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October 26, 2013

John in St. Augustine

When we arrived in St. Augustine, Florida today, we couldn’t help but marvel in its natural beauty. A swampy photo shoot ensued.

John in the swamp

12 responses to John in St. Augustine

  1. What a FANTASTIC Concert in St. Augustine last night! It was so special to witness John share special moments and memories with his son. Great group of musicians to perform with John! Thank you

  2. I was blown away by John’s guitar playing! That goldtop Les Paul with soapbars sounded amazing! Thanks for a great evening hearing a lot of my favorite songs!

  3. By far, the best concert I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to hundreds. John was, is, and always will be THE BEST musician ever. Just sayin. Thank youMr. Fogerty and your awesome band for that spectacular performance

  4. Really enjoyed the show last night. Thanks for coming out! John has been on my bucket list for performers to see live and I can officially check that one off!

  5. Great show. Thank you for playing all the oldies, but I do love the new stuff. Mystic Highway is on my playlist.

  6. What an amazing show! Getting to see John at Mumford then 6 weeks later has been a real treat!

  7. What a fantastic show in St. Augustine last night! John does not disappoint. So happy I was able to be there. Awesome band!

  8. One of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! The lighting, the stage, fire balls, confetti, smoke plumes, beach balls but most of all the incredible music you gave us. Thank you John and your whole crew for a night of music I will never forget, it was fun and took me back to so many great memories…

  9. I saw John in Houston a week ago – unbelievable show! He has aged wonderfully well, and has more energy than most 20 year olds! All that guitar practice has sure paid off (he practices 4 hours a day) – an even better musician than he was 40 years ago! Thanks, John – Loved you 40 years ago, love you now!!!

  10. Great Show John…….Thanks for coming back to St. Augustine.

  11. Hi John: referring to the swampy photo of you & the natural beauty….now you know why I bought a home in Naples Florida. I am disappointed we could not be at the St. Augustine show as we are not arriving in Naples until Nov. 19th Nevertheless, congrats on the great show and tour.


  12. I was at the St Augustine show with 2 of my girl friends. It was one of thems first real concert and what a concert it was. It was amazing!! One of the best concerts I have seen in along time. I couldn’t talk for 2 days!! I recommend to everyone if they want to see an awesome show go see him.!! I will next time he is in town. Love ya John Bonnie