January 29, 2013

Palladium Concert Contest Winners Announced

Dan from Azusa, CA

What is my favorite John Fogerty song? I have been asking myself that very same question for many many years. I love Green River, Down On the Corner, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, and Lookin’ Out My Back Door, just to name a few. I remember exactly where I was standing in my living room when KMET, a Los Angeles radio station, played my favorite John Fogerty song. It was in early Janurary 1985, a couple of days after the release of the LP Centerfield. I had already heard The Old Man Down the Road and Rock N’ Roll Girls. At nine that morning, I heard the title track Centerfield for the first time and I jumped up and almost hit my head on the ceiling. I love everything about that song. I have enjoyed John’s music ever since I was 12 years old and I also love baseball. I waited almost ten years for his new record and it was a great time for me. I was able to attend baseball’s Hall of Fame Inductions a few years ago when MLB honored John and his contribution to the game for his song Centerfield. I will always treasure that moment.
B. Janine Morison from Los Angeles, CA
Favorite all time song is “Centerfield.”  Why? It’s a timeless, heartfelt song that touches my soul every time I hear it, regardless if it’s the thousandth time I’m listening to it. There is a reason it’s always played at baseball games: it captures the heart and soul of what it feels to be American. Now, I’m not a flag-waving sort of person, but I always get a little emotional and fight back a tear when I hear that song. So rarely are there songs that stand the test of time like this one. It has never aged, and will always be a defining rock song that appeals to all generations. My husband first explained the golden warmth and heart of that song to my son when he was a mere 5 years old, and while my son, now 15, has his own likes for music, Centerfield is the song that is something that joins him and his father in a musical bond that will last all my son’s years, and I suspect, will be passed on to our grandchildren.

So many of John Fogerty’s songs are nothing less than brilliant. You know that when you listen to them for the first time and every song feels like you’ve always had that song in your collective memory. Why, because Fogerty’s songs are archetypical in nature. He taps into our collective subconscious and we respond because we are able to get something from his music that reaches deep into our souls and remains a part of our being.

Truth be told, my husband, son, and I love so much of Fogerty’s work; every song on the album “Revival” is brilliant and like classical music of Mozart, it’s deceptive in what at first appears a simple lyric or musical phrase, but it’s really true genius at work to make it seem so natural at what is not really a simple thing to do… write lyrics and music that appear effortless and yet are deep, thoughtful, and musically sophisticated on a deep level.

While I may not win the tickets (for my husband) to John’s concert in LA next week, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to convey just how important I think John Fogerty is to the music world. In these difficult times, it’s without reservation that I turn to music to get me through days that are filled with complications and stress.

Please tell Fogerty his audience is listening, always, and we care very deeply about his music.

David from Huntington Beach, CA
My favorite song written by John Fogerty is “Fortunate Son.” The reason this is my favorite out of all of his great songs is actually a very interesting story that goes all the way back to 1969 and begins with my father. My father was attending Kent State in Ohio in 1969 when “Fortunate Son” came out and his sentiments regarding the Vietnam war were starting to change, and “Fortunate Son” was one of the key, influential songs that began to aid my father in his changing views on the war and help get him involved in anti-war activism.

By May 4th, 1970 my father was fully involved in student activism and was on the field that fateful day when the National Guard fired on students and activists. One of my Dad’s close friends, Alan Canfora, was shot in the wrist that day (he is the man holding the black flag on the field that day, a very famous picture) and changed my Dad’s life completely. Without “Fortunate Son” and other anti-war songs such as Country Joe’s “Fish Cheer,” my Dad would not have had such a direct influence to do something about the war, and ultimately get involved in the music business later on down the road.

Fast forward to a few years ago when the Iraq war started and I began stealing my Dad’s CSNY, Country Joe, and most importantly CCR records, with “Fortunate Son” immediately standing out as one of my favorites. I had no idea about my father’s activist past or his presence at the Kent State shootings. It was something he had never talked about with me before. One day, he came in to my room when I was listening to “Fortunate Son” and started to mention how it was his favorite Fogerty tune and began to tell me some of those stories from his past. The stories were so moving that it was the first stepping stone of me following in his footsteps, joining a local anti-war protest group and ultimately following his footsteps in the music business.

“Fortunate Son” was an incredibly large part of both my life and and my father’s, and was the impetus for both of us pursuing music as a way of life and to protest unjust war efforts by the country we live in and love. I have never seen John Fogerty live, and neither has my father, and although he is just appearing as part of the Sound City Players show, it would be incredible to just hear him play even one song and bring my Dad along to the show to have that experience with him.

“Fortunate Son” has become such a massive influence on both my father and I that I cannot think of a single song that embodies what my favorite song of all time would be better than that one.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and putting this contest together. I love it when artists do great things for their fans and Dave Grohl is awesome for bringing John Fogerty in to this! Can’t wait to see the documentary either!