Trieste, Italy
July 9, 2014

Trieste Show Cut Short

Sadly tonight’s show in Trieste, Italy was cut short due to an onslaught of lightning and rain. Thank you all who attempted to wait out the storm with us in hopes that the show would continue. To make sure everyone remained safe the show had to be called off. We are deeply sorry to all of you in Trieste and would like to let you know we will return! Have you ever seen the rain coming down a sunny day?!

5 responses to Trieste Show Cut Short

  1. John, have you seen the Argentina fans in the World Cup in Brazil using one of credence classics as an anthem to support their team? YouTube search: Brazil decime que se siente, tener en casa a tu papa……is amazing.

  2. It was so sad that the concert had the called off, but if John is coming back I am happy with that!

  3. Thank you anyway John. Waiting for you asap.

  4. Hi John,
    we were on the 9th of july at your concert in Trieste. We live in Nuremberg / Germany, there are about 800 kilometers to Trieste.
    We have on 7 th.juli our Weddingday and wanted to make a gift to your concert.
    But unfortunately the concert fell into the water.
    We were very very sad. The beginning of your concert was a lot of appetite for more. Since 1969, we hear your music and were also to a concert of you, on Castle Abenberg in 2007.
    We also have all disks and cd’s from you.
    As a small consolation from you, it would be great if you could give a concert near nuremberg maybe 2015 or 2016. we have the arena here or in fürth the city hall, or even smaller and bigger stadiums, you would fill it with safety.

    I hope we see you soon
    and many many thank´s for your Music
    rosi and walter

  5. Dear John,
    me and my wife grew up our 5 year daughter with Your song. So we cannot miss Your coming to our Town For a concert. We bought 3 ticket in the first row and really enjoy the music. It was a dream coming true!!! We really miss the rest of Your performance (expecially my Little daughter missed Proud Mary – she even draw a Picture to send to you…). We really hope that we Will be able to see another Your concert in the future!!!