CLEARWATER FLOWS - Unique tour theme makes Fogerty a plumber of '69

From the 1980s through 1997, John Fogerty refused to play any songs in concert that he wrote for his legendary rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival. During that period, he was embroiled in a series of lawsuits over the ownership and use of his Creedence songs. Most of the disputes involved Saul Zaentz, the former head of his record company in the Creedence years, Fantasy Records. Eventually, Zaentz retained ownership of the Creedence catalog, but Fogerty made peace after his bitter battle, realizing

John Fogerty draws area fans to classic show

During his on-stage guitar demo, he shared a rift on a Telecaster and the story of his first Les Paul Custom. He also strayed from the typical Fogerty sound when he played a solo section that would make Eddie Van Halen stop in his tracks.


While 1969 was undoubtedly the most prolific year in the professional life of John Fogerty, the rock and roll legend wasn’t about to put any limitations on his current tour.

Singer-guitarist John Fogerty Revels in Revisiting His Early Years

That was good news for the fans that packed Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica last night as the tour swung through town. They were clearly there to hear the songs that Fogerty has refused to play. And the 70-year-old Fogerty, whose raspy voice still sounds as good as it ever did, didn't disappoint.

Quick Q&A: John Fogerty

On July 5, the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman rocks the Murat Theatre. We caught up with him down on the corner for a chat.

John Fogerty Sends Concert Tickets to Fan Seeking ‘Miracle’

If karma is real, Curnane clearly has some of the good stuff stored up, because members of Fogerty’s team happened to discover her ad — and responded by not only fulfilling her request, but sending her a pair of front-row tickets that came in an envelope reading “Believe in little miracles.”

John Fogerty brings 1969 to Radio City

"When you're young, you kind of put your head down and start working," said the 70-year-old musician. "You have an idea, and you work real hard, and when it comes true, you sort of just take it in stride."

Fogerty revives 1969 in Honolulu

He’ll be playing most of the hits CCR had in 1969 — “Down on the Corner” and “Fortunate Son,” to name two more. Expect to hear most of the other early favorites, and some of his post-CCR solo hits as well.

1969 was a very good year for John Fogerty

Nineteen sixty-nine was a pretty good year for John Fogerty. His band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, released three landmark albums, hit the Top 5 on the charts with four singles, appeared twice on “The Ed Sullivan Show” and performed at Woodstock and the Atlanta Pop Festival.