April 17, 2013

Congratulations ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ Winners!

We know John “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” but we’ve recently been asking fans to tell us which song he wrote for YOU.

One grand prize winner and four runners-up were chosen for this contest. Their answers below! Congratulations to these five and thanks to everyone who submitted their answers.


Receiving: Platinum bundle – ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ CD, Vinyl, Hatch Show Poster, Hard Cover Journal with John Fogerty Pen, Fortunate Son Flannel Shirt, Fortunate Son Guitar Pick, 11X14 Poster of “Proud Mary”

ANSWER: “My dad always played CCR when I was growing up and I love their music just as much now. Our favorite song together was Suzie Q, and still today we both sing that song like we recorded it with John. John Fogerty wrote “Suzie Q.” just for me because he knew this song would help keep my dads spirits up since he has been diagnosed with cancer. This song will always be a great memory of me and my dad dancing around when I was little.”


2. RUNNER-UP – Joe C.

Receiving: ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ CD

ANSWER: “Choosing just one John Fogerty is nearly impossible! But if I have to go with one personally, it’s Rock And Roll Girls. I live in Buffalo, NY for one thing (if I had my way…I’d shuffle off to Buffalo)! My High School Sweetheart and I broke up in our Senior Year, 1984. Fast forward to 1988. I am at a bar and “Rock And Roll Girls” starts playing. At that instant I turned around and saw my ex with a bunch of her friends. That moment was the beginning of our re-introduction. We were married in 1996 and now have 3 children. We even met John at a meet and greet in 2006 at Darien Lake. John’s music has always played a major role in the soundtrack of my life, and that song began my journey again with the woman I love.”


3. RUNNER-UP – Bill M.

Receiving: ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ CD

ANSWER: “Probably ‘I saw it on TV’ from the Centerfield album. I remember being a young child in the ’60s, watching the Funerals of Bobby Kennedy, MLK. Vietnam casualty statistics, Cronkite, Huntley & Brinkley. That song really paints a picture of vivid memories that I have from that time.”


4. RUNNER-UP – Ray M.

Receiving: ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ CD

ANSWER: “I Will Walk With You. My favorite memory of it is still to be created. I’ll walk my daughter down the aisle to this song when she gets married in August.”


5. RUNNER-UP – Thomas G.

Receiving: ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone’ CD

ANSWER: “Lodi. Made me feel I wasn’t the only one trapped in broken dreams.”


*All items will be shipped week of May 28th album release.