April 2, 2014

“Fortunate Son” Added to Library of Congress

In another tip of the hat to John’s songwriting ability, the Library of Congress has just added “Fortunate Son” to its collection. It’s a big honor coming from the oldest federal institution in the United States. His song will be added to the de facto national library of the United States along with ones from other artists such as the Everly Brothers, Jeff Buckley, U2, Bing Crosby, and John’s friend Buck Owens. To see the full list of songs added to the registry for 2013, click here.

2 responses to “Fortunate Son” Added to Library of Congress

  1. Very Deserving. These were times when there was a Selective Service Draft for Military Service and ” Who Your Daddy Was” could keep You out of The Draft .Also, If Your family had money and could afford to pay for a College education You were exempt from service. There were many who could call themself a “Fortunate Son.” Congratulations to a “Great Songwriter.”

  2. Parabéns ao John Fogerty. Suas composições são maravilhosas e ficarão para a eternidade. Venha para o Brasil fazer shows!