Cross Canadian Revivial Show September 2012
December 19, 2013

John’s Heading to Europe in 2014

The first three European dates have been announced for next year. They are:

Castle Clam Festival in Austria on Friday, July 11

Lovely Days Festival in Austria on Saturday, July 12

Bospop in Netherlands on Sunday, July 13


Tickets are already on sale for all three of these festivals. Stay tuned as more dates roll in!

7 responses to John’s Heading to Europe in 2014

  1. Wish I was going with U got too see three of your U. S. concerts they were great. John Fogerty puts on the best concerts of anybody I have seen hundreds of concerts including many superstars but John is at the top in my opinion. John I live in WV someday try to come to WV so all the people I tell how good U are can see in person what I have been telling them for years. The Greenbrier Classic would be a wonderful event for U to play. They always have a series of concerts for this PGA event!

  2. I agree wish he would come to WV badly

  3. Hello John
    Happy new year.
    Hope to see you In Denmark 2014.
    We had a good time In Jelling last you were here.
    Best regards

  4. We waited almost forty years to see you in Spain, do not make me wait another forty to see you again. We will die before !!!

  5. je suis fan des CCR depuis de nombreuses années, et je souhaite te voir en concert en France très vite, avant ma mort.

  6. Hi John
    I wish a you a very good 2014.
    I also hope to see you in Denmark 2014.
    My wish for 2014 is to see you at the Tønder Festival in August for the 40’th
    anniversery of the festival.
    Best regards

  7. Hope very much to see and hear you in Norway. Bergen, I hope!!