John Fogerty
May 7, 2013

John Shares Inspiration Behind “Fortunate Son”

On May 8, 1970 riots broke out all over the United States as people stood by each other and protested the May 4th Kent State shootings. This instance and many more of the time prompted John to write one of his classics “Fortunate Son.” Hear the whole story behind this track below.

Forty-three years later John Fogerty and the Foo Fighters remade this classic for John’s new album ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone,’ and the finished product will be released May 28th.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes here or Amazon here.

3 responses to John Shares Inspiration Behind “Fortunate Son”

  1. What a great song, if there was a draft now all this bull shit in Afghanistan would be long over! Bring them home!!

  2. great song, Australia followed the leader and senators son applied for Vietnam


  3. I remember all the things and events John talks about and Favorite Son is my all time favorite song of his. (I love all his songs) All the emotions of that time are so well said . The souls of all the lost soldiers must have been with him in that bedroom when he wrote the song.

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