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August 28, 2013

Behind the Song: Who’ll Stop The Rain

In John’s album, Wrote A Song For Everyone, one of the perks to buying the physical album is the exclusive look behind each classic track. John gets down, dirty and honest with the descriptive backbone that created his lyrics.

Here’s a look at “Who’ll Stop The Rain” which he collaborated on with Bob Seger for the new record. Want to know about them all? Purchase the physical album here today.

“Who’ll Stop The Rain” by John Fogerty

“This song was inspired by my experience at Woodstock. As you know, Woodstock was a huge gathering of my generation. Amidst the mud and the rain, it occurred to me that we were looking for a spokesman. Even though the crowd had rushed together trying to keep warm, I went home feeling that we were still looking. This song is about seeking the truth.” – John