July 29, 2014


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA… A storm rolled through and despite our best efforts to cover everything, the stage failed to protect our equipment. We are doing everything we can to recover and go on with the show. We’re not giving up. Please stand by for updates.


  1. It was a great show!! Thank you!

  2. I was there and the show did go on. John was fantastic. Loved heaing all my favorites. The band was great. Depsite the inclement weather, I would go again even if the weather was going to be the same. I do hope John
    comes back to Indy soon.,

  3. I was there, 1 hour 40 minute delay then a steady rain started about 1100PM. John sounded great.

  4. I’m so sorry that happened and I’m glad you are all safe.
    Maybe you should just tour in Calif. where we have no rain.
    Just kidding. Moonpieeater had 4 tickets and wants to know if she
    can get a refund. Please respond to my email because she can’t
    get on this Forum.
    Love you guys and I hope you were able to save all your equipment.
    Love, Donna