Music Fest Morning After: John Fogerty

Music Fest Morning After: John Fogerty

On Friday morning, a few hours before the beginning of this year’s Beale Street Music Festival, our lead music writer, Bob Mehr, appeared on “The Geoff Calkins Show” to preview the fest. Geoff’s producer, John Martin, played a few songs by performing artists and had Geoff guess the artist (multiple choice, he hit on two of three).

One of those was “Fortunate Son,” a still confrontational 1969 single by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Geoff correctly identified the singer, John Fogerty, who headlined at the Rockstar Energy Drink Stage last night. Then he asked Bob, “who’s the audience for this?,” implying, I think, that Fogerty would appeal to a primarily aging, baby-boomer crowd.

Bob gave a deft response that pointed towards CCR’s enduring appeal, but, sitting in my car, I just muttered, Everybody.

Well, nothing appeals to everybody, but I was happy to have my instinct ratified last night.