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November 12, 2013

Download Tonight’s Show!

Good news, Fogerty fans!

The afternoon following each show on the 2013 US Fall Tour, you will be able to download the previous night’s live show on The price varies depending on the quality of audio (mp3 is a standard download quality, and the clarity goes up from there).

So far every show is up except for four below. Due to recording restrictions at the venues, live downloads will not be available for the following shows:

10/10 Los Angeles – Nokia Theatre
10/27 Tampa – Straz Center
11/6 Baltimore – Lyric Opera House
11/8 Washington, D.C. – DAR Constitution Hall
11/10 Albany – Times Union Center

36 responses to Download Tonight’s Show!

  1. I’m a male 57 yrs old from small town Alabama, been a huge fan of you @ CCR all my life. Just wanted to say I love and admire you and what you do. God Bless!!!

  2. Great news Luv John Fogerty got tickets for Cal. Pa., Balt. Md. & D.C. with down loads will get a preview of the these concerts. CANNOT WAIT TILL NOVEMBER 5,6, & 8.

  3. Saw the Tulsa show last night. What an amazing show. Can’t wait for the concert download.

  4. This is a great idea. I’d much rather pay John for a quality recording of the show I attended than hunt for an inferior bootleg recording of the show. Wish more performers would offer this service!

  5. I just got back to Port Neches from the Houston show and I believe this was the best John Fogerty show I have ever been to! John rocks from start to finish and barely comes up for air. A giant thank you for the show and for letting us download our local shows.

  6. My first few record albums I got at age 13 in the early 70’s were 2 Creedence albums. Was hooked right away. I never had the opportunity to catch one of their shows and thats why the show tonight in Tupelo,Ms. will be so special! John, I will be on the 9th row jammin’ with you! Was born and raised in Tupelo, birthplace of “The King”…but tonight, you sir will be THE KING!!! Rock it out! Really looking forward to it!

  7. The Tulsa show was unbelievable and unforgetable,easy top 5 all time. The band is supurb, and John….well he is just the John Fogerty that I grew up listening to. Loved it, and will never miss another show!!!

  8. I saw the show in the Woodlands in Texas. An Awesome show!!! Great band and John sang every song so well! I got chills from a bunch of them. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen! Thanks for an awesome night!

  9. The Tupelo show @ Bancorpsouth Arena Rocked and i am a 34 yr old who grew up listening to your music, It was a pleasure hearing all the classics can’t wait to get the mp3 version of the concert.

  10. When I was about 4 years old I inherited my uncle’s CCR tapes. I have loved John and CCR since then, I’ll be 46 next month. My 17 year old daughter won tickets to the Tupelo, MS concert. We both thoroughly loved the show.

  11. The Tupelo show last night was a great performance! One of the best I’ve seen. I took my wife up front for a bit of dancing and we got shown on the big screen! Was a wonderful night. Looking forward to the download!

  12. Great Show In Huntsville Alabama
    My son, who is 11 loves CCR and had a blast at the show

    thanks John a wonderful, clean entertainment that he will treasure
    God bless


  13. Are the downloads audio or video?

  14. I am seeing John from the front row November 1 AND November 8! I will be the one wearing the shirt that reads “My Dad is the only man I have loved longer than John Fogerty.” Can’t wait to see him … Have loved him and his music since. 1969!

  15. The show was great! John Fogerty is THE best!

  16. Just got back from Atlanta concert…..incredible show…those songs bring back such great memories and he is still on top of his game if not better! The crowd sang along and knew every word! Don’t miss it!!!

  17. Saw the concert in St Augustine, FL last night. AWESOME show! Fogerty is a professional entertainer and what a tight band. Knew the drummer looked familiar…anybody who watched MTV in the early days should pick him out of a drummer lineup. LOL

  18. My husband and I saw the show in Tampa last night and John and the band rocked it from start to finish! It was amazing! The band is top notch and their jams were awesome. We both were born and raised in the Bronx, NY where we played CCR vinyl on our turntables and have been big fans throughout the years. Thank you so much for this wonderful performance and rock on!

  19. bill k.
    I’m 56 years old and have been a fan since I was a kid. I went to the St Augustine show, it was worth the wait.

  20. Thank you…
    This is my second time seeing you live in St. Augustine, FL
    Your performance was amazing, great to see you have your Son Shane playing in the show. You are legendary performer, songwriter and musician, don’t stop bringing joy to your fan base…:)
    John J. Hoffman, Jr.

  21. Just blown away by John’s performance here at the borgata in Atlantic city! Took the family for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see a rock legend, and John delivered in spades! Played cosmos factory and all the hits – non-stop energy and enthusiasm. We had a great family time and one we will remember for sure. Thank you John Fogerty!

  22. John KICKED ASS in Durham last night! I’ve seen a lot of shows this year–including Clapton, Dylan, the Stones, and Paul McCartney–but John’s was about the best of all. I took my teenage son who now is one of John’s / CCR’s biggest fans. Thanks, John! Come again soon!

  23. Yes, Durham was outstanding! Loved all of it. I hope the show gets posted for downloading.

  24. John, I know you are playing California, Pa tonight but PLEASE add a Pittsburgh show!!! You are loved in the Burgh!

  25. Been a fan since my college days (mid 60’s), and just attended the concert in California, PA. Absolutely the best performance I’ve ever seen of any performer or group. I’m only sorry I didn’t take all my friends. Hope to see him back this way again.

  26. Great show in California, PA (South of Pittsburgh) on 11/5. Made me feel like a kid in the late 60s, again! Thanks, John, and come to Pittsburgh soon!

  27. What a rocking show in DC tonight! Thank you John and everyone for an experience I’ll never forget! I’ve wanted to see John live for over 35 years!! Tonight far surpassed everything i expected. It’s a special treat to be able to buy the shows as downloads, too! Thanks for making these available to us this way.

  28. Absolutely incredible show last night (11/8/13) at DAR Constitution Hall in D.C. “Wrote A Song For Everyone” is brilliant. An amazing collection of artists collaborations with Fogerty. John … keep doing what you are doing. You’re as amazing in this millennium as you were were in the sixties. We were fourth row left center. Still kicking myself for not doing what one very smart fan down with me did …. she took a baseball and sharpie pen which John took time to sign … and not just a scribble … he took a moment to add a few words it seemed. Class act.

  29. Yes, fantastic show at DAR Constitution Hall on Friday night! It had a great state-of-the-art stage set-up and sound – Fogerty was in energetic top form and treated us to a generous performance, one classic CCR song after the other plus the cream of his “solo” work. His fellow musicians were incredible – it was a unexpected privilege to see the legendary drummer, Kenny Aronoff. I was really excited to be told at the show that the performance would be later available for download. It is disappointing to see that the management at the DAR hall apparently did not allow this. I guess they have a rich history of “restrictions,” going back to 1939. ;-) But, thanks for making other shows available online – what a great idea.

  30. Bit upset that at the DC show we were told the show would be available to download but it’s wasn’t recorded. My dad was unable to attend and this was going to be a surprise present for him. If the show wasn’t recorded…why did the venue heavily promote the fact that it was going to be recorded and available? Amazing show but poorly misled about the download!

  31. Yeah great show @ oakdale. The old timers just get better. Wow !!! Where’s the down load for 11/09/13 ?

  32. It’s up there!

  33. I’m totally bummed that the great show I experienced at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. cannot be released. The show was excellent. The tone of Fogerty’s guitar was nuanced and dynamic. I really wanted an historic record of a great night.

  34. Saimos do Brasil para ira a Orlando assistir o John Fogerty e foi maravilhoso!
    Adrenalina e só musica boa embalaram essa noite que nos levaram a lembrar da adolescencia na epoca do CCR. John, muito obrigado por nos proporcionar este momento unico e especial na nossa vida. Junior e Monica de Bauru, SP, Brasil.

  35. Great show at the Beacon …
    John is at the top of his game…..