John Fogerty brings 1969 to Radio City

John Fogerty brings 1969 to Radio City

"Bad Moon Rising." "Fortunate Son." "Born on the Bayou." "Proud Mary." "Down on the Corner." "Midnight Special."

For most bands, putting out those songs over the course of a career would be an amazing achievement. For Creedence Clearwater Revival, it was 1969.

Three albums ("Green River," "Bayou Country" and "Willy and the Poor Boys") and one great song after another turned the group known only for "Suzie Q" into one of the biggest bands of its time.

"I was well aware of the phenomenon known as the one-hit wonder," said John Fogerty, lead singer and guitarist as well as the primary song writer for Creedence. "I really didn't want to end up in that particular category. I took stock and kind of noticed: Gee, we're on this tiny little jazz label. 'We don't have a manager. We don't have a producer. We don't have a publicist. We don't have anything.' 

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