, I’d love to see JF redo some of the Blue Ridge Rangers stuff like “Back in the Hills” and “You Don’t Owe Me.”


    As I’ve listened to the radio and read various music publications, both Bob Seger and Robert Plant have suggested that their newest albums might be their last. All of the groups I grew up with–CCR, the Kinks, Who, Allman Bros, etc.–are getting into their 70s. But then you look at Sir Paul McCartney and he puts on a 3 hour plus show at the age of 72. Knowing how much minutiae and detail JF puts into his recordings, I suspect that we are 18-24 months away from any new CD; not to mention that the music industry is changing so quickly that putting out CDs is not the money maker it once was. It will be interesting fo’ sure!


    This is one song I would really like to see JF do live, and rerecord with a new group of crack musicians. If I remember correctly, JF mentioned that his next CD might focus more on ‘jam band’ type of music. If so, ‘Feelin’ Blue’ would fit right into the wheelhouse of that particular genre of music.


    Well, what’s done is done. Look to the future….don’t hang on to the past and leave scratch marks.


    My wife and I paid about $550 face value for a pair of tickets to see the Rolling Stones in Anaheim, CA. Well worth the price for killer floor seats. An old girlfriend was a good friend of Joe Ely’s and I met him backstage on a number of occasions and we once talked about life on the road. Brutal, and not something that I would find the least bit fun. Mr. Ely talked about booking hotels months in advance, only to find the rooms not available and then having to sleep in the car or van and getting up the next morning to drive hours and hours to the next gig.


    How about heading out to Memphis, Tennessee? The Mud Island Ampitheater is right along the shore of the Mississippi River, with Beale Street a short distance away. Come on, home of Elvis, Sun Records, Sam Phillips and ROCK AND ROLL!!!


    There is a link to JF and Jazzfest on the homepage.


    LOL! I’ve had numerous CCR/JF dreams….walking into a store and finding a brand new CCR CD and going nuts, etc. I wake up and tell my wife, and she says to me, “Please don’t tell anyone, they’ll think you’re weird.” Too late, people figured that out long ago.


    LOL…JF’s work ethic is well known, so if he puts as much effort towards perfection with his book as he does with his music, patience is going to be needed.

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