John Fogerty Feels Like 'Fortunate Son' With Upcoming Memoir

John Fogerty Feels Like 'Fortunate Son' With Upcoming Memoir

After nibbling on a few finger sandwiches at teatime, John Fogerty now feels energized to talk about his upcoming memoir and summer concert tour.

Aptly called "1969," the 41-city tour represents that prolific year for Creedence Clearwater Revival: They released three albums — and Fogerty wrote one of the most profound protests songs of all time.

"Fortunate Son" took a harsh look at America's inequities during the military draft for the Vietnam War.

It just seemed like the young male sons of rich people were managing to escape being drafted or at least being sent to places that weren’t dangerous,” Fogerty recently told the Associated Press.

Instead, the poor and middle class were shipped overseas to fight in the war. I really took a harsh look at that,” the Army veteran said. Ironically, Fogerty decided to name his memoir after the song. Published by Little Brown, “Fortunate Son: My Life, My Music” comes out in October.

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