March 25, 2013

Miranda Lambert and John Record “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

John slipped a note to country superstar Miranda Lambert at an event, requesting she lend her voice to the title track of his new album ‘Wrote A Song For Everyone.’ John recalls, “She said yes, or maybe she said ‘hell yeah!'”

We now have exclusive behind-the-scenes studio footage of Miranda and John recording this song together. Miranda discusses what it was like working with “rock royalty” on a song so near and dear to his heart saying, “no one else can write songs like John Fogerty, much less sing like him.”

Lambert grew up listening to two things: country music and Creedence Clearwater Revival. She considers his music “timeless” and covers a CCR song during every one of her own sets. Now the two artist’s careers have collided and they’re able to do what they both love the most together.

Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine guitarist, also joins the two of them on this track following Lambert’s suggestion to insert a “face-melting guitar solo!” Originally, John thought, “‘I’ll do a solo like Tom Morello.’ That lasted about half a nanosecond.” That’s when they decided to bring in Tom Morello, and the track was born.

Get a glimpse at the work that went into the making of the duet, and hear bits of the track “Wrote A Song For Everyone” for the first time below.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes or Amazon prior to the release on May 28th!