John Fogerty
August 5, 2013

Some of Life’s Lessons from John

Men’s Journal sat down with John to talk about lessons he has learned over the years. What was it really like for him to write a classic like “Proud Mary”? What did he learn about the value of hard work?

One question in the interview was the hard-hitting, “So what advice would you give to the younger you?” Without skipping a beat, John responded, “Oh, Lord, I would’ve told that guy that any agreement you make with anyone, get it in writing. And also, the troubles you encounter will come from surprising places. You’re always looking far away for someone coming over the hill and not paying attention to the ones that are close to you.”

Then John answered the question people have been asking for years. “Why do you always wear flannel?” To find out his response, click here!


1 response to Some of Life’s Lessons from John

  1. just wanted to say….I started a paper route when I was in the 5th grade also. Did it daily for 5 years. Never knew this about John. Something I’ll attach to the other memories I have of him and his timeless music.