May 12, 2013

Jennifer Hudson and John Record “Proud Mary”

The revival of John’s classic song “Proud Mary” wasn’t a task for the faint of heart. John chose Jennifer Hudson to remake this song because he knew it would “ring true” to her, and the outcome would be unstoppable.

Jennifer HudsonAllen Toussaint and the Rebirth Brass Band gave the well known and often covered song a complete New Orleans makeover. The different moving parts of the song collided to make a masterpiece. In John’s words, it was, “an earth-shaking and somewhat chaotic experience.”

In the video below you will get an inside look at exclusive studio footage from the making of “Proud Mary” featured on John’s new album ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone.’

Jennifer says in reference to making the track, “Collaborating with John is a great honor for me. It is so exciting. He called and asked me to be a part of this, and I hopped at the opportunity…He’s a big contribution to music.”

And John felt the same way about Jennifer’s presence. He tells her, “There’s so much ringing truth to you, to yourself. It’s personal. There’s just a real great feeling when you do that. The outside world doesn’t know yet, but you know.”

Check out what he means in the exclusive studio footage below!

You can pre-order the album here now, on iTunes or Amazon prior to the release on May 28th.

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