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    In reply to: Lee started the topic New Album Rumors in the forum General Discussion Is there any truth to the rumor that John Fogerty will be releasing a back to his roots type album in 2015? Nothing would be better than a back to the swamp album from Fogerty. Would be the best album by anyone in thirty years. View

    I really hope so,his last original album Revival seems like a lifetime ago.I think John should take time out to get a new album done asap.Hearing Mystic Highway is just making me more anxious waiting for any news of something in the pipeline.Come on John,it’s been to long.Everyday is a Fogerty music day in my home.

  • Why is John opening for him,I know his name but not much else.john should not open for anyone anymore.Also just to mention,its 7 years since a totally original album from John.Anything on the grapevine for this year.There’s been to many cover and collaberations for my liking,can’t beat a Fogerty original.

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