November 27, 2013

Thank you for a successful tour!

Here are some photos from a fantastic tour. We’re so grateful to everyone who worked tirelessly to put these shows together. We hope all that could come enjoyed it, and all that could not enjoyed the snippets from the road. John is so grateful to have the best fans in the world, and can’t wait to do it all over again. The Fogerty Camp wishes you a wonderful holiday.

World Tour 2013 Photos

5 responses to Thank you for a successful tour!

  1. John my lovely wife Pam and I were fortunate too see three of your concerts in California Pa. where U commented about how beautiful it was there and the bend in the river also Dad came up on stage to meet U .How I wish it had been me but I was happy for him. We then followed U to Baltimore for the second great concert where U took time to autograph a baseball right before the end of the show. Finally we had a day to tour Washington before seeing our last concert. I tell everyone that they have never seen a great concert until they have seen the best JOHN FOGERTY in concert. I am a retired coalminer from Beaver WV and I am proud too say that JOHN FOGERTY is my favorite singer, song writer, musician ever bar none. I have been luck enough to catch U seven times in concert once with CCR in Detroit MI just before the band broke up Tom had already quite the band then but the next day the Detroit Free Press review of the concert said that CCR was 90% JOHN FOGERTY!! John if the occasion ever occurred try to come to WV to play for all the great people of WEST VIRGINIA. If I never get too see U again I will always remember the four day in November when I saw JOHN F0GERTY IN CONCERT! GOD BLESS U & YOUR FAMILY Walt Kiser # 1 FAN of JOHN FOGERTY

  2. When are you coming to Indiana?

  3. I was also at the California show and will NEVER forget it! When you’re at one of these shows, you can feel the music. It vibrates the stands! The solos don’t get any better either. I never imagined a drummer could be that good. Or that John, as incredible a guitar players as he is, could do things like he did on Ramble Tamble and Keep On Chooglin’. I witnessed an INCREDIBLE band, and an even better show, and as I was leaving, I had a chance to meet Walt, the guy who John brought on stage. There wasn’t a single other person there who deserved that more than him, in my opinion. And being a West Virginian myself (Logan County), I have to agree with him. If you ever pass through West Virginia, I know a lot of fans that would love to hear you play… maybe with Doug and Stu?

  4. When will you come back to play in Brazil?

  5. Come back to Brazil, man!